Finding Oneness In Duality

Can you see life through a lens of curiosity?

December 10, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 26
Can you see life through a lens of curiosity?
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Can you see life through a lens of curiosity?
Dec 10, 2020 Season 2 Episode 26
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 26.....
The dance between co-creation and surrendering to the process of life can be navigated with a sense of curiosity and child like wonderment. Curiosity can put us in the role of observer where we are open to the flow of how things unfold without being attached to the results. This sense of curiosity keeps us from projecting on the future or re-creating  the past. With a sense of curiosity, we can avoid suffering through what we experience. This doesn't mean that we won't experience pain in life, as pain is a somatic experience, however,  we won't get stuck in the pain cycle and suffer through it. Suffering is a choice.
All paths lead to Spirit, and all life is an experience. We are powerful creators and our life is an expression of our beliefs, thoughts and choices. What would happen if we maintain a sense of curiosity as we are present in our creation of life? 

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Episode 26.....
The dance between co-creation and surrendering to the process of life can be navigated with a sense of curiosity and child like wonderment. Curiosity can put us in the role of observer where we are open to the flow of how things unfold without being attached to the results. This sense of curiosity keeps us from projecting on the future or re-creating  the past. With a sense of curiosity, we can avoid suffering through what we experience. This doesn't mean that we won't experience pain in life, as pain is a somatic experience, however,  we won't get stuck in the pain cycle and suffer through it. Suffering is a choice.
All paths lead to Spirit, and all life is an experience. We are powerful creators and our life is an expression of our beliefs, thoughts and choices. What would happen if we maintain a sense of curiosity as we are present in our creation of life? 

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Inanda Joy and I'm Valerie and we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality Don good morning. Good morning. Good morning. 

Speaker 1 (23s): Why don't we always sing good morning. With everything should be sung. You know, that bell be, how are you today? 

Speaker 0 (33s): Can you imagine this is probably some of these worst nightmare and they're like shot. Ah. They're like, and I'm done. It doesn't matter. Well, that was interesting. Hilarious. 

Speaker 1 (45s): Yeah. And so it's been a while. I know we've kind of life and holidays and travel. Yeah. Yeah. And we're back together and we sit here and go, what are we going to talk about and have no idea. And then I reminded about, we always have plenty to say 

Speaker 0 (1m 2s): Lots of birds. 

Speaker 1 (1m 4s): Yeah. Yeah. So how was your Thanksgiving? It was symbol and quiet in a lot of ways. We didn't have kids, but we were at my sister's and my mom came over. It was nice to that. Alexa went with you, right? No. Oh, she didn't. She ended up over at her dad's so yeah, it was, it was nice to meet you. It was amazing. Good. Yeah. Thanksgiving. We traveled on Thanksgiving. We had leftovers for breakfast while lately. Okay. Late, late lunch. No, not late Lynch. 

Sorry. Late breakfast. Okay. How do we go from breakfast late? I know we are on a plane at that point, but anyway, but we had celebrated or early on the Friday before. Thank you. 

Speaker 0 (1m 45s): You're welcome. 

Speaker 1 (1m 46s): I'm my, my chest was a little too exposed, so like I covered it. You're welcome. 

Speaker 0 (1m 51s): I know that I got the flashlight while you were moving. I'm like, Oh, okay. 

Speaker 1 (1m 56s): Anyways. So we had celebrated before, so Thanksgiving day was strange. I felt like, Oh, we've already celebrated Thanksgiving. Yeah. You know, so it's just a day. Somebody said we have to be thankful. No, I'm teasing. I know that sounds so Real is traveling that day. It was actually a, really a great, the new airport. Like I seen pictures of it and that is amazing. And you don't have to walk for like miles. Well, when we took off, we took off in the terminal, but the B terminal. Yeah. 

You're underground for a, probably a mile. I don't know if it's a mile I like to exaggerate, but it felt like a mile. And then you got up in the eighth terminal and then you have to keep walking and I don't have like a buss or anything. No. And then its like the LA I feel like lax is like that. Is that lax where you walk through a ton. Yeah. Wow. I think there's the one in Georgia. Atlanta is that way too. Yeah. Anyway. And then, you know how you used to just go outside and you could walk all the way across the street to get to the passenger pickup. So we got out, went down, went out to the street, cross the street, got to the second and then there's 

Speaker 2 (3m 0s): To get to the passenger pickup. There is a big barrier. 

Speaker 1 (3m 3s): Oh. And we're like, what the 

Speaker 2 (3m 4s): Hell? So we had to walk back, go back of the escalator across the sky bridge. If you come to salt Lake, this 

Speaker 1 (3m 10s): Is how the FYI. Yeah. And then 

Speaker 2 (3m 13s): Like you have to walk across the two lanes to get to the passenger pickup all the while my daughter is like, where are you? I'm like, we're trying to find our way. She was like, okay, 

Speaker 1 (3m 23s): When you get there, send me a picture. 

