Finding Oneness In Duality

Putting "God" to the test

October 29, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 22
Putting "God" to the test
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Putting "God" to the test
Oct 29, 2020 Season 2 Episode 22
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 22.....
We are continually creating our lives, from an unconscious place, until we learn to identify our stories and how they are writing the script for our lives. In our practice of becoming more conscious, we begin to challenge the power of our stories that are held in the Collective belief systems, our family DNA, and the programming that keeps us in the wounding cycle. "Show me how this gets to be easy" could be a reframe in taking steps to re-evaluate why we are doing things and what we want to create. 
In our process of becoming conscious creators, how can we be in right relationship in our roles of the masculine and feminine as well as our expression of our Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine? A more Divine Feminine approach encompasses a place of surrender and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in the not knowing.  Pure creation, a Divine Feminine art,  is the practice of surrender, being in the Present moment, which is creating from the unknown. This, coupled with cultivating gratitude for, as well as releasing with love, the challenges that have shaped us into who we are now, begins the healing of wounds that keep us in the cycle of experiencing the same things over and over again. 

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Episode 22.....
We are continually creating our lives, from an unconscious place, until we learn to identify our stories and how they are writing the script for our lives. In our practice of becoming more conscious, we begin to challenge the power of our stories that are held in the Collective belief systems, our family DNA, and the programming that keeps us in the wounding cycle. "Show me how this gets to be easy" could be a reframe in taking steps to re-evaluate why we are doing things and what we want to create. 
In our process of becoming conscious creators, how can we be in right relationship in our roles of the masculine and feminine as well as our expression of our Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine? A more Divine Feminine approach encompasses a place of surrender and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in the not knowing.  Pure creation, a Divine Feminine art,  is the practice of surrender, being in the Present moment, which is creating from the unknown. This, coupled with cultivating gratitude for, as well as releasing with love, the challenges that have shaped us into who we are now, begins the healing of wounds that keep us in the cycle of experiencing the same things over and over again. 

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This is Amanda joy and I'm Valerie. And we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while finding oneness and duality. Don't thunk.

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Good morning. Good morning. How are you?

2 (22s):
I'm better now. Good. Cause I got to spill all my

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Spill, the beans, you just sat there and listened. And I was so proud of me as I just rattled off. And like, I don't even know if any of this makes any sense. I wasn't giving you solutions or fix it. So yeah,

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It is hard to not do that. And yeah, and I, I, I mean, we've talked about this before, but, and I said it afterwards, I'm like, Oh, thanks for just listening to me. It's just crazy. How much, how much just being heard is all really any of us, right. Asking for and getting, getting all of the thoughts, all of the stories, all of the things from our brain space out into the out, out, just out and just having someone to hold space for that. That was something we learned in that shamonic mini will. What does she call a sacred witness? Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love that language. Even just being a sacred witness because if you're witnessing something there's, you're not, there's, there's no act, there's an action in holding that space, but you're not trying to fix it.

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You're not trying to solve it. You're not trying to anything. You're just holding. You're just holding it. And in some ways it's more uncomfortable to do that. Oh yeah. Just to sit there and listen, instead of, well, what about this? Or what about this, or right. You know, or starting to interject your own stories of Oh yeah. Which I feel we do that because we're relating and Oh yeah, this is my experience. Yeah. And sometimes that's not appropriate on that set kicker of, okay. Do you want feedback? Do you want me just to hold space? What do you need? And I just, I did do a post because I am moving through a lot more emotions again. I said to you as I'm rattling off, and I said this to Christie, like,

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Okay, I'm shedding another huge layer. At some point, there's gotta be no more layers left. Right.

2 (2m 21s):
But it is where was I? I just totally lost my,

1 (2m 27s):
This would be the story of my week, this week.

2 (2m 31s):
I don't even remember what I was saying. What the fuck? Christie. I'm just worried.

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I know there. It's all right.

1 (2m 40s):
It's going to be an entertaining podcast. You, well, we can

2 (2m 45s):
Just start on a, on a light note. Like we went to dinner the other night. That was fun. I did, it was fun. It was fun. Getting to know Nathan,

0 (2m 55s):
Isn't he amazing. Yeah. And he can hang any. I

2 (3m 0s):
Love, yeah. He's, he's a very good fit. Yeah.

