Finding Oneness In Duality

Where attention goes, it grows

November 26, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 25
Where attention goes, it grows
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Where attention goes, it grows
Nov 26, 2020 Season 2 Episode 25
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 25....In this episode we talk about how our lives are always working for us, despite how it may look or feel and we have so much ability to give meaning to what is showing up. Where we give our attention it grows, and so often we can get caught up in the old patterns and stories and continue to recreate the same thing over and over again. So, where is your attention? Where is your focus? Are you focused on the current dialogue of fear? 

When you have your energy focused on fear you give your power away. Can we instead lean in to our own sense of power and trust that life is showing up in service to us and trust that whatever is happening in the world and in our country is ultimately working in our favor?  Can we learn to trust in life and our ability to create our reality, rather than to fear what is happening outside of us and give our power away? 

Alot of Seers and spiritual teachers have been talking about this time as a potential for the  Collective Consciousness to raise in vibration and move from the third Chakra into the forth chakra, or the high heart. This is an opportunity to be open to receive life, receive love and be open to Christ Consciousness. As we move towards the Winter Solstice we can maintain this focus and practice shifting into the heart space and the energy of love. This practice is that of the Divine Feminine energy, which will bring balance and healing to all of us.
Can we practice living from the high heart space and lean in to life and receive love?

If we are the ultimate creators of our lives, how are you creating the life you want to live?

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Episode 25....In this episode we talk about how our lives are always working for us, despite how it may look or feel and we have so much ability to give meaning to what is showing up. Where we give our attention it grows, and so often we can get caught up in the old patterns and stories and continue to recreate the same thing over and over again. So, where is your attention? Where is your focus? Are you focused on the current dialogue of fear? 

When you have your energy focused on fear you give your power away. Can we instead lean in to our own sense of power and trust that life is showing up in service to us and trust that whatever is happening in the world and in our country is ultimately working in our favor?  Can we learn to trust in life and our ability to create our reality, rather than to fear what is happening outside of us and give our power away? 

Alot of Seers and spiritual teachers have been talking about this time as a potential for the  Collective Consciousness to raise in vibration and move from the third Chakra into the forth chakra, or the high heart. This is an opportunity to be open to receive life, receive love and be open to Christ Consciousness. As we move towards the Winter Solstice we can maintain this focus and practice shifting into the heart space and the energy of love. This practice is that of the Divine Feminine energy, which will bring balance and healing to all of us.
Can we practice living from the high heart space and lean in to life and receive love?

If we are the ultimate creators of our lives, how are you creating the life you want to live?

This is Inanda Joy and I am Valerie and we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality <inaudible> and good morning. Good morning. Hey, 


Or a week out from Thanksgiving. Can you believe it? 


What is Thanksgiving? Right. So the holiday that we celebrate, 


I know a strange it's. Yeah, it's strange. 


This time a year is strange. This year has been strange. And then it's like this culmination of wrapping up the end where everything's should be celebrated Tory and joyful and families and connection. And, and it's kinda being squashed by fear and all sorts of things. And it's just unfortunate for those who choose to, you know, if everything's a choice, but there's still that, I mean, it's still held in the <inaudible> and the collective it's still still there, regardless if you're paying attention to what's happening in the media or not. Yeah. I'm still restricted travel and 


Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we are traveling. I'm excited. Flora, da, 


I didn't know that. Yeah. 


Super excited. Again, some sunshine 


Or are they still an unrestricted? Like they don't have any restrictions on their state. 


Well, my girlfriend there that we're, we're going to visit some new friends that lived there. She said that you don't have to wear a mask anywhere. 


Yeah. They removed all the restrictions are a couple of months ago, which is so refreshing. 


Well, I think it has been that way all along, but maybe they made it official. 


Yeah. They, I know in my sister traveled out there for fall break right before in the world. Yeah. Yeah. They had, they had just removed the restrictions because they were doing what every other state was doing and they removed it all other than they did inside a Disney world, you had to wear a mask. All that. That's what I thought. Yeah. And so I thought, yeah, she's kind of a pain because it was hot. And then you're wearing a mask all day and it was just like, Oh my God. 


Gosh. Yeah. And then trying to social distance in a line at Disney world. Can you imagine? 


So I, I watched, so when I had my surgery, I've binge watched Grey's anatomy and I fit. So I finished it and it's like, Oh, the new seasons out and say, go to turn it on. And you know, you kind of have your shows that you're like, Oh yeah. But the whole first episode is, I mean, it says that it's essentially COVID because Grayson asked me to the hospital. I was like, I cannot watch that. <inaudible> we're turning that off. I've seen that really disappointed. 


Yeah. I've seen that pop up in TV shows and movies and yeah. 


<inaudible> technical difficulties rolling with it and just keep it there. 


Yeah. Oh 


Anyhow. Sorry. We just had a weird technical difficulty. So hopefully We do, what are we even talking about you in a bubble? Oh yeah. And just being about was always in a bubble. 


I know. So disconnected from the crazy, but it said the computer just said that something was too slow. System override system is overloaded. Yes. System. We are overloaded. That's funny. Anyway. And then like I get out in the world and I'm like, what the fuck is happening? It's a Twilight zone. I know. It's like, so dystopian novel that's or a show that spin. 