Speaker 2 (3m 25s): Sure. And I will come pick you up. And I'm like, we're learning. Oh, 

Speaker 1 (3m 30s): It was, it was a funny experience for me. But 

Speaker 2 (3m 33s): So I'm learning just to like laugh with things instead of get frustrated and just like thinking it's like 

Speaker 1 (3m 37s): A hilarious roll with it. That's so funny. I feel like that's like the state of my life right now. And we talked about this a little bit just with, I mean, I think, you know, when you pull it up water, we drew some terrible cards today to maybe help you with guiding us with what we should speak to and water, which is flow, flow state or being in the observer and just kind of allowing things to come in. And for me personally, I'm, I am definitely an, a place of like this observation and co-creation in surrender. 

Like there's all three that I feel like are happening in its really fascinating. It is that place of being what you call it in an indirect way. In my opinion, you know, we kind of get through, go through this phase, these phases of life, to where we are learning, learning, learning. And then we get to a place to where, okay, now it's just time to be, you know, it doesn't mean we're not learning, but we are just being, we're being in the world. But not necessarily of it. We're not getting pulled into the different chaos and the different, whatever that is happening. But being in that surrender state of okay, I can co-create and I'm going to throw it up and let and be in the observed observation of watching the unfolding. 

And I shared a few personal things that have been happening in my life. And there's been other things too that are Real, it's really fascinating to watch some of the synchronicities that are happening. Some of them that I've been asking for ease of this creation that, that my husband and I are working on. And anyway, just watching some of these pieces come in and watching it with a Curiosity and almost like this child, like wonder of, I wonder what is going to happen next and being unattached the outcome, even though I, I, you know, this is, this is that dance between the co-creation of, I know I'm a co-creator with source God universe and I'm also surrendering to maybe there's something I'm not seeing and something else will manifest. 

If it's not this, it could be something different and that can be better. Yeah. And so yeah, speaking of flow, I feel like anyway, and just to have been my experience lately I've 

Speaker 2 (5m 39s): Lately I've been living in the word Curiosity yeah. Someone brought her mat yeah. In a community I'm in like, I'm curious about this. And I'm like, that changes everything because we were not coming in with are conditioned beliefs. We're not coming up with our wounding. We are not coming in with our projections. We're just like, Oh, childlike, wonder 

Speaker 1 (5m 58s): About wonderment. That curiosity of what, what is this? You know? And it does put you in the observer role because if you're curious, you're not trying to guide anything. You're just like, what's going to happen. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's been fun. Super fascinating. Well, and that kind of leads to the, well, I don't know. I don't, I don't really know where to go foul. What do we go? Where do we go? Do we want to read? This sure. Yeah. I thought it was, this is a great card. So one of the cards that we drew as many paths, and this is out of the MySQL, a mystical ShawMan Oracle, which by the way they have, I think is this one that has an app. 

And I just realized this there's an app for that. Yeah. You can do you have to pay, I think is like $15. Okay. But you can do is beautiful. I think is this one is beautiful. You can do card readings and the graphics and everything that are just stunning. And this is always such a beautiful deck. Yeah. I love that. That's Alberto of a doubt. I can never say his last name. Villeau dome, but then Baron read. What's her first name? I can't think of it. And Colette or whatever. Well, yeah, I was looking at the same smart ass. 

We already had a morning and Marcella Lobos anyway. Good God, this is too much information. So the card we drew is the essence and I'm just going to read it all paths lead to know the, the cart. Isn't a essence. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah. You can listen to people or just is going in with Curiosity and rolling with it. The card is many paths. Perfect. Number 34. The essence says thank you. 

All paths lead to Spirit. What you bring to your journey is what will determine if yours is a path of Suffering a path of wisdom, a path of bliss or a path of loss. Consider the traveler who met two stone masons. He asks one, what he's doing. And the Mason replies, I am squaring out the stone. He asks the other who is doing the exact same thing and get three ply. I am building a cathedral. One man has a job. The other one has a found has found his work and calling he's a part of an endeavor a much greater than himself. 

Beak should be sure you pick a path with a heart. The invitation your call is now a, your call now is to take a big, bold step and leave the beaten path. Heaven and earth are conspiring on your behalf to just to support you in this move. Do not dally less. You miss the moment. It's time to sell into the uncharted. Be sure to attend. You attend to both your paths through this earth, as well as your journey through the stars, the medicine you have outgrown your current situation and risk losing your way in your own backyard. 

You are being called to step out of your comfort zone response. Now all of the call is still a gentle whisper, even though the woods look thick and in penetrate in penetrable venture in and let nature guide your steps through the dark until you reach your destination. Remember, if you do not know where you are going, any path will take you there. And this is a card that Val and my intention was to draw for you that are listening. So this is a card for all of you and for us as well, because everything as above, so below as within. So without yup, but this, this card is beautiful. 


Speaker 2 (9m 15s): It was fascinating because Nathan and I spent the weekend with some friends in Florida and she's a shaman there in a very similar language and approach to life. So it was so fun and they were complete strangers before we stayed at their homes and how they're doing well. They really wear like a soul friends, but we had this very conversation around suffering and pain and it's a choice. And most of the time it's unconscious until it becomes conscious. But it's that judgment that creates suffering. 

