Finding Oneness In Duality

Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!

November 05, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 23
Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!
Nov 05, 2020 Season 2 Episode 23
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 23....
Our perception of things affects how we feel and will determine our experience of whatever it is we are moving through in life. "By keeping it simple, you move through life with ease." This doesn't mean that difficult things wont happen in life, it just means that we will navigate them with ease.  Can we let go of the coping skills, trauma responses, and attachment to suffering to experience more joy, ease, and flow that is available to each of us.  We can get so comfortable in our pain, our sorrow and trauma and it can feel uncomfortable to let it go and to be open to experience life with flow, surrender and trust. Can we allow ourselves to remember that we are human, and that we need to feel our feelings, and give time and space for ourselves to move through whatever it is we are feeling, instead of bypassing the painful feelings, storing them in our body and shoving them down? This is a recipe for those emotions to come out and to be expressed in inappropriate ways and at times when we are triggered and feeling unresourced. Coming back to our center, being gentle with ourselves, feeling our feels and sitting with them, without needing to be anything other than what is, is a powerful practice of moving emotions and experiences through our field and then releasing them. 
Living a 5D life isn't about always being happy and love and light;  it means that we are present in our heart, while feeling our emotions and honoring where we are at. Resourcing ourselves inward, has been the biggest call for this year of 2020, leaning in to our inner truth, our Sovereignty, and trusting what feels right for ourselves. This is the most important tool that we can learn as we navigate through the unknown future and unpredictable outcomes. "I am here now," allows for that larger flow of inspirational energy to come in and inform our inspired action. In the truth of The Now, we can trust that all will be provided as we learn how to be on the path of ease. 

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Episode 23....
Our perception of things affects how we feel and will determine our experience of whatever it is we are moving through in life. "By keeping it simple, you move through life with ease." This doesn't mean that difficult things wont happen in life, it just means that we will navigate them with ease.  Can we let go of the coping skills, trauma responses, and attachment to suffering to experience more joy, ease, and flow that is available to each of us.  We can get so comfortable in our pain, our sorrow and trauma and it can feel uncomfortable to let it go and to be open to experience life with flow, surrender and trust. Can we allow ourselves to remember that we are human, and that we need to feel our feelings, and give time and space for ourselves to move through whatever it is we are feeling, instead of bypassing the painful feelings, storing them in our body and shoving them down? This is a recipe for those emotions to come out and to be expressed in inappropriate ways and at times when we are triggered and feeling unresourced. Coming back to our center, being gentle with ourselves, feeling our feels and sitting with them, without needing to be anything other than what is, is a powerful practice of moving emotions and experiences through our field and then releasing them. 
Living a 5D life isn't about always being happy and love and light;  it means that we are present in our heart, while feeling our emotions and honoring where we are at. Resourcing ourselves inward, has been the biggest call for this year of 2020, leaning in to our inner truth, our Sovereignty, and trusting what feels right for ourselves. This is the most important tool that we can learn as we navigate through the unknown future and unpredictable outcomes. "I am here now," allows for that larger flow of inspirational energy to come in and inform our inspired action. In the truth of The Now, we can trust that all will be provided as we learn how to be on the path of ease. 

This is Inanda Joy and I'm Valerie. And we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality Don thumb. And then, 


I mean, I feel like I always start so well. 


So here we are on stage 


Being the day with our podcast is Thursday. You know, I don't love daylight savings until it gets to the point to where I'm like, gosh, it's so dark in the mornings. And I kinda miss it being light. Like right now, normally we'd be best in the sunlight. Although the trade-off is then it's dark at 4:00 PM. And then when I got the time for bed, that's in the middle of winter, let's be, let's be real. That's not right off the bat. Not well still. I know it's a little, I don't know. The other day I was like, I always love waking up at the sun. I know that's my favorite, but winter time, I guess if you look at it symbolically a winter time, it's when we were supposed to be quiet, more arrests, more in word and lumber slumber. 


So if we still were to wake with the sun and settled down with the, the dark, I know you can't be a whole different life. You can feel the energy of how cool that would be if we we're in a society or a community to where we could allow ourselves in our children to do that. And just go with the flows of the lands. That's the whole being a communion and yeah, well, that's a shamonic practice, right? Yeah. In fact, I'm so winter and I have had a tumultuous relationship for my whole life. Well maybe when I was a kid, it was different. Cause it was all about play. Right. And I don't love to be cold. I've lived in Utah, my entire life. So I'm revisiting winter every year is always a shock to my system. 


And I don't know why I'm surprised by it. It's like, okay. Yes, this is the truth of the year. Right? Exactly. So what's interesting is a couple years ago, my friend, well, a couple of things, I'll start with this one a couple of years ago, my friend Rachel, In introduced the practice. It's a Scandinavian practice of getting cozy in the winter. And now it's called Hooga M is spelled H Y Y a G E. But you say Hooga and it's all about comfort and community and creating this cozy space. And so when, cause Scandinavian, winter, it's dark for most of the day. Right? And so lighting candles and lighting a fire and eating good nourishing food and calling people together for conversation in games and just the gathering, right. 


To bring light to those dark days. And that has been so fun. That has been so fun to embrace it, pronounce it. I know that a few years ago, one of my employees was talking about it and she called, I think Heidi, cause it, if you look at it, if it like it, 


But it's who got, how do you say it? And we were going to pull some of that into some of the clothing that we were doing and stuff like that. Oh, that's cool. All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It just that comfort. Yeah. 


Yeah. Totally. And the other thing that is helping me when my relationship with the coldest to play right. Is to get out and still be active, still play. Cause I think that's part of why I hate it is I hate being cold. I hate all the clothes you have to wear. Like I would rather have less clothes on them more, but you have to get bundled. Right. And then I don't get that connection with nature and being outside because it's cold and the effort to be outside is so great. But like, fuck it. So learning how to make the effort to be outside to then resource myself and then it feels good. Yeah. Feels good. Like when we had that really cold snap the other day, it was nine degrees and right. 