I know that being out. Yeah. Ah, and ears. Yeah. So are you guys doing for Thanksgiving or just have to go over to my sister's nice. Yeah. And keeping it simple. I'll probably have my daughter, but the rest of my kids are supposed to be with her, with the dad. <inaudible> should be super fun. Family time. Yeah. I get, I get along really well with my sister. So it's a good thing. I know we were hu. Oh. Because I was just in the medicine wheel and they were talking about really, we need to do medicine well over the holidays, that's the time you need it the most because that's when all your family stuff pops for most people, not everybody. But I thought that was funny. Yeah. Yeah. 


We're doing dinner tomorrow night, doing dinner. We're making dinner for our kids tomorrow night and Nathan and I saw cause neither of us have them on Thanksgiving on Friday. Yes. I think so. 


Goodness sakes. Yeah. So that'll be, 


That'll be fun. This will be our second dinner gathering with the blended family. So with minus a couple, there's a couple kids that won't be there, but yeah. Yeah. It's fascinating fun. So what's up for you? What's up for me? 


Well, we were like, we are not sure what we want to talk about. Yeah. So we might talk about real life. 


Yeah. I've been in my world my own little world. Like I mentioned, I think last week or the week before I had a pipe break and some significant water damage in my basement, which water damage is my least favorite 


To do we have a favorite? Is fire better? 


Oh, well good point. Good point. Well, consistently over time it seems like that's what I always get to work with, which is a fun element water. But the cool thing is, is there's some things I wanted to do in the basement in support of these dreams I'm calling. And that I'm consciously speaking into the collective and to the creative create creative matrix. And so it took a little reframe for me to take something that was so stressful and put it into, Oh, this is actually a really supportive because now insurance service of what you're paying for exactly an insurance is paying to replace carpet in two of the spaces. 


And I need my carpet downstairs is disgusting. Cause my kids are very rough. I was going to call him a not so nice name anyway. So I'm getting paid to replace the carpet and part of it. And we're framing out a bedroom to help Nathan's kids have less space and yeah, yeah. A new flooring. And like it's going to be such a good energetic upgrade to the house. So a little bit reframe with something that was causing so much stress in my world. So much stress. 


I feel like that is something that I know, especially this last week, it was something I had to not have to. I got to witness a little bit more with my own thoughts of some things that were transpiring and class and how like stopping myself and asking houses and service. How is this in service? What, all right, show me what I need to learn here or what, what I'm asking to receive here and like your story. I feel like, because we do think that we can control our outcome or how, you know, the visionary, okay. This is the, this is what, this is my picture. Perfect of what I want everything to look like. And if it, if it doesn't look like that or for going down that path, we're unable to look to the right or the left and see, Oh my gosh, actually this pipe bursting ended up being a really a really great thing and was totally in service. 


Even though I'm like, wait, that's a service. And it's like, yep, that's in service. And I feel like there's a, you know, especially in the work that I do, it's always okay. Why did you attract that? Cause I'm, I'm doing this with some issues personally. Why did you attract that? And what are the gifts? What are you asking to learn? What are you receiving from it? And I think that that's, that is a beautiful practice to do. And pretty much any situation that fills that we bump up against that feels hard. That fills, you know, right now, if you're stressed out or you're having more anxiety, you know, why are you attracting that? Is it, you know, what is it that you feel like you can't control? 


Cause I would bet there's a control piece popping for a lot of people right now. I think that's a collective, a collective thing that most people are experiencing on some level or another, you know, and really go into it to be vulnerable and open up to what, what is asking to be that there 


Phil in a really big picture, we're being asked to let go of control, right? Because on the shadow side of the third chakra, which I feel collectively we've been stuck at, especially in the United States, it's all about control, right? Power, power over others. And I'm letting go of control and here comes water element, right? I'm going to carry you and holds you. And you can either fight and keep trying to control this. Or you can just ride the wave and have fun. Like that's been a big shift for me. Do I want to work her? Do I want to play? I want to go play slow. Yeah. I want to play a life in full. Why not a soul journey. Yeah. Even when it looks like a shit show, just take a step back. 


You don't have to be in the shit show. We can, if you want, maybe go play in the, see how that feels. I smell shitty 


For a minute and then go, wait a minute. I don't want to be in here. 


Sucks. Yeah. And it's not, not my, what is it? Not my circus, not my monkeys like that. 


Yeah. Yeah. I'd love that 


Because really on a big level, how much is gonna change in our daily life, regardless of what happens on this drama that's being played out. Oh, 


The pieces that are happening in the collective. Yeah. Yeah. Well it depends. Right. So do I have to throw a, on a mask? Do I feel like that's against, you know, all of those pieces, there is, there is a fine nuance there because if, you know, for example, vaccines become mandatory, that's a problem. 


Yes. Agreed a hundred percent. And I really don't feel like that's ever going to 


Do New York while all this is going on. Like they're getting close to making advantage mandatory, really, really close. And yeah. And again, anything, this is the kicker. Anything you give attention to grows. Yeah. And if you're a fearful of, 


That's a, that's a powerful energy, right? Yeah. 