It's that the victim that creates Suffering, you know, giving. Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (9m 54s): So it's wild. And just to expand on that a little bit, a eye for a lot of people that can be hard to hear it. It's a choice. This is happening to me. You know, especially with things that are pretty severe losing a job, losing a loved one, whatever it is, of course you're gonna feel the pain and the heartbreak and the experience of having that thing happen. But Suffering is when you're so caught up in this, that happened to you, that you are such such a victim. You're, you're feeling the victimness of it to where you are powerless. 

You've given your power away. Something has come in and taken over your life. And that's a choice. That's a choice that you are making instead of understanding and recognizing the higher call have, what are you learning? What are you learning, right? Maybe this is coming in for whatever it is. And a year from now, you'll be able to look back and understand that this piece actually offered this amazing wisdom and knowledge and experience that you now carry. You now have strength to you now have whatever it is that you gained from it. 

And like we were talking before it, is that something that I think is misconstrued between it's a choice as far as Suffering, it does not mean you're not going to feel the emotions or the pain. Absolutely. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (11m 8s): Absolutely pain and Suffering are doing two different things. Right, right. 

Speaker 1 (11m 12s): But we have been conditioned that they're not exactly yeah. On both sides. We are conditioned that pain and suffering are the same thing in, in the humanness of being a, you know, on this planet. And then the spiritual aspect, you know, well pain and suffering is a choice. It's like, well, no Suffering is a choice. Pain, pain is our bodies. Like we talked about in the last one on the information, they're going to be processing the information because we are energetic beings that are feelers right. And removing into, you know, I do want to speak to the collective energy is on the planet are intensifying. 

And I know people are, are experiencing issues, headaches, anxiety, major anxiety, heart issues, the Schumann resonance spikes, well over 200 or two days ago, and it was unmeasurable. It was going off the charts and then it blacked out. And usually what happens from what I've read a lot of times at blacks out because either it's unmeasurable or somehow the machine's gotten, gotten turned off. And for those of you who don't know, the Schumann resonance is a guy by the name of something Schumann F discovered that there is a frequency that the earth admits. 

And it's usually at like four point, I just looked this up like 4.3, four Hertz. The, and we've been moving and been moving this whole year has been going into higher and higher, different spikes, different blackouts kinda. And we've all been affected by it. We are also affected by solar flares and the lunar eclipse that just happen in we're about to go into a solar eclipse. And Oh, by the way, there's also a winter solstice on the 21st, which is this huge portal. 

So the energy's are intensifying on the planet and The for me and what I, I have experienced and what I feel is happening, where we're either as a, as a human species, we're either choosing too to wake up more and more to who we are and our human potential, or we're choosing to go more and more asleep. The middle ground is, is not it's like you can't really be a fence sitter anymore. People are choosing, I'm noticing one side of the other, like is becoming more polarized, which is really, really fascinating. 

But this year has been energetically. We have been like going through the fire, the alchemical fire have you either get to look at your shit and what you're afraid of and what these things are that are coming up, or you go Mora sleep, which is, that's why I think this polarity is happening. And the solstice is all around heart opening. And how many times, I mean, how many of us guard our hearts and protect our hearts, or don't even really pay attention to our hearts? You know, what do we sit there and give, you know, fill into that heart space. 

Where am I closed off? Where am I, where am I open? Where am I allowing myself to receive, which is on the back side of your hearts, how is my posture? Am I hunched over in my shoulders? You know, or a guarding my heart. And I just wanted to speak to that because this is, this is definitely happening on the planet. And all of us are feeling it in one way or one way or another. But on the other side, it's like, it's such, it's such a beautiful thing that we are being so supported and moving to the age of Aquarius and literally moving into a whole other dimension, not diminish well dimension placement and the Astros, like we're moving into a higher place. 

The Astros it's really fascinating and scary. It can feel scary for people. Yeah. Because we cling to the known, right. And we're really being asked trust 

Speaker 2 (14m 52s): The unknown to trust the surrender, trust the, the journey trust, you know, trust the process, trust 

Speaker 1 (15m 0s): Ourselves that Marianne Williamson quotes coming up or more, we're more afraid of our greatness. Yeah. And that's so true. Yeah. I know we've spoken to this many times, but I don't, I feel like this is its more true now than it ever has been. Yeah. You know, are we really that afraid of stepping into more and more of what we can be? 

Speaker 2 (15m 19s): Yeah. In fact, I was just talking about this with a client yesterday and exp like talking too, how everything we experience in life benefits us in one way or another. And the benefit may not look like a positive thing, but that very thing we cling to being small because the benefit is then we don't need to step into that. It feels safer. Yeah. It feels safe or whatever. So learning how to, to recognize that and then give ourselves permission to trust ourselves, really stand on our own two feet and express ourselves, whatever that looks like in the world. 


Speaker 1 (15m 55s): Yeah. And following into what This was saying, as far as, you know, when he is using that story of the masons one who's found his, his life, you know, is his calling and the other one that is just working, you know, and that, that too is what we are talking about. Are you living your calling in this life and doing things that make you feel heart-centered and fulfilled and moving through life and having a grand adventure and experience in seeing the wonderment in all of the things that unfold or are you just existing? 