Wait what? Yeah. Yeah. And we've had a really warm, false, I've been super grateful cause its in the sixties still, although it dropped down a little bit. Yeah. Well it was just a 


Like that, like it went from 60 to nine and it was the white 


Hang on to the snow and you were like, well yeah in Utah, I don't know why you were surprised by every year. Right? 


We are. I know every year we complain about it and yeah. 


Yeah. So this year, how can we be more grateful? <inaudible> stillness. 


Yeah. Well Nathan and I, we bundle will not be bundled up, layered up and still went out for a trail run and it was freezing and it was invigorating and it changed the whole experience of nine degrees. It was like, Oh this is how I can still have a open, playful relationship with nature. Even if it's cold. Yeah. 


I love that. Oh that's awesome. Yeah. So we are drawing taro again. How to draw a card 


In this deck. It's called dreams of Gaia by Raven fell in. And I'm trying to think where I've seen her name. It might be on Instagram. I dunno. I can't remember what we do. Another deck that I've bought for someone as a gift. I can't remember why or how I got that one is beautiful. It is a very, shamonic in a way 


Witchy to me, I feel like it has a lot of pagan, 


Which actually I wanted to talk about it a little bit 


Since this is the Z. 


Yeah. So on Saturday. So anyway, while I was, I'm talking a lot to begin and perfect. Good. Okay. We're going with it as I was a connecting with the doc, two cards jumped out and that seems to be 


Yes. Where are you? You said as I was connecting with a duck, I'm like, wait yeah, the deck, I thought you were, yes. 


Two cards jumped out and we should take pictures of them and we'll post them and it's card number nine and it's a triangle pointed up and it's it, it looks like a Norse. God like growing out of a tree has got beautiful red hair. He's holding a Rose in front of his heart. In his third eye is a star. And then the second one to two cards jumped out. This is a card number 12, same triangle pointing up and it's called hero. And it looks like a woman wearing a mask with horns and sword sticking out of her head. There's a sun. 


Where are the cards on the box at the same time, it's different. So nine as a number of endings, which I've had to make my peace with because I am a 45 nine, but yeah. Nine is endings, which allows for beginning. So it's all so beautiful. And then 12 is a master number. 


So let's see, let's see what the cards have to say today. I'll just have to find out where they are in the deck. Trying to think of the triangle. It is. Is that air or a hole? Oh yeah. The elk. Then I'll come to you. Sign that while it's feminine. I'll do that. The air earth water or fire. I can't remember what I think it may be fired. 


What tells you in the book? So I think it breaks it down by the elements. I think that's how you find them. Oh yes, yes. Indeed. Let me just start there. She gets air or okay dude, if all else fails, 


Start at the beginning where the elements are listed. It is actually a fire fire. Yeah. 


Oh, which is interesting because we have a lot of energy on the planet right now and it, for a lot of people, it feels very fiery actually because it is for seeing energy out. Yeah. And you know, fire does combust and transmute energy, but there is this energy of just like, it's almost like this big old just purging. Like we're just going to pop everybody's stuff. 


Oh you have that shadow or you go more. 


I was talking to another friend of mine that she's like, I've also witnessed people getting more and more to sleep. Like they are consciously choosing to go more asleep. Oh that's interesting. But it also makes sense because we're in a Polaris, we're in a world of duality. So the more people that are waking up and becoming that much more conscious will you 


Will have the opposite. Yeah. Well in the world literally is on fire at least to us. Like, so this whole year in 2020. Yeah. I didn't know that there's still, while there's still of fires in California, Northern California is on fire. I have friends there that their power has been off, you know, and not evacuated, but under a potential evacuation because of the fires. And in fact, driving over here, you can see a smoke in the air. You can sing that. 


I've been reading some interesting theories about California. Although I don't know that I want to get into politics on this. Yeah. Although it significant because of the elections next week. I know, I didn't mean to, 


I realize it was on November 3rd. I was thinking the ninth for some reason, you know, 


Doesn't even matter. Not right now because it, even though its not like in the past where it's on the third and you know, who's the winner right now with all the Mellon ballots. It's like, who knows how long this will take 


D are they going to have any in person voting? 


Oh yeah. I was going to go in person yesterday and then decided to Mel and I was hesitant with the Mellon ballots just cause of all the risks with it. But then in person there's still a similar things that are just anyway. We're totally getting off on a tangent. You can vote in person. Yeah. So like Megaplex theaters just here at Lehigh. Oh really? Yeah. They had like, you could go yesterday. I think today to from like nine to two. Oh, so you didn't go in with her sorrow anyway that you can go on the websites and find the different places to go. 


I have a mail in ballot, but I think I have to drop it off at this point. Right. Right. 


Well, yeah you would have you there's certain mailboxes that 


You can just stick it in my mailbox. 


No. Oh, by the time this airs it'll be past the deadline. Anyway. I know. 


Okay. Coming back to this gorgeous card, nine of fired keywords, attainment, fruition, inspiration creation, ease, simplicity, detachment and restrictions. Key phrases, move through life with confidence at a time of fruition and attainment, knowledge and experience. Bring ease, do not seek praise or affirmation. Give your best every time. Once you have finished, move on to simplify your life, remove obstructions and restrictions. This is an interesting book. Okay? Meaning the line of fire symbolizes attainment in the ease that comes with knowing what to do with the knowledge and practical skills earned through study hard work and dedication is symbolizes fruition and putting knowledge and learning into practice. 


It's about having found and putting to use mental and physical processes that work for you. The process used is executed with ease. And as a result you create or fulfill your role with the same ease. This is an affirming card that symbolizes moving through life with confidence, the person it illustrates does what they do well and without seeking glory or a validation, they do not seek praise or affirmation. They perform the task before them and do it well because they know and understand their craft. They do it to the best of their ability because they have pride in what they do. And when a task is complete, they do not wear it down with the expectation they detach and move on to the next task because it to deserves all of their care and attention. 