Well, fear, fear is what creates control. Exactly. So that's why there's so much fear actually in the collective and why your sovereignty you're giving up your power through fear. Yeah. And again, there's that fine nuance of, well, I do want to be educated. I want to understand what's happening. Like I've watched different videos and things as far as what's in this vaccine, which does not have, it has a non-human DNA in it, by the way. 


And it's an RNA vaccine. Right. Which is genetic, 


Right? Yeah. Anyway, there's so many bizarre things that you're like, what are they doing here? You know? And again, that goes into the, the train to really train, to continue to talk about monkeys, like treating us like we're monkeys and we're just in this laboratory and they're just out there trying to control what we do. And do you really see that 


Though? Like they would ha ha I don't have to apply to them 


So much force. This goes into the whole course. Yeah. 


Like holding you down, kicking and screaming. Right. 


You have to have the police forces behind it actually enforcing it. And we're seeing that they're, they're kind of thinking all of this is a joke too, because well, and then, I mean, that goes on a whole tangent that just my heart goes out to a root cause. I know people that have personally been in the police, you know, police department police force and they sacrifice their lives. And yet the way that they've been targeted as a collective instead of, Hey, there's some bad seeds in this. 


Oh, that's fascinating though. Huge thing. If you think about that, sorry. I totally cut you off. No, you didn't. Okay. So big picture, right? Timeline pieces. One of my clients yesterday was telling me that the sheriff actually has more power than the governor because the sheriff, the sheriff is the enforcer of the law and he's an elected official. Right? Yeah. So if we scroll back to defund the police, the police who is controlled by the sheriff are led by the sheriff who has more control than the governor. That's fascinating. Right. And if there's a way for, there's a lot of police officers that are like, I'm not, that's not constitutional. That is not in my job description. 


I will not take, that's not, that's not, In what our country's about. I will not do that, 


Especially when they're putting their lives on the line. Like, you know, when I look at my husband, for example, he's always felt such a desire to protect and serve his country. And then, you know, and he was in the military and then also, please police officer. And there's a lot of the people that do go into a service like that, that they do have that such an In eight and eight feeling of this responsibility to protect and serve. What are you protecting? And if our constitutional rights are being stripped away, and that's the reason why you're in doing what you're doing, you'd be like, fuck this. Like, absolutely not. When we're starting to take away, people's freedoms, that's what our constitution is based on. And here's what I've been curious about. 


So I kind of had to step back and I may have already mentioned this a few, probably a couple months ago, right before the elections, I kind of had to step back with, regardless, regardless of whoever wins this election. Right. And it doesn't matter who is in the best, like really it's throwing it up to, to a different perspective, throwing it up to source, whatever, and going, all right. I'm trusting in whatever's unfolding because I know that the system's have to be dismantled. The way that our world has been operating is asking to be dismantled. All of this 2020 has been bringing up all of the illusions up to the surface, all the shadow up to the surfacing. 


How all the media, not all the media, 98% of the media is corrupt censorship, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, unravel, unravel. So whoever actually is going to be in service of destructing those systems. Great. Let him be, let him be in. And I don't know for sure who that is. I hope that, you know, I have, I leaned towards one over the other, but I'm also kind of just thrown that up going, okay, we're just going to watch this dismantle. Here's my kicker. So our constitution, like if you go to the basis in the foundation of the constitution, we actually have not been living as a government, according to that constitution, because everything was from what I understand, everything was actually created to be ran in the state level. 


It wasn't the way that it is now. It was more the state level and we haven't been run that way. Yeah. And so it would be interesting to see is a, our constitution is still in service of where we're going as a collective and as, as humanity. And, and as a planet, as a planet is literally moving into the hole into palladium. I believe isn't it moving into place? I have no idea why I believe it is which the poor lady is by the way, this is a fascinating paper. Hopefully everybody can follow all this. The ladies by the way, are connected to shamans in the origination of the shamans and in the land of mu and the Play-Do M U yes, mu and the Pleiades are the ones who left the magic box in a Lu rou that is supposed to be, there is a legend, not a legend, a prophecy in Australia of this, this sacred mountain, that's called a Lu rou that the palladium left this magic box that on the solstice, the solstice is all about the unified heart opening, 


The winter solstice December 21st. 


Yeah. And that when enough, when there's enough of a tipping point of people being able to come from a unified heart, which anyway, we can get into what that means, it we'll turn on the machine. And the machine actually helps. It's just the machine is technology from, you know, maybe in a more advanced society, but they just have more technology than we do that goes through the lay lines and helps in the Ascension. I don't like the word Ascension, but there's no other way really to the up leveling the up the vibrate, the vibration of the planet increasing, which would help humanity and would help to also continue to shake out the shadow. 


Right. Which is what's happening right now. Anyway, I just find it fascinating. Some of these plaids and actually called him the plate he's in the us, in the directions. But going back to the whole foundation of the United States, which the whole world is watching, which is fascinating. I don't know, like, does this mean that are, do we think that the constitution actually in itself will be completely dismantled? And that's what, I don't know. I who knows. And did you follow all that? Well, Amanda, I try to keep up with you. I didn't mean that, you know what I mean? Cause I'm like, sometimes my brain goes, dude did it, did it? And I'm like, Oh, I sure hope that made sense. 