Speaker 2 (16m 25s): Yeah. Which I think that it's interesting to look at it. It reminds me of a conversation I had with my oldest son who is definitely a star seed Indigo child. Like he's always lived life on his own terms and Ben, the lone Wolf and just lived like, he walks to the beat of his own drum. He always has. And as a parent and he's my first, you know, I'm was definitely parenting from the way I was parented and really pushing him to Excel in school and to keep all of these options opened. 

So you have choices down the road and just projection, like vomit all over him. You know of what I would while you were doing what you knew back then. What I had valued in life are different now. And he looked at me and he was probably, I don't know, 15, 16 at the time he looked at me and he goes, mom, what if I am happy being a garbage collector? And I had to take a huge step back and go, what else? And sit with that and go, you know what, you're right. 

It's not my life to live. And I don't get to project my values on you and you get to be happy in whatever that looks like. And, and so this whole idea of finding fulfillment, that's interesting, you know, that's going to be different for everyone. And 

Speaker 1 (17m 50s): Within that first sentence, All paths lead to Spirit and it's really just, I mean, this journey is your own and you can't, nobody can tell you what your journey, what your path looks like. I remember years ago when I first started stepping into more of a spiritual path, there was I think, because for me, I had been so conditioned, especially with Mormonism, you know, you hold to the iron rod and that's what we're taught. And that is one path and one path. And it's a thin narrow path and don't be tempted by a step off the path that's over. 

Right. And, and I remember, I don't, I don't remember who it was, but I remember having a conversation that you are never not on your right path. Never. Well, 

Speaker 2 (18m 34s): Are the books I read coming out of Mormonism was Neale Donald Walsch the conversations with God. And he says, In, he says, In that all paths lead back to God, where else would it go? And that was it like this big. 

Speaker 1 (18m 48s): So it's not like this so that we climb up that's thin and narrow or this path. It's like, you know, everything, there's not, there's not a right or wrong in the path that you're choosing. It just is. It's what you are choosing to experience until you choose something different. 

Speaker 2 (19m 2s): And I feel like the co-creative piece is okay, I'm going to experience this with Suffering. I'm an experience this with joy, or I'm an experience this with a lot of struggle or I'm going to resist or dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. That's the piece that, but where else are we going to go? 

Speaker 1 (19m 18s): Right. Well, it reminds me of that book, that afterlife of Billy fingers, which is a beautiful book With, especially for those that believe in multiple lifetimes. And this is This, this existence is not the only one. And here's somebody who lived out of his car and it was a drug addict. And yet it was exactly what he chose to experience right. In that lifetime. Yeah. From 

Speaker 2 (19m 41s): We all, all value systems, his life was a failure, but then he was channeling to his sister or she was channeling him that it was exactly 

Speaker 1 (19m 52s): Perfect. And it didn't Holt him, him in there. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (19m 55s): No judgment around his life and kept him from it 

Speaker 1 (19m 58s): Aggressing in the afterlife. Yeah. Progressing. I mean, I say that loosely, but I think everyone knows what I'm, I'm communicating, but it was just an expression. Right? Yeah. And you know, speaking of expression, I started reading The I think is the bringers of the Dawn. And it's a channel, a book from the palladium and Val and I have talked about aliens and stuff in the past. So hopefully you've listened to some of those, but this, this had a different, a little bit of a different construct with how earth, when it was created. 

And it doesn't talk about who created it or anything. And really it doesn't matter. But that, because there was polarity and free choice, that it was something that was fought over as far as who would get to control and I'm using air quotes control earth. And so it was a fought over and there were, there's a certain, I can't remember who she said, I think it may have been the uninoculated who had won the battle. And the original humanoid that was created and was on earth actually had a 12 helix DNA that was connected to the chakras. 

And when they came in and bred and dumbed down the, the DNA system and dumbed down the human to be able to be more controlling and more manipulative, right. A slave, yes, it, they, they may have disconnected because they were, she talks about how they were Fent, like amazing geneticists. And so it could go on and do that. And all of that is still within us. It's just dormant. So it's not like they disconnected and removed it. They can't do that. They just deactivated. So speaking about all paths lead to God, all of this is for experience and understanding we're in a phase in our planet right now that our planet is literally ascending, literally being forced. 

Are we chosen to This? This is one thing that I like. We chose him to be here at this time on this planet for everything that we're going through, whether you're experiencing pain and suffering or your, whatever it is on that, on that spectrum, you did choose into this. I believe that the core of my being, and I know you believe that as well. And it is a huge, my belief system is where you are. Yes, we may have been a sleeve race and we chosen to that on some level for however long. And now we're choosing to wake up. 

We're fucking waking up and waking up to more and more of who we actually are, which is not something that we can be controlled and manipulated. It is something that we can step more and more into who we are and be completely seen and not judged or not carry the fear of judgment anymore because who the fuck cares? This is my life. This is what I'm choosing. And trust me, I've had my own life. I've dealt, I've battled with this internally. In fact, I just sat with a group group, the stunning group that has a lot, I work and my husband and I N and we started spending time together. 

And this last event that we did just a few nights ago, we ended up doing a group healing on all of us took turns on this table and it was all around the heart chakra and all of us brought or whatever it was as far as our medicine. And I noticed, I mean, it was like, we weren't going into it, expecting that in the guy that was facil facilitating said, you know, this is what I'm feeling. And so it's like, okay, everyone leaned in, there was one guy there that had never done anything like this before it, so it was like, Holy shit. Yeah. And I noticed me going a little bit into judgment with, we'll see you. 