This card also reminds us that ease is not necessarily about life being easy, but about discovering that we can make a choice to not to make life complicated. By keeping it simple. You move through your day with ease. That's interesting obstacles, no longer cause hours of fear and fretting. Instead you simply worked to overcome them. You learn, you grow in experience and then move on to the next moment. When you are confident and have attained a certain level of knowledge and skill, you begin to move through life with more ease. You learn how to perform tasks in a manner that has less complicated for you. You begin to recognize what works for you and what does not. You attain a certain level of grounded and practical awareness that enables you to bring projects to fruition with the same amount of care, but less effort. 


Interesting. Cause it, it actually touches on a few things that I know personally I've been practicing. And then some things that I thought about would be interesting to cover or talk today about I'm with our podcasts. I don't love that it said work, work, work or hard. I said something, you know, it kind of goes a little bit against, I think some of your, and my, both of our beliefs and you understand what it is, what it is saying. I know I, I posted on my story the other day, how it can be easy. Yeah. Well yes. Today our podcast at released, which you say is the 29th, our podcasts that release is all about show me, you know, testing God and, and putting, got to the test and show me how it can be easy. 


But I also posted something in my story with manifesting. There is and, but do the work, but go put effort into it. And the whole framing that we have around work and hard work is such an interesting holding that you think you and I both don't have that same belief. Yeah. You put effort into something and it feels like work may be in the beginning. And really that card is probably talking more to that. Like in the beginning of it feels like work and yeah. Yeah. And, and then it becomes easy because it's just, Oh, part of the flow. Yeah, for sure. And you let it go. Well, 


I feel like the relationship with it, making choices of things that feel good, that feel happy. That feel exciting. That that changes because work isn't necessarily a bad thing. Like I value work. I come from people who worked that are hard workers. Like I enjoy really getting, putting my all into something, but it's ch it shifting the relationship from this as hard, or you're always working against an obstacle to really being in a flow and a excitement about what you do. 


So having more of a reward with it, you know, putting out the effort and feeling the reward. I know for me personally, and I can't remember if I've touched on this, I've decided a probably a month or two ago, I am becoming more and more aware of how important our physical body is, what the energetic anatomy and I've been doing different practices and things in it comes to a point to where I am like actively moving into. Like, I am going to my really good friend who does the hypnotherapy and working through the pieces with like my body image and body shame and wanting to lose weight. And it feels almost like this for me now it feels like this huge Hill where back, you know, be prior 2012 was like a pretty big turning pivot moment for me in my life. 


And prior to that, I can cleanse twice a year. I was very healthy, very active, you know, would be vegan for a little while, you know, just to have a different things. And it was really, it was in flow. It was just part of who I was and then hit 2012 and life changes and stress. And, and it has been so long that my, and I put on 20 ish pounds since then in those few years, and having to kind of look at some of that and actually the emotions behind it and some of the, the hooks really with some that most of us carry from, it could be from childhood or whatever you think I touched on this last, last podcast, but we just sat down again yesterday actually, because I sat in the emotions of all of it for a week, which was really challenging for me to do. 


And this week has been a heavy week in general, for most people, it's been a heavy week just because the energetics on the planet. And everyone's really, I think a lot of us are really being asked to look at our stuff, which can feel heavy, right. And as I was sitting in my session yesterday, I came to some hard truths that when I said it out loud, my body totally relaxed. And it was really interesting to notice my right side in particular. And I felt like all of a sudden I can see there was oxygen. And then there was breath that was moving into that right side because I admitted some of these truths about myself and, and there was a, an awareness and I could fill it actually the, the day before that I am either going through another pretty Epic shedding or I'm going to lose my mind. 


Like that's where I was at a few days ago, because a lot of these emotions in these things, these hooks that we're talking about, you know, I know we are talking about the work and this has kind of connected and kind of not all at the same time. And it can feel overwhelming, especially for someone like me, who doesn't really give myself permission to sit in their emotions very long, you know, to sit in those emotions, it can get overwhelming. So when I was sitting there and going through more of these processes and could see that this is a huge, I'm sitting a little bit with, there's the layers that we pull off, you know, like in, in shamanism, you know, its symbolism of the Sur, the snake, she is constantly shutting her skin's so that she can grow and there's layers, there's layers that were constantly going through in, sometimes it gets exhausting. 


Yeah. And this feels different. There's something about it that feels different. It's not just a layer. I don't know. And it'll be interesting to see when I go through it, but then it's almost, I was sitting in there and having this realization that Holy shit, everything that I've known about myself, there's a good possibility that this is all dying because there's an element too. I told you earlier, the DNA that I'm asking to let go of too. And then where's the foundation and it's this really like, and I watched myself to go out of body and almost like have a trauma response for a minute and this realization. And then I felt this huge calm come in that I've done. We as a collective have actually a lot of us have done enough of the hard work that this may feel painful because it's new and uncomfortable and it's not known. 


Right. But it doesn't have to be hard. Right. What we do 


Ask us to let go of the old program, the old structures, the old institutions, and that feels hard, right. Because that's what we know. And to be open, to experiencing joy and light and ease and abundance and 


Well, and I think what I, the point that it, and especially for anyone that is going through something similar, and I just had a, you know, one of my clients other day was vocalizing afterwords. How he noticed is that he wanted to let go of these pieces. He also, there was this energetic, like, but wait, but wait, but wait, because it's, and again, it goes back into that simple phrase of were comfortable in our pain. We are comfortable in our sorrow. We are comfortable with what we know. So regardless of it, system's just talking about personal floor for a minute. When we let go of those things that have kept us safe. For me, it's a big aspect of control. Like that, that was a hard truth, but I'm practicing, letting go of control. 


But control has been my safety mechanism. I can control this and the outcome, then it will keep me safe or are, it will prevent me from having hurt and harm, which is not true, but it's a truth that I've held. Right? Yep. And we do that. We have a tendency to, okay, I really want to let go of this because I can feel that it will be better. That's what I'm asking for. And wait and wait and wait. But I don't know how to walk through life without that. That's been my safety blanket for 41 years of my life, or however long, and everything is so perfect. Like I can see the timing of everything and finishing up, you know, my last year long training here in a few weeks, I'm doing a journey next week that my whole focus is letting go of control. 