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Hi Nathan. I know you're listening and I am going to call you Nathaniel.

2 (3m 8s):
Who the fuck is that? No, it's been amazing integrating our lives together and all that comes with that. So that's been a fun, fun process. Not without challenges, right? I mean, that's a big deal when you're starting to blend. It's not at this point in life, down the road where you meet someone and you've both been married. And so there's, there's that piece of life that is still a part of life, right? Like a past partner and children and all the years that created that life together. It's, it's a lot, it's a lot. And then the excitement of creating something new with the two of, two of you with two of us, it's so fun.

2 (3m 52s):
Yeah. Yeah.

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It reminds me of a thought I kept having last night, I've been, for me personally, I've been going through another layer of shifting some things connected really to my DNA and to some parts of just some huge parts that are asking to be shifted. And last night, as I was kind of sitting in the energetics of some work that I did yesterday and releasing some of this heavy stuff and allowing it to process, that's what I was trying to say earlier. I had actually posted this yesterday that even our own emotions, can we sit with our own emotions as a friend would and holding that sacred space because, or that sacred witness, because oftentimes our own emotions just need to be witnessed, even if it's just us, because that's something

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I think that I was sitting in it without needing to change a damn thing. Yeah.

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Yeah. And as I was sitting with a friend of mine who was doing, we were doing some brain mapping and she's a hypnotherapist and is amazing. Hello, Michelle. We were talking through some pieces and as she, she breaks your brain strays me crazy. And I love her. She's fucking brilliant. But as she was asking me these different questions and I'm, I'm asking to move some body issues. You know, we hold onto weight for a lot of different reasons, or we have a relationship with food or exercise or whatever it is or health. There's usually emotional ties there, whether it's childhood stuff or trauma. I mean, the list is

2 (5m 17s):
Very, very, very, very vast.

0 (5m 21s):
And one of my pieces was in 2012 was a huge, a huge disruption in my life. And, and it was for a lot of people, 2012 was one of those crux moments, which like 2020 right now is one of those like, Oh, everyone's going to remember what happened to them in 2020. But I was going back and looking, and for a minute it was almost overwhelming, like sitting in the space and allowing myself to really feel how much I've gone through in eight years. Because a lot of times when we go through trauma or we go through things, we ju we go through it and my personality is I'm just going to go through it. I actually don't spend a whole lot of time in the emotions and the grief and the I'll sit there for a minute, but then I move on.

0 (6m 4s):
Okay. That was good enough. Let's go. And, and so sitting there, it was almost like this, Oh my God. I, if I actually sit in these emotions, it may consume me and kind of that fear for a minute of, Oh, do I want to do that? Do I have the capacity to do that? And coupled with some other pieces, some really deeply rooted childhood pieces, especially connected to my mother were that were hard to some of these heart. Some of these places are hard to look at. Yeah. And on the other side, I'm grateful to go look at it because then this will be done. But in the meantime, can I sit with my own emotions? Can I go through all the themes, allow it to bubble up, allow it to surface, have this inner conversation that I need to have.

0 (6m 51s):
And then last night as I was sitting there at my daughter's volleyball game, I'm like, life gets to be easy. Life gets to be easy. And I was showing me how life gets to be easy. And that cause there is this peace between the energetics and you and I were talking about this a little bit that I keep sitting with. And I haven't quite figured out the energetics and working in circular time and action and creation and movement. And even those thoughts of show me how it gets to be easy. Show me how my life gets to be easy because it's been fucking hard for a while for a long time. So show me how it gets to be easy because I'm not choosing the heart anymore. Yeah. And you know, I had a few little things last night, but this morning again, it's like, show me how it gets to be easy.