Totally. It totally made sense. And I love it. So I'm not saying that you are not intelligent being 'cause you are very much in far, far more intelligent than me and a lot of walls. Yes. And that was 


Support that we're moving from this third chakra to a fourth chakra, a unified heart. And not even just the forced Shakur, but the high heart. Right. Which is even that more expanded identification with love. Right. Not just a expression of it, but really identifying as love as source without that separation from source. Yeah. 


Well, and I think that because we've kind of shifted a little bit into the high heart that we negate a little bit the heart in general because they think they are all, that's all connected. Yeah. And I had a realization in a session that I was just facilitating a few days ago, that it was important to him to still open up the entire heart, to fortify that space. And you may be the way that we're seeing is through the high heart, which is just a little bit, quote, unquote, elevate its higher in the physical body. It actually, a lot of people have a little Ridge where that high is. And seeing from that perspective in the shamanism, there's a song it's called a Sancho Sancho Nawi and their eyes. 


And it's from the high there's one that's over the high heart in the way that you vision and see and see the world. But also the back of the heart, like is the back of our heart open to where we can receive because there's some, there's some people that all they do is give, give, give, and they don't feel like they can actually receive right. Receive love. So there's, I feel like there's kind of three nuances in there that can we, can we give love is our hearts opened? Can we see from that high heart space of being able to see people and really they're God's selves and then can the back of our hearts be open to receive 


When you're speaking of this, it makes me, it makes me, I am I'm open to Christ consciousness. That's what it reminds me of as Christ consciousness, like this embodiment of a physical body, which I would call the heart chakra. Right. Our experience of love, our expression of love, like you were saying. And then the high heart is the more universal aspect of who we are and our connection to all things. And then of course you have to have the divine feminine, which is the receptivity, right. So divine, masculine coming out the front, divine, feminine, receiving on the back of the body. That's what's, that's kind of what I'm seeing correlations. 


Yeah, yeah. And Christ consciousness, what a powerful energy like 


To be looking at history like yeah. 


Yahshua coming in and Mary Magdalen coming in, and this could be a culmination of really getting humanity to that energy of Christ consciousness. 


And for me, I think it's important to mention that I think some, one of the pieces that gets misunderstood in spirituality and higher mind consciousness, I think we think that we shut off, like all of a sudden we don't have issues or we don't have problems or we don't have emotions and that's completely false part of what our human existence and the reason why in my belief that we chose to be human was to feel, and I had a big download for a book that I want to write. That's all around this. That it's really, how can we utilize our emotions, our thought patterns, whatever it is that comes in as tools and resources of information that is really trying to give us instead of being victim to it. Because I would say most of us that throughout most of our life are a victim to, I feel irritable, irritable today, or I'm pissy today, or I'm grumpy or I'm angry or I'm whatever. 


And then we allow that emotion to almost take us and become victim to it instead of why is this coming in? What can I, what is it, what is it asking for me to pay attention to, you know, and really utilizing it as a tool it's similar to, I feel like it's really similar to when this just came up yesterday. Cause we've been doing death rates and stuff in, in my shamonic a training that I was just doing this last few and you're working with spirits. And one of the aspects we were, I had brought up was, you know, five years ago, when I first stepped into practitioner training, I started having all of these spirits coming to me and it scared the crap out of me. 


And I was talking to my teacher teacher at the time and I'm like, Berta, I don't know why this is happening. And she was just explained that there's some there, you know, like with any modality, some people are more attracted to certain aspects. And maybe one of the things that I'd have more of was people that are needing death, right. So we're needing help with crossing over, but I could close the door. So I'm like, I'm fucking closing that door. I can't, I can't like this is gonna, this is too much. So I closed the door. And then when I wanted, when I started reopening it, then I started kind of diving into the different, and we've talked about this in the past, you know, the different things of how I can differentiate, differentiate my skill sets. And one of the things that I started learning is spirits liked to communicate how they died. 


So I'd fill, 'em come in and feel like I was drowning or fill super metallic because they died of cancer or I'd fill it in the lungs. Right. I had a mom one where he shot himself and I could feel wow and tense. Yeah, it is intense. And if you're not careful, it can actually get 


Careful as a wrong word, mindful. 


Well, let's get stuck in that emotion, that feeling. And instead of just recognizing, it's just a vehicle of communication, they are wanting you to understand that it's part of the communication and then you move it out of your body and you go into, okay, all right. I got that. Now what's next. And I had a few things to where like my whole right arm went numb and I couldn't get it to like, it was for hours. And I'm like, Oh my God, I cannot get this out. And it was anyway, it was just part of my learning process. But again, it's like everything on our life is just, it's just information, our bodies, our information, the way we operate is information. We are actually information information. Sure. 


To me that's yeah. We're sourced in formation in a physical body. Yeah. So Christ 


Just a mess and Christ still had emotions. Oh yeah. He still had his do I really want to know? 