You know? So everything is just kind of this interesting divine, beautiful, perfect timing. And our planet is in divine. Beautiful, perfect timing, you know, with how it is really supporting us, even though it feels so painful and everything feels confusing. Sometimes it is so supportive. In as a collective of what we're asking for. 


Yeah. I feel we have talked to this before, but perspective is everything right? And I think perspective can create that feeling of these, right. That is the play between, this has really hard, like work as hard and work can be playful or letting go of like shedding the layers with one easy Swift movement. Or this is super painful because, Oh, I really liked that layer because it's created the safety for me. And now I'm not sure I want to let that go, but I do wanna, you know, and then that, that conflict comes up so perspective, like shifting that, the story around it. 




Yeah. And I feel like the other part for me to has been an a, a more acute awareness of how important it is to remember we are human. We do get to feel our emotions, that especially those of us who can see a different perspective. Yeah. There's this whole aspect. And we can see that. And sometimes, like, there was a piece I was having a hard time with forgiveness this week with, to people in my life, which normally is not something that I struggle with because I can pop it up and I can see, okay, this was serving me in this way. But what This the ask was for me is I needed to be human and say, you know what, on a soul level, I get it. But on a human level, I'm not okay with that and hurts. 


And this wasn't okay. And I need it. Yeah. I needed to fill it. And, and there's still elements where it's still moving in processing. Cause it's some, it's some old, old stuff, but I, I feel like that's something that I am learning and embodying more and more is how important it is to remember we are fucking humans and not to bypass that 


I actually feel are feeling our emotions is our super power and 


It can be for sure. Well, I've, 


That's, there's no other way to go through healing than to feel. And it doesn't have to be two the depths of things, but just to sit with it and acknowledge it and express it in a loving way to rage. Like I I've had some powerful experiences of rage where that was never a safe emotion for me ever, but its powerful. Yeah. So I feel like that is really important. 


Yeah. Yeah. I was feeling into the energies of the planet today and we talked about a little bit and I, and I am grateful that I am at a place in my life that I no tools to come back to center when things feel like there's, they're challenging. And I thought it would be interesting for us probably to share tools of what we've learned in our own personal practice with really how to come back to the self. Because when we do that and we have a constant practice of it, then things don't feel so you're not getting on the triangle. You're not getting that whirlwind of the energy, your coming back to your center, always coming back to the center. It always comes back to the center. And I think that that for me has been a huge practice that has been so important in my life. 


For sure. So what are your tools? What do you do when that comes up? I have several, but I feel like the two biggest and easiest ones for me are always calling back in my energy, sending it out during that waterfall of light. And we've done that in a previous podcast. So I feel like that one's super easy and really calling back in and out all the energy, calling it back in client, back in, sending out any energy, that's not mine and then a waterfall of light and every it just, and most of the time it's like a gold, white color and I just allow it to go kind of wash through and, and cleanse the chakras and then my breath meditation and exercise and, and doing meditation. 


And coming back to that, quiet mind that stillness 


On the breath meditation is your breath of fire. 


Yeah. What about for you movement? That's a big one for me. You know, at this morning I've been jumping on the trampoline more and I, and it does, is it stimulates the mitochondria and it does all sorts of things for the body. That's actually a really healthy, but it always is like a rejuvenating. Like we'll go out and jump for five minutes. I have to go pee for no I'm like jumping on the train. It makes me pee. Will it actually, and I'm like, okay, I'm playing in my queue on 


Muscles while you can do it. That is true. It be a different experience. But after having five children in the body's is a bit different. Yeah. What else have you found? That's helpful. I'm a big practice lately is to just not even need to name it, just to acknowledge like yeah. I'm feeling something today and not try to change it. Yeah. Yeah. That was a big thing yesterday landing to support to someone who was In and it's perfect. I like it doesn't need to be anything different and there's no apology needed and you get to fill exactly what you're feeling today. Like giving ourselves permission. Yeah. 


Well, it's kind of like we talked about it before kind of being that sacred witness too and holding that space and allowing them to be exactly where it, 


Where, where they are. Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally, totally. We were having a conversation, Nathan and I were having a conversation this week about this high vibe community. I'm like five D. This is this expectation that, that means it's always love and light and that's not true, but it's more of an engagement of what it is. Its more of a presence in what is its more of a surrender to what is flowing with what is allowing just presence? You know like it's a different engagement. I feel it. And it doesn't mean that everything is always light and easy. Yeah. Or it can be, it can be experienced with ease and it can still be hard things, you know? 


Well a five 


D Living is more heart centered and you're coming from the heart space. You get to feel your emotions. You get to honor what you need and, and honor others in where they're at. So yeah, it doesn't mean that you're and again, that would be bypassing. Right, right. We are not here not to be human. We are here to be fully embodied and our human nature. And then all of the other aspects that are, that make, make us who we are 


Our yeah. I feel what's so interesting. It was, anytime you say you feel your emotions, it drops me into my second chakra. Like that's where I experience the emotion is there because to me that's the relational experience like the SL relational shakra and the heart Shakur for me is holding things in love. So for me, I see dropping into the emotions. I am feeling in my second chakra and bringing it up into holding it with love. Not that I need to push it away or change it, but I'm holding that experience with love. Like I can hold myself when I'm angry with love. I can give my permission to experience whatever emotion I am having. 


Even if it's this shadowy bad. One of the air quotes, you know, the holding it in the space of love. 


Do you feel like our second chakra is actually where we feel the emotions coming in and our heart is actually where we give it out. Interesting. Maybe, maybe I was listening to an old, Oh, I dunno session that I had with a woman. And she was talking about, because I for me 'cause I am, I'm just talking about me for a minute, which most of us can relate to this, but being an empath that a lot of those emotions actually are held in the second chakra and having practices of how to release it. Yeah. So that it doesn't get full and end. You know, you do look, you know, this better than I do in, can you talk to this more as far as how that area is actually like a bowl and like a vessel and how for me to get into a practice of really making sure that I'm releasing that energy and consciously moving that energy out of my body. 