0 (7m 32s):
Show me how it gets to be easy. Like I'm not, it's, I'm not choosing into those thought patterns anymore. I, Oh, I guess I'm going to share this. So with closing my business, I have to file bankruptcy, which that's a big, that's a big gut punch and maybe I'm not going to share this whole story. Anyway, I had another conversation. My bankruptcy attorney, who I had been working on for two years took his life. And so it completely disrupted that you've been working with, they had been working with your attorney, you know, strategizing planning, how are we doing this? How we moving forward, he took his life. And then it's like, Aw shit. Yeah. And now, and everyone else, all these different attorneys, I'm talking to have a different way of how they approach things.

0 (8m 15s):
A lot of them are hesitant to anyway, there's like with any profession, you have a lot of different types of people in that industry. And it's difficult, especially when you're talking about the past and some things tied to money and having to regurgitate that story over and over again, as you're talking to new potential attorneys. And again, it was that thought I got off the phone with another attorney who finally I'm like, okay, I like this dude. And he has some different thoughts on it, but it's like, show me how this gets to be easy. Show me how this gets to be easy. Show me how this gets to be easy. Like I'm not choosing the old and that's part of the action.

0 (8m 58s):
Right? Right. Yeah.

2 (8m 59s):
Oh, I mean, that's what we were talking about a little bit before we started recording was the shift. And I, when you were, when you were speaking to it of how, what else?

0 (9m 12s):
Air, ground, here we go.

2 (9m 17s):
Talking about how in the spiritual community, a lot of action doesn't take place because people just get inspiration, but they're not moving. Right. And so what came to me was this idea of that's where the divine masculine and the divine feminine find their play. They're balanced. They're Lila in life. Lila is divine play. Right? And so the inspiration comes through, which comes through the left side, through the feminine, and then it informs the masculine and what that action is forward. And you have to have both, right. If you have just the action without the intuition, without that spiritual informing, then it can just be that too abrasive.

0 (10m 2s):
Well, we all know those people that are very, very masculine. Very, yeah. Yeah.

2 (10m 7s):
I feel like that was my life a long time. Like you get burn out. Right. You get burnt out. You get,

0 (10m 13s):
Yeah. Yeah.

2 (10m 16s):
And, but if you can find that, that space of the two where you're letting your action, doesn't come and tell it's informed by a spirit. And for me, the, like the compass in that is, it feels good. It's easy. Like in cranial sacral therapy, we talk about the path of ease. That's you follow the path of ease to actually create an opening in the body. You're not going into the restriction. You're not going into where you're the body doesn't want you to be. You're following the opening to then go deeper into what needs to be moved. So what if we created that in life? Like we follow that path of ease.

2 (10m 57s):
It can be that easy, you know, show me how it can be that easy for me. How does it feel? Are you excited about it? Does it make you like give you energy or is it sucking energy away from you? Like that is such a easy way to gauge things.

0 (11m 11s):
That's right. Yeah. And gentler weighty. And, and of course, none of this is like everything. There's so many layers and everyone. And so as I'm, you know, yes. Everything you're saying, you know, that I totally agree with and what I find for me personally, and in, even in my relationship with my husband is coming into him and I are both changing and both coming into what does cause I like you, I was very, especially when I was running a business, it was a lot more masculine. That's what that's demanded

2 (11m 44s):
Society. You had to be. Yeah.

0 (11m 46s):
You had, you couldn't be the feminine and the soft and the emotional, whatever. I mean you could, but it just wasn't acceptable. Well, the belief was it wasn't acceptable. Yeah. And again, finding that balance. Yeah. Anyway, so now stepping into this whole new phase of my life, my husband, the same thing with his where's his divine masculine, where's my divine feminine. And that I feel like, I feel like part of, and I think I was speaking this to my husband and I were talking about this the other day in the collective and the holding on the planet. It has been one way for so long. And part of this year has been a total disruption of that. And this invite to the divine feminine, which in our lifetime and in probably a thousand plus years or longer than that really hasn't been the divine feminine in an active way and the planet for a really long time.

0 (12m 39s):
So there, isn't an information that we get to really tap into. It's actually going more inward. Like we talked about that spiral inward of inward Ascension to understand, and it feels disjointed. It feels uncomfortable. It feels like for me, I'm kind of ripping back these and in my physical body and I had a session with Christie yesterday. It is kind of a little bit of this. What's the word, given pole kind of a thing where my body is asking to release a lot of, thank you. Yeah. Push pole. My body's asking to release these pieces, but then it's kind of like, but wait, but wait, can we, are we safe? Are we safe? Are we safe? And, and that's definitely been, I mean, I'm walking through it and it's, it is an interesting phase.