Oh, he was a very human. Yeah. That's the funniest thing. When you look at the religion, the Real, how would you even say it? The religious representation of Jesus Christ was he was above it. You know, he was above it. He was above. Oh, you don't need to close that. I won't close it all the way. Okay. I like this one in my eyes. I do. Okay. Yeah. I really do. I, it feels good. Hopefully it's like lighting up in my opinion. Anyway, he wasn't above being human. Like I'm sure he was a very human and yet he could still bring in Christ consciousness. Like he could still access his higher levels in his humanness and Tony that's one of the really gross parts. 


A religion is this natural 


Man fortunate. Yeah. Oh yeah. Natural man. That the natural man. Yeah. 


In a way to hate yourself and judge yourself, which judgment always creates separation. Right. It just actually furthers that separation of us from source. And then it also ties us into this organization that you, you must rely on to get back to a source. Yeah. 


I'm kind of brilliant and judgment throws us on the triangle. Oh, abs a fucking Lily. Yeah. Triangle of disempowerment. Yeah. 


Yeah. I started reading archery, tree and anthology. And that book, 


If you remember, but I know it's not just the archery hands, but essentially it was ninth, ninth dimensional beings chose to come down into the third dimension 


Because, because they want to mention on beans, meaning Yahshua and Mary Magdalene, 


Our tree and palladium, like you could, I mean, ninth dimensional beings. There are a lot of different types of, and they have more of a light body than a physical body. The higher you go in the dimensions, you become less and less matters, less and less form. Not maybe forms the wrong word, but just a density. Right. And so I don't know if you remember the book it was talking about how, especially in the very beginning of, or in the earlier phases of the earth being in, in creation, they would come down into homeostasis to fill pleasure. Yeah. And they would get stuck if they stay too long. Yeah. And we thought it was interesting that that's actually who the <inaudible>. 


Yeah. Oh. And I sent you that one as a, as a theory, as a theory, right? Yeah, man, all of these things like everything is who knows. And then 


It's a information and it's interesting. And what do we choose to buy or believe in or buy into? 


Yeah, for me it sparks truth right now. And I may change my mind. 


Yeah. I remember laying on your massage table and we started having this conversation about, we are all slaves in a slave race and I'm like, fuck that, no, we are not every thing in my body was like, 


That is bullshit. There's no way somebody's 


Controlling me. And I'm like, Oh my God, 


That's so true. Wouldn't that be that way? Powerful way to enslave someone is to let them believe they were free. In fact, Nathan and I were talking about this the other night, the illusion that yeah. Like America, the land of the free. And he goes really, it's not freedom because we get so tied into the system of debt. And now we're in debt slaves, the us. And we'll really, when you're born, you're issued a social security card, which is your identification. Like you're a slave number. Yeah. But we have, we've been sold this illusion of freedom and it's really not, it's not freedom because you're so tied into that monetary system to survive and learning how to disengage from that. 


And living on free of the system would be true freedom, but we're, we're just ponds. 


We have been. But that is what is shifting. And that's what I believe is up in the collective is the, the, the, whatever you want to call it that has been creating. You are continuing to create us and have us in slavery and some form or another, which includes our food. By the way, that's something that gets talked about, not talked about. It just depends on where you're wired, but you know, drinking diet sodas or sodas in general, and you need to read a process eating. Yeah. All of the fake crap. I mean, you go look into how aspartame was even passed by the FDA. And it does not make any sense how it's, I mean that right there is a whole conspiracy because that person that passed on the FDA actually stepped down right after she passed it. 


And aspartame is known to create blinding migraines, that block serotonin from getting to the brain in autopsies. It has a white film that coats the brain, you know, and even anyway, we can get off on a whole tangent, but back to the whole that's what I believe is happening right now is this battle for our freedom. That's happening in a very, in a, in a very strong, there's been a few, I've been saying this whole year. It's like, there's a war going on behind the scenes that we don't see. It just doesn't look like what we have been conditioned to think what it looks like, right. Shooting death, military. Right. And hopefully it doesn't get to that point. And you know, that's still a possibility, unfortunately, but I know I had somebody send me a thing the other day of send us around. 


This was from my friend who has a son in the military and they are, I won't communicate what it was, but it was essentially kind of getting ready for war. And I'm like, I hope that's not true. And I don't want to continue. I'm not going to spread that around. Not feed into that again, where your attention goes, energy grows. And that was something that I was just like, come on. 


Plus, it's just another level of fear, spreading fear and fear controls people. You know, I have this theory that even the election is just, it's a distraction. It's just another drama that's playing out and it's on purpose. It's on purpose. 


And so we get to a bit, if you haven't been paying attention, this there's no question. 


It doesn't matter what happens with the election. I'm just going to say that right now. It's just a distraction. It does not matter. It's not going to change a fucking thing. 


Well, we do have two trajectories that we're looking at. And so we'll either go down one path. Are we going to go down another? So in, we get rid of that does matter. 


Like to me, the system that is putting out a two party system and we're trying to choose between, I want to be president Trump has been in service. Yes. I have been a supporter of him. And I don't know that he's the end all be all, you know, he's a part of that. 