And so as you're talking I I am wondering because it is when we're expressing our emotions, it does, it doesn't come from the second chakra. It comes from the heart space. So I wonder if there isn't an interesting flow that happens at least when we're more conscious of it. Yeah. 


I mean, even unconscious, I remember Danielle was saying that that's our relational shakra and we're when we're meeting people, it's second chakra to the second chakra. It like that is, that is the exchange there. And maybe that's I'll leave that. I don't know, but that's what she was teaching. And then psychosomatically people have poor boundaries around their own energy generally will have a really big sway in their back in a foreword tilt of their pelvis in the belly Hanks forward. And it's like, Oh, I will give you everything. You know? And it, it it's depletion. It creates that. Well, even physically the adrenal glands are going to be squashed, which is where your energy comes from. 


Right. So learning how to have those appropriate boundaries of, with other people in your own energy, in what you're willing, like a nurturing people in general, you'll have more weight around that part of your body because you're giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, and you just get burned out. 


Yeah. So the body now she puts on those layers. I'm always listening to something on this morning that was talking a little bit more in depth with the chakras, with how each chakra center actually has, you know, it's, it's all attached and you know, this its all attached to the Oregon different Oregon's so like your first chakra, it's all of the sexual organs that second low sexual organs for the first one. So this was interesting and it was listening to, it was on Gaia and it was Joe Dispenza and he was actually a I and I could be wrong. Yes. But I th he was actually showing a melanoma to me with the testes in the end, the penis in the first chakra. 


But then it makes, yeah, the second I've always been taught is The I'll have to go double check and watch it again. 


And what's coming is so the Schiff Shiva lingam is the, basically the male anatomy of the penis, the testes, it is the male part of the M Yoni, which is the female aspect. Right? So the male energy does move down. It's grounding and the female energy does move up. So I, if that, how that works, I don't know. I'm just playing with the idea. 


Well, what I thought was interesting and I hadn't really, he was just talking about how the chakras to have a tendency to get a little washed over and a little generalized and how each of them actually have their own. He likened it to having like a brain center because each of them have different neurons and things that are very similar to the brain chemistry. And you know, this, you know, some people will actually move through life only working and moving through the, with the first chakra, right. Or the second or third, because if something's blocking them from moving. So he was likening it to when we're born, you know, that's first chakra and that's coming into the world. And when we feel, I'm trying to remember when we feel like our needs are met, then it moved to the second. 


If safety feels like it was a, then it moves to the third and it continues to move up. And it opens up into the different chakras centers allowing for more expansion, more connection. But it was interesting. And I'm in a dive into it a little bit more cause they liked how he is really talking about how important these energy centers are. I mean, like I know this, we know this, but he was talking about it in a different way than I had really comprehended before, especially with the idea of the neurons and even having almost, it's not like he said mini brains, but it was really similar to it having its own intellectual system, that's connected to the physical anatomy and then the cells, the tissue's, the mitochondria, yada yada yada, but how each of them are these own energy centers and in a different way than I've ever really thought about it before. 


So it was a perfect tool because I'm anyway, thinking about teaching a class around this, I'm like, Oh, of course we assembled on that today. That makes me wonder a little bit more. 


Well, it reminds me of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, right. Which is a pyramid where the base, it's the heavy base at the bottom and the point at the top. And you have to have those lower needs being met too, to feel like you're a resource for the upper 


Yeah. The triangle. When you look at where we're out on our planet right now, even just this year and how it's been moving through some of those different aspects of not feeling safe in your foundation rattled. And even just with my personal experience, like my even deeper, my foundation has completely getting uprooted on the planet. Our foundation is getting uprooted, which throws you into, okay, wait a minute. Where are my basic needs in that root chakra, second chakra. Right. 


And who, who, who provides those? That's the other thing we do you mean who provides? Because I always go big or like our institution's that we've looked to for guidance and direction of what life should look like or where like their systems of control. Right. Right. And we put ourselves into the system of slavery. It's, we've agreed to it as much as we've been put there. Right. And now those are being challenged in. People are finding ways of providing these needs outside the narrative. I see it again and again and again. 


Yeah. That has been the biggest call for this year is how to be better stewards of our own, our own selves. And I, the autonomy in the sovereignty of that is becoming so really deeply and innately wired for those of us who want to, like we talked about earlier, some people are going more and more asleep in that. That's fine too now. But I do think that that has been out of everything that we've gone through this year. That, I mean, it is for sure people are being forced to go inwards. Yeah. 


And really challenged is that really, really is what it is, what they're saying for real, like, do I believe that, does that resonate for me? Am I okay with that? Am I going to go along with that? Or am I going to say no? You know, and can I still find that way of supporting myself and finding those root needs being met without it being provided by this system that I've relied on for so long, a name 


I, how do I put This? It is very possible that we're going to go through some interesting things the next few months. And it, you know, I think that when we start spinning out or we start going into that fear, what if we could use that more as a tool and a vehicle to, to see that it's catching our awareness of, okay, slow down, stop get centered or whatever it is for you. I know for me personally, like when I start spinning out, it is a call to pay attention to what needs attention to, you know, I'm just moving through and I, and it's, it is a call to come back to, to my center and ask, you know, is there something that's needing attention? And what is it? And this is reminding me of Holly's last channeling that I was here at the house of a really, you know, not necessarily panicking and worrying about all these things, because really none of that, all of the, what if's yeah. 


All of the, what ifs are out there that there's all the possibilities are limitless as far as what could happen. The only thing we can control right now or do anything about it really is the now moment and what we choose to do with that. And she was really big into the now moment being completely present with I am here now allows for that. And we've talked about the sip before that, that larger flow of inspiration of energy to come in and trusting. Then when you feel inspired, you know, I'm gonna go grab the extra toilet paper today, or I'm gonna go, you know what, I want to start a garden in my basement, or I'm going to get whatever it is that it is trusting that you will always be guided and know when you need to do something and you'll know. 