Oh shit. How do I, how am I going to show up in this, in this space, I can just do Reiki and hang out and do that. Or I can step into my shaman ness and go, okay, you need to move over here. And this is what I'm feeling. And there is a few other people in there that were, were doing that. And it took me a few times to be like, I don't fucking care what people think. So I have my own, you know, Oh, I see things. I have a lot of wisdom. And, and just stepping more into that instead of being small, you know, taking up space and being okay with being in that and being who I am, that Inanda version of myself. 

And it was just interesting to witness in myself of how I've I've, I've definitely personally come more and more into that. Okay. This is who I am, and it's taken however many years, but it's, it's refreshing to get to lean in. Right. And what is it, what do we have to lose? Like, what do we have to lose? What are you so afraid of losing people in your life? Right. People come and go. It's the life, that life cycle, right. I've been talking for a lot. I'm going to stop now. No, I love it by feel a lot of times being seen as is fearful. 

And I wonder why, and yet we all crave it. Well, it's like, 

Speaker 2 (24m 29s): I would say, we need to be seen like that as a that's not even Creighton. It's not even just a craving. It's actually like an essential need. 

Speaker 1 (24m 37s): You know, it probably awakened that activates aspects of us. It's like, it reminds me of avatar. They are greeting where I see you. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (24m 44s): So in the family constellation work, that was always such a huge healing piece. As I see you, and it's not who I want you to be or who you've been. I see you right now 

Speaker 1 (24m 56s): Without judgment. Like all 

Speaker 2 (24m 57s): Of like all pieces. Yeah. It's pretty powerful. Yeah. If you ever want to step into that sacred witness space 

Speaker 1 (25m 6s): Where you're not fixing, you're not, 

Speaker 2 (25m 9s): You're just holding the space. I see you. 

Speaker 1 (25m 11s): That's such a powerful one container to hold on. One of the best places to do that is for yourself. Oh yeah. Mirror work is so powerful and it's so challenging when the even automatic writing or writing down wherever you are feeling, and really allowing yourself to witness yourself in where you're at. I had a, a gal once a day, I worked with that. You see to do. And for some reason, this keeps coming up. She would have you go in front of the mirror and for like three minutes, say I am. 

And just whatever it comes through, I am, I am a coconut. I'm a pineapple. I am water. I am dah, dah, dah, dah. And see what starts coming out. 'cause it starts putting the subconscious interesting, be witness to what it starts popping because it's accessing the subconscious mind, which is a lot of times their subconscious mind is actually running the show and we don't realize it anyway. It was an interesting exercise to do. And that's been coming up. So I guess I'm going to offer that in the space that that's an exercise to just to see if you can't quite get to the root of what, why do I keep creating blah, blah, blah. 

And this actually is another, I had a conversation last night with a friend of mine, and I recently experienced this. We are not ever blamed. Not, we're never, how do I say this? With all experiences, we chose into it. Whether, whether it's happening to us or whether we're creating it, right. And this is one of those pieces, that's a really challenging because when things are happening to us, usually, and I went through this and you know, This with someone that it was like, Oh, this is for sure more her stuff, but I had to go inward and go, why am I attracting this? 

Or why is the activating, why or why am I attracting this? Cause that, that there is a part, why am I attracting this? Yeah. What is it bumping up a PO, as far as my subconscious beliefs, that I can be minimized, forgotten all of these pieces, even though she's the one that that's acting that out, I still attracted it somehow. And I think that's one of the hardest pieces to look at it. I mean, when we're creating something and there's chaos, sometimes it was like, okay, fuck. Yes, I did. Duh, duh, duh. But when, if something is happening to us and were a victim of it, why am I attracting it? 

I think that's one of the most challenging places to look at when we have to look at our stuff in my experience, I always go I I always go there though. And 

Speaker 2 (27m 32s): Sometimes I take too much responsibility 

Speaker 1 (27m 35s): As you know, but you don't anymore right. In the end. 

Speaker 2 (27m 40s): So, but to me, that's where my power is. Right? Because I can shift, I can, can create me. I can show up differently. I can do the healing work. I can see the wounded part that needs to be integrated. So it gives me that control is the wrong word, but empowered, if it feels empowering. Yeah. Otherwise I, otherwise I am victim. If I have no ability to change it, then I'm a victim or 

Speaker 1 (28m 6s): Someone else to do whatever you think you need for This to get peace and restitution. It's like, well, you can't, you can expect that. And you can't plan on that. Right. You know, 

Speaker 2 (28m 17s): Anyone, but yourself is my, my belief, 

Speaker 1 (28m 20s): Oh, it's a a hundred percent mine. There is no, I think that, that is a, one of the fundamental truth on this planet. Yeah. Is you, you can not change anything but yourself. And when you do that, then it radiates out. I was talking to, I met with a therapist, the other actually just two days ago, just about possibly speaking at some of the things that he's doing and you know, a conversation we're getting to know each other. So the conversations went to all of these different, different aspects and he was talking about, they have a machine that they're bringing in that essentially helps with stimulating the work with vets and things like that. 