0 (13m 25s):
And there's something else that you said I wanted to touch on. And I can't remember what it was.

2 (13m 29s):
I do feel like it's happening with men too. Like I am witnessing so many men stepping back and really re-evaluating why am I doing this? Like, and even to the point of severe health breakdown, right. Because there's nothing left to give like severe adrenal fatigue because of pushing, pushing, pushing this hamster wheel. That that's what I'm just seeing, like running and getting nowhere. Right. Just what pain, what, what is the term giving it up to the man or whatever, sticking it to the man. I don't know what it is. No pain, no gain. Yeah. Yeah. And so a lot of men personally in my life have taken a step back and even taken time of, I'm not doing anything just to, to re create health and then working through the layers of shame, working through the layers of worse.

2 (14m 21s):
Like, am I worthy? Cause I'm not doing something right.

0 (14m 24s):
The layers of the feminine that's within them, which has been an acceptable. Yeah,

2 (14m 29s):
Exactly. Yeah. And then from that space coming out and creating a different thing. Yeah. Which I, the world so needs that we sold,

0 (14m 39s):
Well, that's what we are asking for or else we wouldn't be experiencing it. And that is where I was talking about both Travis and I were both going through this. Okay. For him, what does the divine masculine look like? How can we be in relationship to each other in both these roles, having it, you know, balanced within each of us and then honoring each other in how can I support him in his divine masculine. And then, and then me and my divine feminine. And we've recently been going through some different things as far as that's concerned. And it is like, how do, how do, how do we do that?

2 (15m 10s):
Well, because we're, we're writing a new script, we're writing a new paradigm. We're not pulling from, what's been done in the past.

0 (15m 18s):
Yeah. And we don't want to pull from what was done in the past.

2 (15m 23s):
It's the divine feminine is really being in that space of the unknown, the womb of no thing.

0 (15m 28s):
That's where pure creation where we know all things. Yeah,

2 (15m 31s):
Yeah, yeah. That's but that's where pure creation comes from. Otherwise we are just rewriting the same story over and over again, like the other night, Nathan and I were talking about different musicals and then, Oh, and did you know a fun fact, this was a Romeo and Juliet remake or a fun fact. This was a Hamlet remaker, you know, it's like these same stories being told over and over and over again, just in different, are we tired of that? Let's write something new, you know, but honestly that's what it's been. Yeah.

0 (16m 0s):
I was, and I was sharing this with you before we started recording, but I've never, and this, I don't know, this is bringing this up a little bit. There was a, a different call of remembrance. The guy have a very strong belief and you do too. And I know this because we've had many conversations. Everything that we've learned in our past has served us, you know, all the pain and all the hurt and whatnot. But there was, I was watching something yesterday that took it to a different layer for me with especially let's use parents for example. And his story was, he was very severely. His mom beat him. This is Tony Robbins who I'm talking about, by the way, who have never read any of this stuff, never watched him just thought he was one of those.

0 (16m 41s):
I don't know. I'm just like, eh, and then a friend recommended his Netflix thing and I was watching it. I was like, Oh, okay. I kind of, I think I kinda like this dude, but he was talking to a woman. And what he was seeing is, you know, those places to where we want to kind of tell our parents, you know, fuck you for doing this. You also have to fuck you for actually making me really strong because of that. Fuck you for actually raising a really bad ass kid. Because if you weren't this way, I wouldn't be this way. And there was a different for me, there was a different tweak in some of the ways that he was communicating that. I thought, you know, a for me, it's hard to actually go to a person that I feel like, yeah, I may have brought some peace and harmony and alchemy to whatever that circumstance was, but to actually then be like, you know, and, and you made me who I am today because of that.