You can't look at anybody as a savior. That's the kicker. There's nothing in here. That's going to save us. The thing that can save us is ourselves. Yeah. And that goes back to that unified. And that goes back to your own bubble. The more you raise your frequency, the more you you operate from that, what does it feel? How can I be in service to myself, my family, my community today. Yeah. And you operate from that space. One of the practices that I've been doing more and more is going into when I do my meditations is feeling outside my body and going to those, that place of nothingness 


Where all things are possible. That's a quantum field, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that's, that's my point is that really doesn't matter what happens. And we get to decide, am I going to buy into that illusion of mandatory vaccines, freedoms being taken away? Or am I really going to start creating my own expression of life? My own expression of sovereignty, my own expression of my God, energy of creation. That's to me that a pivotal point it's and it's a choice, it's a choice. And it's a two minute it's and you know, honestly, I love, I wanted to circle back to what you said earlier about receiving. We have to be open to receive that space of nothingness, which is a divine feminine. 


Right? All things on the creatrix. Yeah. The creatrix we have to be willing to receive the ability of all possibilities, right. To be in that space and pure creation. 


Well, and if you, you know, for me, I think it's, I found myself, so this last I've just stepped yesterday was my last day of a six day class, essentially, where you're really entrenched and immersed in this class. And it was all about creation and really dreaming our world into being, and it's a beautiful direction. It's the ease, that's all Eagle medicine. And one of the things that I found myself and still kind of sitting with a little bit is I feel like when I was the old version of me that has died, like we, I actually did a session and we D we, we put her to rest in. Anyway, that was a CEO. 


This is how we are creating it. This is a vision. This is how we're going to attack it. Dah, dah, dah, dah, to now my Inanda version of myself, who's has all of these downloads gets inspiration all the time and kind of places them and like, okay, how do I want, do I want to take action or not? And part of what we learn is you move it through the chakra systems. And if it resonates through all the chakras, and if there's passion purpose, and it just lights you up, and then you get into like the literal physical of okay, and logically, you know, how do, how does this move you forward? How do we take action? Right. But here's my kicker that had been sitting with inspiration and intimidation, because we have inspiration that comes in. 


For example, I love teaching. I love it. It's something that I've always seen. I've talked about this probably before, and yeah, I'm finding this, this like hesitancy to actually creating my own class and moving with it, is that because I'm intimidated by it and there's some fear there, or is it because it's the wrong timing and this is the thing that I'm sitting with right now with, and I've got some, some processes that I'm just going to still move with. But when we're talking about receiving inspiration and, and knowing when to act, that I think is one of those pieces that I'm still weeding out in my own processes, I guess. 


So I see that as the dance between the divine feminine and divine masculine and this idea of it can be easy. Right. And so if you're feeling resistance, you're feeling blocked instead of judging it, which keeps you separate from it. Wait until it feels easy. And if it's not ever feeling easy, that's not the path. Right. So the inspired intuition that comes in creates that opening for flow and, and a path of ease for then the masculine to go out and start making it happen, not making it happen, creating. Yeah. 


And there's a little nuance in there for me of, I know some of my resistance is fear of being seen in the complete Inanda version of myself. Sure. So there are, I know, and that's kind of some of the hesitation and that some of the pieces I've been working at, so I guess it does get to a point to where we know you've cleared all the fear aspects or the resistance that you're feeling because we're human and we have our emotions when you clear all that. And you know, that it's clear, then it's okay. Show me win. And if I should take action on it, but that is something that I've been sitting with a little bit of, you know, and I think a lot of us are wired the same. I have, I have so many ideas that come in all the time and I've got two books that I'm like, Oh yeah, that'd be really cool. 


And I want to sit and be writing right now. And no, that's not what I want to do. I'd rather be teaching, I'd rather, I've got a mentorship program I really want to start. And all that, 


That's where the excitement is. Right. So that's where the energy is. 


Yeah. And then it's like, okay, which one do I want to take action on? And, yeah. Anyway, so that's been something that's been percolating around in my brain. 


Like when you're speaking this, I see you standing there in that quantum field and there's all of these possibilities and any one of them 


Are beautiful creative 


Paths. Right. And as which one is going to ignite you, like you said, bring up your passion, your excitement. So the resistance, not even there, it's not even there. And if it comes in and you go, Oh yeah, I know you a friend and I'm not choosing that anymore. 


Yeah. We still have some sessions that I'm like, Oh, maybe I'm going to cancel because there's that, can I, can I really do this? And then I don't, I've learned my, my nuances and enough to know, go stop it. Yeah, you're fine. You're actually quite, you know, you can facilitate a, a beautiful session and then I go into it and it is a stunning session and yeah, and very helpful. And I had a realization yesterday and I got really emotional about it, of, you know, this, this journey for me, that I started five years ago that stepped out of, because there was this sense of when you're a shaman and you are doing sessions. I mean, you're doing anything from healing chakras to healing, major trauma. 