And also trusting that you'll know, you'll actually be given things that you didn't know that you knew. Yeah, for me, that is the practice 


Of divine masculine integrated with a divine feminine, right? Because you're in presence, you're in the present moment, the intuition comes in divine feminine, which then informs the inspired action to find the masculine. Instead of running off of programs are worries of the future or remembrances of the past. It's like, no, right in this moment, what is the inspired action and tuning inward for 


It not being energy, not consulting 


The gurus, not looking up the astrology chart, not looking at the tarot cards, not, you know, those are tools of turning you inward, but it really is finding that resonance of truth within, and to me that creates ease. That's where the path of ease comes. 


And at first I would, I would, at first it doesn't feel like ease at first. You get, I mean, it's, it feels scary if I am, if I'm being forced to actually trust it, especially if you're not in a practice of doing that and your, your in a practice of trusting other people, because that's been what you've taught and conditioned to do, it will feel challenging at first. And so it was just those baby steps. 


Yeah, for sure. So the only thing I can equate that to you is when I left the Mormon church, it put me in a head tail spin of fear, because I did feel like the ground was gone beneath me, like everything that I had made, any tool I've used to make sense of my world or to navigate it was gone. Yeah. And it was all up for grabs. So yeah, that would definitely, it was my experience then. So I guess that was the catalyst for me to start learning, letting go of external and learning to really guide internally. This leaving religion. 


Yeah, no, I a hundred percent agree. And I I've noticed myself and others too. They love religion. And then I want to turn to somebody else. Cause it's just part of the programming. I can tell you, you know, the first thing with any kind of change is awareness. You know, you don't know until, you know, you know, when it's like, Oh yeah, I'm doing the same patterns. Yeah. You know, 


And I guess the difference, because I did do that, like I dove into yoga. Cause that was a spiritual practice that I found resonance with. Yeah. And it gave me a language, it gave me tools. It gave me a connection in a spiritual, in a spiritual way and I got to choose it. Right. It was my choice. And I engaged with it for 14, 15 years. And I was like, Hmm, yeah. Kinda done with that. You know, because it did become a dogmatic. It did become me again, looking outside to other experts or what a gurus, whatever. Yeah, 


Yeah. Which, you know, anything that we take like yoga or even my shamanism, you have your teacher or you learned from it. And then, and there is some, there is a feeling of being brave to step outside of that and go case. So now that I know this, how do I incorporate it into my medicine and whatever it serves for me and how I utilize this in the world. I've definitely, for me personally, especially with where I'm at, that's something that I'm, and it fills, I know you used that word brave because it feels a little scary to do. They go, okay, what's my unique expression of this. Okay. Can I own that awareness, that knowledge that I have enough and allow for anything else and everything else to come in and allow it be my own flavor. 


I have to catch myself because I, the end of last year, beginning of this year, there was a lot of mystery schools popping up with goddesses and even magic, like which, and, and it's like, okay, yeah, I can jump into this. I can jump into that. And it's like, wait, I believe that all of this is within me. And I can tap into anything that I choose too. And trusting it it's really, to me, it's trust like really trusting ourselves that we can be cured, a pure channels retelling for ourselves, you know? 


So we want to everything there is a season. So I have loved learning all these things. And I, it was probably a couple of years ago, our friend Holly, she was, and she, I love Holly. And sometimes the way she communicates it takes them in it to go, what are you saying? I remember her. It's like, you're baking these most delicious cookies. She's doing an analogy for a while. It was at, in life. And you're putting in the sugar, in your, putting in the flour and you're putting in the most delicious chocolate chips in your mixed. And she tells you, you know, very slowly and methodical and you put them in the oven and then you take them out and then you put them in the oven and you take it out and you, and you just need to let them bake. And I'm like, and it took me back. I'm like, ah, okay, I got you, Holly. 


And this was a few years ago. And it's something as we're talking and thinking about again, because we do get into that habit of needing. Okay, what else, what else, what else I know for me personally, that has been my experience without a question. And a lot of it is a distraction when you get to a point and again, to everything, there's a time and a season. So, you know, for someone, if you feel called to do whatever the go, go, go, go, go do that, listen to that call and recognize to when you're in a place of always looking outside yourself, instead of going in and letting those Cookies back, letting that energy, the, everything that you've really learned, embodied and integrate and become you to the point to where you are tapping and Resourcing from your own knowledge, your own connection. 




Well, and I think it's important to be aware if a teacher creates a dependency or Korean, or is this the space of, you need me to guide you? You need me to show you, rather than for me, it's always about empowerment, you know, with my clients, how do I empower them in their process? How do I, what, how can I teach them tools to then become their own, their own vessel of support, of healing, of whatever, you know, rather than there's teachers out there that will get a hundred percent and healers and healers. Absolutely. 


Yeah, I can, no, you need to see you again in three weeks. And, and it, I want to know, as you were saying that one of the tools that I would like to offer suggestions for anyone that is going through a phase to where you can feel something letting go and your having a hard time letting go of it, and you can feel that energy of that push, pull energy, some things that you can do. I think one of the biggest practices for me personally, is just awareness. I am aware that I am, I'm aware of why I'm choosing to let this go out and why its having a hard time and, and just being aware and allowing it almost energetically, just even for me, just imagining it leaving. I'll also take a lot of bags and some different things with just being soft with myself and nurturing and recognizing I'm going through a transition. 


And the death really is a death of something that has been, and in some aspects that it needs to be honored and it gets, you know, it has been great. This has been here for how long I appreciate it. And we're done. Right. What other things would you offer? Well, 


I've spoken to this before working with fire has been a really huge tool fire ceremony. Yeah. Yeah. And it can be as simple as lighting a match and speaking in what your letting go and blowing that out to a full on ritual with fire and song and drums and rattles. Like I've done everything in between, but I think really at the crux of it is bringing conscious awareness too. It like just seeing it, naming it, feeling, feeling it that is such an important piece, feeling it. And then allowing it, allow yourself to let it go. Right. Because a lot of times I feel like we get stuck in our suffering. Like we start identifying with the suffering. 