And people who have severe PTSD. So this machine helps with stimulating different neural pathways that have been dormant anyway, long conversation, but he was talking about a camera and he was, he was talking about, Massaro a Moto and the water and the CA the camera that they used to take the pictures of the, the, the water crystals. And I need to do some research on this because something doesn't quite match up, but there's a camera that can take, it's not taking pictures of your aura, but it is taking pictures of the energetic field that you're putting out interesting. 

And the camera. And I think the university of Utah has it when we're in fear or, or lack the, our, our field only goes out, maybe four inches from us from our chests. But when we were in a place of gratitude, love that place. All of a sudden it goes out of the room. They can't measure it. Oh, yeah. Which to me is fascinating because a lot of is a universal language. That's where we're moving into is the eyes of the heart. I just, as a reminder at the heart has a mini brain, which is also fascinating, right. But on the energetic anatomy aspect, our energetic anatomy, when we go into the quantum realm of the energetic matrix of who we are, it is it's way out of the room. 

It is universal. And I believe that on that, I'm wondering if this goes out into the energetic matrix of who we are that actually connects in with the energetic matrix of everyone, because we are, we are all connected. We are all in one that would make total sense 

Speaker 2 (30m 24s): Big. And also like the a hundred monkey 

Speaker 1 (30m 26s): Theory, right? It is, 

Speaker 2 (30m 28s): We changed, we are changing the collective consciousness. We were changing the collective on all the levels. 

Speaker 1 (30m 34s): It's funny that you just said that because I was just listening to something that Alberta was doing that just, that talked about the a hundred monkey theory. And I am like, Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. That's funny. You just said that. Yeah. It would. You want to say what the a hundred monkey theory for those that don't know? 

Speaker 2 (30m 48s): Sure. So the, I don't know where it was taking place, but in 

Speaker 1 (30m 52s): The islands somewhere that they were 

Speaker 2 (30m 54s): A scientist taught a monkey to wash the banana or the fruit in the river before eating it. And so the monkeys started doing that and all those in the community were observing this monkey, doing that. And so they all started doing it. So then the whole community is now exhibiting this new behavior. And then the fascinating part is monkeys all across the world started doing this new behavior, even though they didn't observe it physically, they're not in the same locale. 

Like they're, I don't know, monkey's in South America and then monkey's in Asia or, you know, and now they're exhibiting the same behavior. And so the theory is when you get a certain number, they're saying a a hundred monkeys that are shifting behavior, shifting patterns, shifting thoughts, then it will go out into the collective and just become part of the new behavior. Yeah. And the race to them, which is fascinating. It is fascinating. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (31m 50s): And it goes into, I think it's an energetic, The our energetic makeup, our energetic matrix. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (31m 59s): Well, it'd be the change you wanted to see, right. As you change, everything changes. And some 

Speaker 1 (32m 7s): It is though that change, it feels uncomfortable. You are going to, people can fall out of your life. You know, relationships can end to be absolutely. You are shifting. And that is, I remember sitting in a Gabby Bernstein workshop, I don't know, however long ago. And that was one of the questions a woman asked. She goes, when I come here, these are my people. And I love this. And it is so resonates and speaks to my soul and my heart. But then I go back home and my environment is not this and that, that is probably one of the biggest difficulties I would say of becoming more and more when you've chosen a life for so long that where your following, whatever you think your supposed to do, and now you shift into a heart-centered soulful living. 

It can completely turn your world upside down. Oh, of course. Yeah. And yet it is, you know, you will be happier. You, you will. 

Speaker 2 (32m 59s): Well, the other piece of it you'll have to let go of the things and people that no longer resonate, but you're also opening up to receive your tribe of those people that you have soul frequency with. Like, 

Speaker 1 (33m 12s): So there's so much of a that's. So like there's such a deeper sense of fulfillment even in your romantic partnerships, too, having that. Cause those of those are some of the most painful places, you know, when you die, you know, you have to end that, you know, marriage, whatever it is, it's hard. It is. Yeah. It's hard. But it is 

Speaker 2 (33m 32s): Even if you know, it's not the right thing, even though, you know, it's the highest good is still painful, but the suffering comes when we hold on. Right. 

Speaker 1 (33m 42s): Right. And which is so true. The longer we hold on, when we know that we need to do something, you're really, you're putting your light out. You're putting your light out. You know, I, yeah. That, I think that this is going to be the nevermind. I'm not gonna bring that up. That's a different podcast. 

Speaker 2 (34m 2s): Yeah. I guess it comes back to the flow and trust again, trust the unknown, like trust that, in fact it was a friend of ours, Rachel The. She said, I just always expect that the next thing is going to be even better. You know, I think you were talking about moving because I do tend to get attached to things I'm sentimental. I have a lot of water. Yeah. And so letting go of things is a practice. 

Speaker 1 (34m 29s): Yeah. For sure. Well, on change, a lot of people struggle with change. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (34m 33s): The loyalty to things or a peer 

Speaker 1 (34m 35s): and your patterns and your habits and In yeah, yup. A hundred percent or something I'm going to say. And I can't remember what it was. I don't, I don't know, but I can remember what it was. I was going to say at the time and I'll come back to you. 