0 (17m 33s):
Like giving them some sort of props that part's hard for me to be like to acknowledge that actually thank you. And I had a little bit of this. I did have a little moment. I was doing a session with a friend of mine. Who's helping me too. There's a woman in my life that I've for several months, been having some challenges with that. I haven't been able to figure out she hasn't been able to figure out and, and it's been really painful. And as I was doing a session with another friend of mine and going in and okay, is their past life stuff, what is in here because this doesn't make sense. And there was some really deep seated past life stuff and some soul contracts that we went through and cleared.

0 (18m 16s):
And I found myself having that moment, that emotional release of being able to like in my imagination, being able to sit in front of her and say, thank you, thank you for actually showing up in this space because now I'm, I learned all these things and whatever. And I think that's the first time that, that that kind of conversation has actually really happened. And that was before I even watched this yesterday. But it is like those, those are challenging whether it's said within ourselves or actually said in person, thanks for being a deadbeat dad and my dad, wasn't a deadbeat, but thanks for being a deadbeat dad because now,

2 (18m 51s):
Right. Well, and seeing it really with real appreciation, right?

0 (18m 55s):
Yeah. I'm not this passive and maybe it comes out at first, but then after time, it's more that, yeah, I really feel that

2 (19m 3s):
That is where true healing comes from and where we can stop that cycle of repeating over and over again. That same lesson is when we can really get to that space of deep appreciation for the gift and the lesson, because my experience is everything. There is a gift and a lesson like I'm breaking up with my past partner was painful. That was really painful. It was an ending of something I thought was going to be for the rest of my life. You know, I, I loved him and it was time to end it, it just wasn't in service to either of us anymore. And the ending brought such a beautiful gift into my life with the man that's I'm with now.

2 (19m 45s):
Right. And being able to release that fully, getting myself to a place where I could express appreciation for the good and the bad that was in there, you know, and that the bad is a, I don't want to use that word, the lessons that came, the challenges, you know, the pain, the hardship pain. Yeah. Cause it was, it was, it was beautiful and it was really hard at the same time. So, and it made me who I am now. So yeah. Yeah. That's such a, when we can sincerely get to that point and it may take a while it may take awhile, but I can release it. And instead of still attracting that because otherwise we're victim to it.

2 (20m 26s):
Right. And then we're in the triangle and if we're in the triangle, we're going to attract the bully. We're going to attract the rescuer. We're giving away our power. Yeah.

0 (20m 34s):
I mean, for me, speaking of relationships, it wasn't until I got to a point I've really understanding two big lessons. One I was carrying and I had no idea that I felt like I was unlovable. And that was partly why I was creating some dysfunctional, unhealthy relationships. And the second piece was it didn't especially with one partner. And that was kind of my last lesson before I called in Trav, was it didn't matter if I loved him because love is everything. So it was kind of an interesting, you know, if you're looking at your two hands and you're holding both of these truths, that seem to be a little in congruent in some aspects. And yet they were both things that I was holding in my subconscious and didn't realize.

0 (21m 15s):
And until that, to what you're saying, you know, okay. Learn those things from all these partners that at the end of the day had actually nothing to do with anyone else, but me. Right. And that is one of the challenges I think.

2 (21m 27s):
Oh, for sure. Cause we love to be the victim.

0 (21m 29s):
Yeah. We do. And look at how these people have wronged us instead of, okay, what is this, what is this taught me? What am I learning from this conversation that I'm having with my partner right now, even I'm really pissed off at him. And I really feel like dah, dah, dah, why is this triggering me so much?

2 (21m 45s):
Well, what's interesting is I would say for the most part, it's not ours. It's, it's on a, it's something that was given to us, a family story. It's a family wounding. Or even through that, you could S like, that's why we identify with these stories that are in movies and songs or whatever it's held in our DNA. It's held in the collective. We were talking about that before we came in to record about DNA. Like we literally hold these energetic codes, codes, or bindings. I don't know what to even call it in our DNA. And by looking at it and healing it, we're clearing it from the DNA.

2 (22m 26s):
So it's in service like that. That's a huge, a huge thing.