That's held in the body like ridiculous trauma to even doing death rights to, I mean, you're across high dimensional. Yeah. You're across the gamut and in some aspects, and I can get caught up in this a little bit of, Oh my God, this is holding. Like, there's a lot of responsibility in this space and what if I fuck up? You know? And so I just had this, this, and that's partly why I stepped out five years ago of, I don't know that I can do this. And I just, yesterday just had this pretty, you know, emotional kind of experience of I did do this and its finished and I'm, I am stepping in to this and it's an extremely sweet, beautiful, energizing, revitalizing space of being able to be in service with my skillsets. 


And now the knowledge in the container that I hold to people to find their own healing and have a more fulfilled, beautiful, beautiful life. And anyway, 


The thing that has helped me the most with that in my work with both myself and with clients is to get the fuck out of my own way. Yeah. And, and take myself out of it. I just become a conduit for spirit. I'd become a conduit for my higher self. I'd become a conduit to facilitate their process. And I, it's not me. Like I'm just holding space for this to come through me. Oh yeah. 


To go into session. There's no problem with that. I was like, all right. I was going to show him in seeing state in total. And it is a total surrender piece, but it's the mental beforehand. 


Yeah. Yeah. That's when I started teaching yoga, like, I don't know, 14, 14 years ago. I really struggled. Same thing. Cause I was always second guessing I was in the saboteur. I was in like all those archetypes and then it was when I finally just went Val, get the fuck out of your own way and let it come through. That's when my classes changed. Yeah. 


And that right there is a powerful, just get out of your own way. Yeah. 


Yeah. I mean, in honoring it to write in the psychosomatic course that I did with Kristi foster, some powerful language is honoring it by saying in the past, this was my pattern. And now I'm choosing this. Right. Yeah. I see that. That has been a part of my path. That's been a part of who I've been and I'm not choosing it. It takes it from an unconscious pattern of yes, I'm on acknowledge what I was doing. Yeah. And that's okay too. Now I am powerfully choosing to be this. And that reminds me a lot of Joe Dispenza's work right. Of overcoming ourselves in a mapping. Yeah. Reprogramming on a conscious 


And the brain stuff fascinates me. I think about that again this morning, I'm like a thing I'm a dive more into that and bring that more into my practice because like exactly with what you just said, and especially with how me personally I'm wired, the energetics are fucking amazing and there are powerful. And then there's the brain piece and really infusing the two of those together of, yeah. Just those powerful statements. You know, one of the most powerful statements that I felt like I've received from session with, with Kristy that I use often and I've actually had other people use it in their session is nothing. And no one has power over me. And it was a sovereign yeah. Archetype, right on one with everything that we're talking about too, with, you know, if your listening and you're like, well, geez, I'm, I am feeling caught in this. 


And I do have fear pull in all your circuits of energy. Cause that's the one that's one of the quickest ways. And it does take practice. But usually our circuits of energy are actually kind of ours. When I talk about our circuits of energy, you can almost imagine it like these little filaments that are coming off of our, our body. And it's actually our energetic anatomy that go out and hook into these different things. So if you're on social media and you're buying, you're having fear with whatever it is you're hooked in. 


Yeah. So in your allowing that frequency to tone with your frequency, 


You're growing that actually in that thing, that's how, that's why, where you're a tenant where your attention goes, energy grows. So pulling in, when you're starting to feel fear, when you're going to feel anxiety, when you're starting to feel overwhelmed, pull in your, your light by pull in all the circuits, have energy that you have known and unknown and just imagining all of these light filaments coming back into your body, to your bubble. Yeah. And then sending out anything that's not yours again, known and unknown. You don't have to know where it is. You can just imagine our imagination is extremely powerful. Send it out. And then if nothing and no one has power over me. Yeah. 


Nothing. And no one has power over me. 


Yeah. Even my past self in the past behaviors, the way I am choosing to rebirth, 


I'm dis I'm a disconnect pulling my circuits of energy from my past self, from that momentum tunnel of what that was me. That is no longer me. Yeah. 


That's what we feel. Language is so powerful because language is a vibrational frequency that is creating our experience. And I don't, I haven't experienced this personally, but I've been very curious, like an alcoholics anonymous for, once you go through that program forever more, you define yourself as an alcoholic. I am Valerie and I'm an alcoholic. I mean, that's not a true statement, but that's how you identify. And I, I've never understood that, you know, for me, you're, you're keeping yourself tied to this past wounding, like this past behavior this past. And I understand like it's important to honor where we've been, but we can let it die and we can rebirth ourselves. 


I would imagine that the kicker and I feel like I ha I just recently had a conversation about this with someone. I think the kicker is, is one you like in order, it's that reframing, right? Yeah. Like acknowledging I have a, yeah. Acknowledging. This is, this is part of what I'm trying to better in myself so that I'm not a victim to 


This, to alcohol. And 


Until that really is a Def until that's no longer part of your identification, then I, I could see that there is a point to where it's like this isn't what I'm carrying any longer. And then that's there. We did death rates on aspects, which was fascinating. There are aspects of ourself when we have a part in our life that is no longer part of how we identify. You can do death rights on that aspect and send it off to be essential and then bring in a new, a new part of your soul. Yeah. And it was fascinating to see, yeah. As it popped, it would kind of pop up and then you'd send it off. And so I would imagine that like it serves a purpose until a certain point to it. 