Speaker 2 (34m 51s): This is it. Yeah. I mean, even if I was sitting with the thought last night, cause I think my daughter was watching a show in Christmas. Music came up, I haven't turned on Christmas music yet. Like right now I'm not even interested 

Speaker 1 (35m 8s): Cause it's not snowing. So I think that always it's like when the snow it's like, Oh, it's Christmas time. 

Speaker 2 (35m 12s): Well, I w I wanting to redefine holidays for me because I'm not resonating with the commercialism aspect of it and I'm not resonating with the religious aspect of it. And so I'm like, well, maybe I need to start diving into the origins of Y why is this a part of our, our, our operations celebration, but why isn't even a part of our tradition? Like what is roots of it? Yeah. That's fascinating to me. And it all goes back to paganism. Right. And so Christmas is around the 12 days of you all. 

And it's all shamonic because it's connected to the earth, to the, the seasons, like anyway. And so Christmas music came on and the thought was, this is a mind program to get us to go into that program of buying, of being in the commercial aspect of it or to turn to the religious programs. You know what I mean? Like, cause music is powerful in what it can elicit. And I was like, Oh, that's an interesting thought. 

So it just kind of sitting With with being conscious around it. You know, 

Speaker 1 (36m 20s): I think I've been reminded recently, as far as the magic, like there is a magic element that does happen around this time, especially for children, you know, and that wonderment, that Curiosity, that excitement that, you know, and even with getting presence there is, I can remember my mom still has these two dolls that she had given my sister and I, that you can't play with, you plug them in and they move and they have this candle and they slowly moved back and forth and she had a bout and she was like, yeah, yours has a droopy eye now, you know, it just kind of funny, but you know, to her, she's like, these are fond memories. 

And I actually have really fond memories because there is something magical about whatever the stories have been created in. And I hear you on the commercialism and, and whatnot. And for me, I love putting up my tree. I love watching a beautiful, you know, Christmas movies. Then I still put out a new activity and it is, I w after I left Mormonism, I'm like, God, do I still put this out? Are not. And it's like, yeah, I'll still put this out. You know, it's still an event that happened. My belief system is different as far as some of the things that had happened around it. 

But anyway, in fact, I was just reading that This, there's these two stars that will be extremely close in the sky here this year. And the last time it happened was supposedly on Christ birth, 

Speaker 2 (37m 36s): Which was in December. Yes. 

Speaker 1 (37m 38s): I know which it wasn't a December, but you know, all of the things that have come into play and 

Speaker 2 (37m 46s): I have a box full of native resets, and I haven't put them out for a long time. In fact, when you're, if you're religious, just take this with tongue in cheek while everyone gets to choose how they want to eat it. And that year we were out of the church, but I still had the negativities up. I think it was the first year that we had left and we were playing monopoly and we were short. 

Speaker 1 (38m 9s): We were short one game peace. And so what are my kids? You're Reverend Lee said, I got to be a baby Jesus and putting the baby Jesus, Jesus on the monopoly board. And this is the funny part. My parents 

Speaker 2 (38m 22s): Let me over for dinner. We are playing. And just at the moment they walked through the door, one of my kids go, 

Speaker 1 (38m 29s): Yes, baby. Jesus is so funny. So like, Oh my God, we're so more reverent. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway, but this is where, you know, We and in that group that I was just telling you about that we were doing healing on each other. It's like, this is a spirituality and energetics and whatever. And even life, like, we don't have to be so fucking serious. Right. You can have fun and silliness enjoy and childlike wonder and play 

Speaker 2 (38m 55s): Play. Yeah. That's been a huge thing, like a huge calling in his play because we can work on where you can play. We can work where we play and I'm done with the work, or Joy like, I want a joyful work. Like I appreciate working hard and it's joyful. Like it's playful, 

Speaker 1 (39m 13s): You enjoy it. But that soulful where you felt like, okay, this, this feels to me, like I love doing sessions has been. And I was just thinking about that the other day, because I resisted it for so long that it took me five years. I posted about this. Cause I had, I was reflecting on really. I stepped out of my training five years ago because my kids and you had to get to get at it. And I stepped out really ultimately, because I was scared, there was a fear that I had with it. And because for me, I have such a, like, I feel like such as responsibility, even though it's not me. 

Right. But it is me. Right. But I'm, you know, cause I'm, so when you go into a session you asked for clear and present channel and you, you kind of, you put your, you get your brain out of the equation. That's why for me, I don't remember a lot that happens with sessions, but there's that human aspect too, of Holy shit. Like I'm facilitating somebody is healing. And some of this stuff is massive healing that's asking to be had, but the more and more I'm like I have. So like the more sessions I'm doing the more or less, and as I'm doing the more of the sweetness and like, I can not like words cannot put it. 

I can not put words on the, the inner fulfillment and joy and alignment. I don't know how else to put it, but it's just, it's, it's fascinating to watch and stunning to watch. And especially for me, you know, closing down a, closing down a clothing business and not knowing what my path would look like a new knowing that it would be moving more and more into this energetic, that Inanda version of myself. I don't know. It was just, this is that Curiosity in that wonder. Have we get to just be open? 