0 (22m 29s):
I have a friend who believes that because it is interesting that our, our lineage has sent forward, not karma, but these binds that are not healthy, you know, an alcoholic a lot of times it's because it runs in their family lines. Yeah. You know, that one's a pretty easy one to, to point out. And then there's a lot of different nuances I'm this way because you know, whatever, and it is, it's odd to me that that happens. You know, why does that go through the DNA and through the lineage? And I have a friend that believes that it used to not, and then at one point something happened in whatever, whatever timeline.

0 (23m 10s):
And from that point forward, they started sending forward. Oh, that's interesting. You know, it is an interesting thought. And we've talked about this before. I do, like for me personally, part of what, I'm the reason why this came up in our conversation before was I feel like I am disconnecting or clearing from the DNA of my, my family. Absolutely. Which is, and that's that push poll is this interesting? Okay. Can I let go of that? And do I still, who am I right with that

2 (23m 42s):
As belonging, right. On a subconscious, right? Yeah. Wait, if I don't have that same belief, do I still belong? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

0 (23m 53s):
You don't, you really don't. And yet I'm not property of any of that. And that's why I'm asking to let go of like, why am I holding onto these things that are not even mine? They're like programs that are running that I didn't write. I didn't consciously choose, choose into. And yeah. I chose into it because they chosen to this family system. Right. Maybe

2 (24m 9s):
Like you did, maybe you did, right. Yeah.

0 (24m 11s):
<inaudible> the soul level, whatever, like, wait a minute. Yeah. And you know, are we the generation I've said this before? Are we the generation or generations that are going through and completely clearing whatever this is so that our DNA moving forward and our kids and their kids, it is, they are more sovereign beings out the gate. So get this

2 (24m 39s):
Intergalactic moment. I had a past life regression with a friend and in that regression, I was actually blue. It was a different, yeah. I don't know. It felt like an aquatic planet. Interesting. You know, kind of a little bit of webbing fingers and toes. And I was with two other people or beings on this ship. And I recognize it as my brother and my daughter actually. And we were coming from this highly water planet, all about emotions and feelings. And our agreement was to come to the family system that we're all a part of to bring back remembrance of feeling and emotions and healing, the wounding that had taken place.

2 (25m 26s):
And I actually had a lot of reluctance about it. Like I didn't want to go down, you know, but I had to, and I was agreeing to, and anyway, I thought that was really fascinating to view it from either, even from that perspective, like you're saying, we consciously chose, chosen on some level and unconsciously we're living at Intel, we're conscious of it.

0 (25m 46s):
Well, and I would feel, I feel like I've had those moments too, of when you're going through and healing some things that there was that moment of did I really choose into this? Like I, okay. Yeah.

2 (25m 58s):
Because the earth is dark. Would I ever do that?

0 (26m 0s):
Maybe, maybe just kidding. Yeah. And frankly, that, that may be why certain people do choose out with suicide and that's a whole other conversation, but it is, I dunno, past life regressions are an interesting, an interesting thing. Cause sometimes we can get so, so tied up and caught into it and yeah, it's just part of the whole, the whole experience,

2 (26m 27s):
Their story. Right. Like we were talking a little bit about stories. Like that's part of us sharing this podcast is we're sharing our story. We're sharing the different parts of us. And I had a moment of like, damn, this is pretty vulnerable. Like once you put it on the airwaves, right. It's gone.

0 (26m 44s):
Maybe that's where the last couple, I haven't been able to re-listen to them. Like I didn't really listen. Yeah. Yeah. And, and in a way it's,

2 (26m 52s):
It's our processing. Like when we get on here and talk it, like we've always done it. We're processing like it's, it's it's thoughts in motion. It's our stories processing from one place to another. Like that's how it feels for me anyway. Yeah. So all of these aspects are different stories, right. That we can spin into, or we can let go of like, I'm not, I'm not choosing that story anymore. Or that program, you know, it's not, I'm not going to choose heart anymore. I'm done with that

0 (27m 20s):
One part of it. I think for me, what I'm learning and understanding more is because I went through that phase of like wanting to understand past sides because somehow there's an identification piece too, of like, Oh my God, I used to be a queen in Egypt or whatever. I, I was ISIS, there's this worth? What, whatever. Yeah. It gives us something that makes us feel like, Oh, we're not co whatever. And I went through kind of that phase for a little bit and then kind of went to the phase of what's the point. And then the other phase of let's just bring all of that information into the now and then now I'm kind of sitting with more of the idea of these past lives, it's information. Right. And it's actually information there's libraries in the earth.