It's still, I am is your creative God language. 


Well, I would imagine that when it dies, you are no longer, I am an alcoholic and this is 


Fascinating. Why are you not? My question is why are you feeding it with ILM? Because you have to hear that it has to be that acknowledgement piece with anybody. I would just say in the past 


I was, and now 


I am clean and sober. I am empowered in my body. Whatever. Like, to me that would be more supportive language. 


I think that this is one of those things that never say never, who knows. I know. And I've never experienced it. And so when I, an asshole, I'm not being an asshole. I think it's just coming from, you know, somebody who has experienced would have a way different perspective for sure. But I'm one of them and curious about it. Yeah. One of the things that I would think interesting is one of the women in our group shared, and she's a recovering, whatever. I don't want to share her story, but she shared that the guy who came up with all the steps for like AA and recovery was on psilocybin. Oh. 


When he received it. Yeah. 


And that never gets talked about because it seems like an irony. 


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But it's still a Simon is such a, 


But not in that world. It's not until you get to a certain point. It depends on the powerful tool for 


Healing, but 


You do get into, there's a lot of people that just lump all drugs, all, whatever, as Reagan's a coping mechanism as a way of escaping in any way. But I thought that was, I had no idea. And she just shared that. I'm like, Oh my gosh. She was like, of course, that makes total sense. Of course he was on something 


And on an opening his brand to a higher experience. That's interesting. So yeah. Look at me and talking to something I have no experience with. 


Well, I think it is, I mean, it is interesting to have a question and wonder, and 


I'm a curious about that because that's powerful language when we say I am well that you are tapping into that creative 


Matrix. Yeah. No, I agree. I mean, even anybody who has, I have depression, I am bipolar. I am, I am like, you go through the, I am sad. Yeah. Yeah. I'm wired. I am sad. I think it's 


Emotions are a state of being, unless we're identifying with them. Right. So there are a transitory, unless we are identifying with them 


That I am, I mean, I can speak to the I and bipolar and carrying that for quite a while. Yeah. I was definitely a victim to it. I definitely, I dance on the triangle with myself around that, for sure. Because I'd be a victim to it. Then I'd rescue myself. When I would fall into my depressions, then I'd be the perpetrator of myself with, well, I have bipolar. So actually I'm not going to do that. Or I would use it as an excuse to get out of shit. Right. It was like a w it was definitely disempowering. It was definitely not being in my sovereign self. And yet there are instances, and I've witnessed this personally with another, someone else that I know in love that really does have bipolar. 


Like she needed medication. She needed to be on certain things. And that is a part of her that she, she has learned how to deal, you know, it's just integrate and work with. But I, for me personally, like there was an identification piece that was disempowering for a long time. And it was also a way for my husband at a time to disempower. Are you? Yeah, for sure. Never take me serious 


Is a reflection of probably, and I say this with all the love of my heart, you held yourself, right? Oh, well I was a partner. Well, there was a few. Yes. There was a thing until you did. 


I mean, I told, I think I've told you when I, we were engaged, my mom sat him down and said, are you sure you want to marry her? You know, she has bipolar. And he's like, hell yeah. He's like, Oh, now I can use this for my, yeah, 


Totally. Yeah. 


Anyhow, what has been the main theme of what we have talked about? 


W when we sat down, we were like, what are we going to talk about? And I don't think we've shut up for what? 45 minutes to four to seven. Yeah. Look at us. That's what's so fun about it. 


Friendship. I know. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. 


Anyway. Well, 


Huh. I was going to say, it feels like a good school. So that was like a good wrap up. Yeah. I hope we have a good Thanksgiving. And what's our ask. I don't know. I think that would be, 


I haven't really been doing ass lately and we did last time. You were like, that's a tough sell. Yeah. It wasn't enough 


That pull in practice, pulling in your, your circuits of light, your conduit, your circuits of energy practice. Putting that in, pull it in, in the morning, put in at night when you're feeling overwhelmed, just practice, practice, practice. That is something that as, even on the collective is a powerful, because the more of us that do that, the more we're unhooking from all of those, whatever places and the less power, it feeds it so much. 


Take it one step further. Once you do that, you get into your own space, ask yourself, does this feel true in my body does a lot of what true whatever's happening. Oh, if you're feeling overwhelmed, does this feel true in my body? Like, why is it coming? Why am I feeling that way? Yeah. Like what are they asking to learn from? Like, that's empowerment to me. And that is a healthy relationship with third chakra. Yeah. And what is it? Why is it showing up? What is it asking to show to teach me? What am I asking to learn right now? How is this in service? How's this in service? Yeah. How am I creating this? That's powerful. And that's still in service, right? How are you the ultimate creator of your life? 


Cause I that's my belief. That's my truth. Right? I am. It's that powerful, creative sentence, but that's two words that I am, that I am is I am a creator. I am that. I am all the things. We have a beautiful Thursday. 


Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality. We love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two sided. So come be the other side. it. It's too long. 


Thank you so much. Okay. You got to stop that. You had to pull that In. 


Laughter is good for the soul. 


Alright. Okay.