Speaker 2 (40m 54s): That's, I'm glad you said that. Cause I wanted to circle back to where we were talking about pass and how do you know you're on your path? To me, it's a path of ease. It's a passive, a path of joy, a path that feels exciting. Even though there may be challenges, it's not a, it's not a roadblock. It's actually just like, Oh, I'm curious about this and where, where is this going to take me? You know what I mean? And it's never like a stopping point. And if it is a hard stop it and it's like, Oh, I need to get over it over here. 

You know? And it is that Curiosity, and it's a lightness and that's different for everyone. Yeah. That was the other thing. When we were talking nail, I brought up Neale Donald Walsch, it makes, this is not connected. And it is a yoga teacher who did integral yoga, which in there Ostrom, they have all of the spiritual traditions represented and they all it's like a circular and in the center is source. And so they all lead to the center and he was saying, we need all it's like, life is This this beautiful plate. 

And we need all the parts we need all the, the, the, actor's basically all of our unique, a unique 

Speaker 1 (42m 5s): Footprint in a way of being in the 

Speaker 2 (42m 7s): World. So it's like, what lights you up? What makes you feel excited? And if you're on this, in this place where it feels like an energy drain, like look at that is This in resonance or what, how am I creating this as this is what I'm choosing or, you know, to me that it all comes back to energy. 

Speaker 1 (42m 25s): Well, and I, I think it was the same friend that I had that conversation with. And again, this was years ago, but she's, she had a belief and I liked this and I could see it in my head that really all of us want to be in the middle of our path. You know? And sometimes when we get a little bit off to the right of the left, we're going to bump up against those edges. And those edges are either places where we get to look at, okay, where's my resistance. Why am I being triggered? Why am I feeling sad? Why am I angry? Why am I, whatever that is? You know, those are just opportunities for you. That's asking, being asked to look at so that you can come back to center and then keep moving along your path. 

And then something else will come in. And that is part of the ebbs and flows of life. It's always, it's constant. And it is that place of not being a victim to it, but just being the observer of it and experiencing it and having less attachment to what's happening. And I had posts. I like, as you were talking, I'm like, I saw this and I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is so true. If it is complicated, it's from IGO. Spirit is simple. And that is something I told you before the podcast, that's what I've been calling In because for 11 years in my life, especially I'm talking business, cause we're talking about paths and purpose and it was hard. 

It was fucking hard. And a lot of times when I would come to a door, I'd figure it out. How the fuck to knock that down, which is not always the answer. Right. It can be, but it's not always the answer. And because I was so in that masculine way of being, instead of stepping back and really tapping into, okay, is this a door that needs to be knocked down? Or you know, what it, why is it here and being curious with why this is coming up, instead of, are you kidding me? And no, not nothing, you know, whatever it is. Yeah. 

And that I saw that and I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is so perfect. Because really it's like, if I feel like for me in my life, pulling that in of if, if it's my path, it'll be flow, it'll be easy. And it won't be hard. And for us also being able to ask for that and ask for things, I also was asking for assign with some. So I was asking, I'm like, all right, universe, show me if this is the property. And then I had this, you know, these crazy signs that had happened. And its like these little subtle things that are being in, in really a relationship to where we truly do believe that we can be co-creators means that we're at, we are stepping to the table, but we're not the ones that are constantly driving the ship and thinking that we have to make sure that this happens to me, that's power versus force. 

Right. That I can't remember his name that reminded me. Yeah. It's all about healing. Third chakra. Like those, our power in force, both are in the third chakra and our, are we going to force our way through or are we going to be empowered and allow things to fall in alignment? And when they're in alignment, it's powerful. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, super cool. Super cool. Well, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow December and it's like, Oh, all right. How has that first growing a moment of squirrel got in? 

I think it's cause we're done with you for being right with me though. I'm just thinking, I was thinking if I feel cold and I'm like, Oh I know from the heat of it's to that. It's okay. Yeah. I think we're done well. So that's all we've got for you. I mean, we, we don't know what I'm doing. I like the Roadrunner. We, we do, we have an ask. Sure. We've talked about water. We've talked about past. So we've talked about flow and ease an observation. 

Yeah. Curious how, yeah. Can you be curious about what's showing up in your life without judgment judgment again puts us in separation and Suffering, I believe judgment creates Suffering O a a hundred, a judgment creates a lot of like really truly if as a planet we can let go of judgment. Yeah. We'll be a different species. Yeah. And judgement is different than in a discernment. Let's just say that because we do need to use discernment. Like yeah. That might not be the best choice for me to walk down the alleyway with those creepy guys down there. Yeah. Although I believe you can still cook and as long as you are in your power, any who, but when are we trying to use an example of discernment versus judgment? 

I mean, it is a fine line and we were trained to wrap up. So my wonder woman just came out though. Thumb thought, I don't know the song. Where can you use Curiosity in their life and just watch and be curious with what unfolds. Perfect. I love it. I have a beautiful day. 

Speaker 0 (46m 60s): Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality we'd love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two sided, so it can be the other side. Finding dot Oneness In Duality it's too long. 

Thank you so much. 

Speaker 3 (47m 43s): Oh, I had to pull that in. 

Speaker 0 (47m 50s): Laughter is good for the soul. All right. Okay.