0 (28m 2s):
There's libraries in Alcyone there's libraries in our Akashic records that we can tap into for information, if we need, if and when we need it, it is always there. It is like going to the library and renting out a book and, and, and it is that easy. It can be that easy of it's more of, okay, I'm, I'm trying to figure this piece out. So where is there information that I can gather from these different lifetimes or in earth libraries or wherever it is, and go be being taught or learning, whatever is asking to be learned. And for me I'm liking that feels more in resonance with where I'm at personally, although I haven't really played with that a whole lot quite yet.

0 (28m 43s):
I do it in my sessions for other people. We'll wait,

2 (28m 47s):
I think is so amazing is if you go to the, the unity consciousness, we're all of it. Right. We're all of it. There's nothing outside of us. There's nothing that anyone else has experienced that we haven't, because that's what the Akashic record is. Right. It's the record of everything. All our lifetime. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, while, and I

0 (29m 10s):
Went to lunch with a good friend of mine. That is a good friend of both of ours. And we were talking about, I can't remember how it led into this, but I loved the visual that she had in her head. Like if you think of us as all of us in the collective as actually a cell that is so clearly the cells in our body are so clearly unified in, in their oneness with such purity of knowing exactly what their function is of the whole body. That, to me, I, the way she was explaining it to him, like, Oh, I really like this in an analogy of the oneness and the single cell, like actually in the oneness, we do have more individually individuality.

0 (29m 51s):
Right. And we realize, right. Because of, and that it was a great example. You don't have to sit here and think to breathe. I don't want to sit here to think, to pump our heart and pump the blood through all of those pieces. It just, it just moves. It just works. And so as a body of a oneness consciousness, we're breathing and moving and expanding and learning as a part of, as a part of the whole. Yeah.

2 (30m 16s):
Yeah. And if each cell was doing the exact same thing and looked the exact same way, then we wouldn't have,

0 (30m 22s):
We'd be a really ugly,

2 (30m 24s):
Well, we wouldn't be, we wouldn't be right. You need the diversity of the expression of each, each cell and what their function is meant to do,

0 (30m 34s):
Right? Yeah, yeah. To bring the beauty of the oneness. Yeah. I really liked that because you hear it like rude, isn't it roomy that, you know, I am a drop,

2 (30m 43s):
Which is more the ocean and drop or the body of water or something like that.

0 (30m 47s):
I heard the oneness when I was first learning all this, like, okay. The oneness thing kind of trips me out. Like as I really like my individuality and the whole, well, you take the oceans, like the oneness, and then you just take a scoop of water and that's, you're like that never quiet. I'm like, okay, I can kind of, but it never, this one I'm like, Oh, I like this. This makes more sense to me. As far as the yes, here I am. And I may be one tiny little thing compared to all these other things, but I it's. So it is uniquely me, even in spirit form, even in that energetic form and not being in the physical embodiment of, of who I am.

0 (31m 28s):
Right. And I just love to take it.

2 (31m 30s):
I th I've done this before. I like to take it to the bigger picture that if we look at our planet, our planet as a macrocosm of what we just talked about, like, we're one, one piece of the macrocosm of our planet and our planet has a consciousness and we're each a cell operating a moving, you know, on the planet consciousness. And as our consciousness raises the planet shifts, you know, and the, our planet is just one part of something bigger and you can keep scaling it out, you know, and then it gets to be a mind fuck. And your brain blows up and you're like,

0 (32m 5s):
And had, there is something you can wrap your head around with that idea where, before things didn't quite connect in there is that aspect where you want, there is that aspect of us that wants to land somewhere.

2 (32m 17s):
Well, we want to make the infinite finite so we can understand it. Yeah.