We've talked about that. That's what we were saying earlier and really I'm letting this go. And now I have a new engagement, you know, 


And really acknowledged. Or are you allowing yourself to give yourself enough time to really see into why you're struggling with letting it go? Because we think if, especially if we can understand and see where it has served you where it has been a safety, right. And it's no longer needed and that's where, okay, I can, I can go into that place. And this is where you are talking about. You can get stuck in the suffering, but it's done this and buy this and this, and it feels comfortable, but a lot. But I know what, and what if and all the, all the things, but if I feel like allowing yourself enough time and space to actually go in there, even writing yourself a letter, writing that energy, a letter and, and connecting with whatever that is of, of why it's clinging and White's me out because usually it'll sit in your energy field, but it'll still be in your energy field. 


So it's off your body that kind of hanging out, you know, what are you, what are you need for me in order to, for me to be able to let this go and, and paying attention to it and then giving it and then letting letting it move. And if you recognize that you're getting stuck, then re reach out for, you can reach out for help. I mean, I have a good God I've reach out for help all the time. Yeah. And you know, they're are so many different tools and assets that, that we can tap into that can be useful. And in assisting us in our process, I mean, we're here to help each other. Yeah. 


I don't know. I feel like expressing emotion, whether it's a full-out, full-on cry to a full-on rage too. Maybe a tear. Yeah. Letting the emotion move really for me has been an experience of letting things 


Go. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 


And then just consciously choosing when things come up, when my old patterns come up, seeing it and go, I have a choice here. I can go down that path and start engaging these thoughts and that old pattern, or I consciously choose to stand here 


And I would offer. And what I again, have been in a practice of, of actually not reacting, recognizing that, okay, here's the situation. And normally I would react this way. Cause that's been my pattern going to choose not to react until I know how to react in a different way. Which again, that feels uncomfortable because it's new and you're learning new skillsets, you're learning new tools. Right. So giving yourself the time and the permission to be in those spaces. Right. That you're not sure on that. 


It does. Alchemize it from a reaction to a response 


Right now. And it's a conscious response. Yeah. 


To me, responses conscious, I've taken the time I've given it attention. I've given it love. And now I am making a conscious choice. 


Yeah. The response. And I know what, how I want to respond. Yeah. Yeah. 


And what is the second card? It's also fire. It's a number 12. The hero keywords, guardian protector, savior activists, honorable integral, selfless, and honest key phrases. A person of noble qualities, ordinary people who do extraordinary acts, a person who lies cannot be trusted. That's interesting. Put another's wellbeing before your own. At this time, a chord, others with respect and dignity, these persons who, whose lives cannot be trusted or a person who lies can not be trusted. 


A person who likes. Cause I thought it was saying the lies can't be trusted. I'm like, no, I'm a person. Yeah. 


Gotcha. You guys can not be trusted. Yes, of course not. Right. But yet, but yeah, we do on some levels, allow that to give them the authority or whatever to make allowances around that 


Or make excuses for it. Yeah. Yeah. 


A cord others with respect and dignity, avoid gossip and opportunity for redemption. Give a second chance. Altruism or wounded ego question Mark. That's interesting. All truism or wounded ego, meaning the hero represents someone. We all admire for their noble qualities, their courage and willingness to champion and rescue the weak and vulnerable in the past. The hero would right in and save a village from thieves and billions billons rescue damsels in distress, damsels in distress and battle against injustice in the present. They are doctors who worked to save lives and lands ravaged by ravaged by war and disease. 


My mouth. It doesn't feel like it's working today. They are environmentalist who placed himself in harm's way in order to save the Forrest to the oceans in the animals that are 12, when they are the soldier's the fireman, the paramedics and police, all of them are ordinary. People who serve and protect and often put their own lives at risk in order to save the lives of others. The hero could be the mother who jumps out of a burning building in order to save her child's life. The man who dives in front of a car in order to knock another person out of the way or the man who risk drowning himself to rescue another from rushing flat floodwaters in modern times, the hero is a guardian protector, savior, activist, environmentalist, and so much more. 


They serve without question, they serve for a little or nor no reward they serve simply because it has the right and honorable thing to do. They are ordinary people who perform extraordinary feats in the past. The hero is often said to be faded, to do his good deed in the present modern day, a hero's make O in the present modern day heroes make a choice to serve. Right? Right. There is also a modern day. She's a chef. I have a Rick code like chivalry. Yeah. Right? A code that Can, if we all choose to live by it, make heroes of us all because we consciously choose to live by an honor code in a time when honor is often lacking. Those who lived by the code are honest. 


A person who lies as a person who can not be trusted. And if a person cannot be trusted, how can they be a steamed? Those who lived by the code are loyal. And that loyalty will not waiver. Even in times when it may not be deserved, they are courteous and respectful. The modern day hero who lives by the code knows that all lasting relationships are built upon foundations of honesty, trust, respect, and loyalty. There are men who honor and respect women. Not because they deem them to be weak, but because they, our partners help mates life brings us and nurtures. He, his there to protect the one who nurtures to harm a woman or worse a child as the worst crime, he can commit. They are women who honor and respect men. 


Not because they are subservient, but because they are equals help mates, providers, and protectors, she is the one who nurtures to seek to make him less. Or like her is to go against nature itself. They are just, and will fight for justice. Even when law and justice are in conflict. Those who lived by the hero's code will fight to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Even if that means breaking the laws of the land. That's interesting. They do not delight in the pain and suffering of others. They refuse to partake in gossip or rumors because to do so as to hurt one self, as much as it is to hurt another modern day heroes, believe in love, commitment, honor, justice, integrity, forgiveness, honesty, respect, and service. 


These are the core values that inspire them to serve the greater good and to act in a selfless manner. They strive to be the very best they can be for the good of humanity, but remain humble because they do not act in order to gain favor are standing. They also understand that no one has perfect. They are not perfect. They have made mistakes and will make more mistakes. That is why they will also show mercy and give others a second chance. And the opportunity to find redemption. When the hero appears in your reading, you are asked to, to you are being asked to embrace the code, to act selflessly for the greater good. It is time to be the best person you can be to resist pettiness and behavior that makes you less than you could be. We can not all perform heroic feats, nor are we all meant to. 


However we can choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard and treat all those. We meet with dignity, kindness, and compassion. 




What are your thoughts on that card? There's some good parts and there's some things that don't agree with it. 


Yeah. I feel like there's some things that maybe are not as applicable anymore. 


Yeah. 'cause the code and the whole selfless and you know, 


This is a little patriarchal and I'm in a way, but I did like speaking to men and women respecting and honoring each other. 


I have a, 


So like this idea of service or selfless service or sacrifice, Nathan and I have been talking about that because it is a way to like religions require sacrifice. They require service and it keeps you in servitude. We re reading a excerpt from Fountainhead by I and Rhonda rant. And it was saying that any anyone that requires you to serve or a sacrifice, there's always someone that's collecting this. Right. 


And those are the benefits and benefits from it. So yeah, 


That's interesting. I think where I would go with it is let it be your internal compass of how you are choosing to show up in integrity. Right. 


And for your internal code is that you've created for yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I don't, I didn't really like the last, 


The last, the last part I really liked. We can choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard and treat all those. We meet with dignity, kindness, and compassion, because I do believe everyone deserves kindness and respect regardless. And I do believe that's what Yasha was teaching. Yeah. Right. Like that 


Parable of the Becker on the site of the road. 


So yeah, it's interesting because I feel it pulls in a lot of mixed messages, 


A hundred percent. Cause you think of, especially when we're out in the planet right now and how many people feel like they are selflessly, selflessly sacrificing themselves for, especially with, you know, when it says going, defining, even if it means to find the laws of the land. Yeah. Well, depending on your perspective, depends on how you're going to act and in your, whatever that I don't know, compass is you're acting in certain ways that maybe to someone else aren't in service, 


Which one is always true, right. Is always true. I guess it makes me think of Lima's Rob and John Bell, Joan who stole the loaf of bread to feed his family. Yes. He was breaking the laws of the land. He ended up going to prison and his whole life changed course. And he was doing the intention was to save his family from starvation. So it's that whole thing again, letter of law, spirit of the law. And we can bring it back to what we've been saying is the truth is in the moment. And I think intention is everything. Hold, what is the intention for each action that we're engaging in? You know? And I don't think that it's, I don't, I don't feel that we can put our value system on anyone else right now I'm choosing to be this way because I value this. 


And then the problem I have is, and you should too, you know, 


And there's the boundary piece in there for me to cause there's, there's an interest. Yes. I agree with that. And definitely not assuming that everyone else's needs to live the same way that you do and or when you're experiencing people in your life and that are actually not respectful of whatever, you know, there, isn't an element to where we get to have boundaries with what we allow in our inner circle too. Right. 


And it's, it's not requiring them to embrace how we live. It's instead of saying, I'm choosing not to engage with you because that doesn't work for me. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And you get to be you. I love you and goodbye. Yeah. Yeah. Versus 


There is an element and there that can be turned to where you are almost like, ah, okay. Yes. I am living my life the way I want to, and I can see how everybody else is living in their life, but then you allow yourself to be walked all over because of that, that there's some times that happens. And that's why I'm like, okay. And there's, and there's boundaries that are important for every, you know, for all of us to hold because it keeps our sanity and our peace and our sanity. They say Sandy. Yeah, 


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's interesting. And I feel like this is an example of how I've chosen to live my life. Even though there's things that resonate with me, I don't have to take it all. So I'm like, okay, I'll pull out that truth. That feels like truth to me. And you can keep the rest. Thank you, Raven felon. The rest of Gaya. Yeah. Yeah. So 


Now what, now what, well, we're 


Overcoming into a big week. Lots of potential changes. Lots of unrest. Yeah. I think the ask today is how can you empower yourself and stay present in, in this moment and not the fears of what may come or project to the past on the future, but really how can you resource yourself to be in the calm of the storm? Yeah. 


Come to your center. How do you, how can you come more and more into the center and the solstice that's coming up on in December as all hell 


Opening, you know, some of the, In 


My opinion, the more we do get stronger with what that center looks like for us, it allows for that heart center opening that, that portal 


That's coming in to be more accessible and available to all of us in a more impactful way, which then influences and impacts the planet. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. I have a son with a birthday on winter solstice, December 21st. Which one is Liam when he was born on in 2001. So lots of ones and twos. Yeah. 12 2101 was his birthday, 2001 says number then told to me, what are the three? What is that? Do you know? I don't know. I haven't done as mythology. Interesting. He's like on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Although I feel like he's very much Sagittarius, which is fun. Yeah. He's fun. He spend to travel with. Cause he is all about adventure. 


That's so funny. Yeah. I have a great 




T I mean, take, I guess this is even an invitation, like we're just offering things that we've come to value and that are truths to us. Then you can take it, you can leave it. And if you have something to contribute or share, we'd love to hear your perspective on it. Like I have a conversation, I feel like that's where I'm really working is because I can get so the past programming is, Oh yeah, this is the truth. No, this is a truth. This is the truth that I am resonating with now. And as long as I am always open and flexible to shift in my truth, that's where growth happens. So a hundred percent of that bet. Yeah. Awesome. Having a beautiful day. Everyone. 


I think. Thanks for listening. 


Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope that there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? I'm checking us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality. We love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check this out. Relationships are a two sided, so it can be the other side that. It's too long. Thank you. So, okay. You've got to step back. 


Oh, you are going to pull that in. Laughter's good for the soul. All right. It was coral. Okay.