0 (32m 20s):
Or have something just, just land so I can, okay. Right now I can, I can a little, make a little bit of peace or sense with that. Even if we don't completely understand it, it's still enough to where I'm like, okay, I can put that over here now. Yep. All right. I'm fine with that. Now I'm going to move over here, whatever it is. I'm using my hands a lot too. Yes. And it ties you back

2 (32m 40s):
To, okay. I did that. Moving on. I did that moving on. Right. That's how I feel like, and this is where

0 (32m 47s):
I think for me, ah, man, sometimes I feel like when you're unwinding things, things almost start spinning more as you're unwinding. And you, you feel like you're in the chaos of the unwinding minus I feel there's Al elements where I definitely am, am feeling that right now. Because even in the stillness of, I mean, I still it's, for me, it's very important to still do my daily practice like that is if anything that I've learned about everything that I know, it's like the daily practice of meditation, breath work, coming to, whatever I need within yourself is so crucial. Like that integration piece, if we cannot, we cannot pretend that we're we're these spiritual beings and not have any kind of personal practice daily thing that we do.

0 (33m 36s):
I mean, granted, sometimes we're busy and fall.

2 (33m 40s):
Well, the personal practice can look like right in five minutes or it can be anything. Yeah.

0 (33m 48s):
And I'm, I'm grateful that I have that to come back to and what I'm learning, how do I phrase this? I am getting into a better practice because I have been so in the masculine of what's next, what's next, what's next. And there's still part of that and learning to be in the present. And how is this serving me right now? Okay. This emotion is showing up. How is this serving me right now? How can, how can I move through this in the most gentle and easiest way? You know, how can, how can my show me how my life can get to be easy? Now show me how, you know, anyway,

2 (34m 22s):
I would just like to recognize what big work that is. Thank you. Yes. Because I mean, I'm going back to, we've talked about this before that as a slave race, there's a program implanted saying that you have to work hard to have value. You have to work hard to get anywhere in life. This is a literal theme that we are shifting on quantum levels, right? So that's a big fucking deal. Yeah. To even get to the point where we can start using the language to say, it can be easy.

0 (34m 52s):
It gets, show me how this gets to be easy. Show me this gets to be easy. And I keep saying it over and over again, right.

2 (34m 58s):
To choose something outside of that, that's a huge outside. I didn't finish my sentence to choose something outside of the narrative and say, I choose freedom. I choose expression of who I am. I choose to be happy. I choose to thrive. I choose to create abundance. I choose to be a sovereign being like that is huge. Let's just take a moment to appreciate that because that's a big fucking deal. It feels like a big fucking, it is. It is. And yet we, I think we're, we're not recognizing it. It's a paradigm shifter. Yeah. And it really is. And like

0 (35m 35s):
You're saying, there is a place where it does, and I know this and I've seen it in my world and in my client's world, it's like, when they, when we shift like the whole, when we're talking about the whole, it, now there's reinforcing

2 (35m 49s):
Opening the planet. Yeah. It's an opening for a huge shift. Like moving from competition to collaboration. That is huge. Competition is an out of balance. Masculine energy collaboration is a more centered, balanced, feminine quality, right. Which can also be masculine.

0 (36m 7s):
It's huge. It's huge

2 (36m 10s):
Talking or using communication, using community using like these, these things that we've just lost. And we're all of a sudden awakening to, it's a big fucking deal. Yeah. It really is finding connection. Even in our diversity, being able to, you were telling me about, Oh, whistles on our podcast about Mike Pence at the vice-president rally and the eighth grader. Okay. Then we don't need to read, we don't need to reiterate that story. But I loved what he said. We can sit down and have hard conversations and still be friends. Right? Like Bernay Brown talked about that in her braving the wilderness that we've lost the art of being with people who are different from ourselves and celebrating that, like we just, we need a polarized self.

2 (36m 59s):
We need to be correct. We need to be right. And that's by surrounding ourselves, by everyone looking and feeling the same. How boring is that? Like learning to learning to hold your ground and yet still hold truth for another person. <inaudible> we do that within ourselves. Then we can start practicing that with other people. Right. Just like anything. Yeah. I totally agree. Okay. Getting off my soap box

0 (37m 25s):
That wasn't a soap opera. Oh good. Why did you feel like that was a soap box? It totally wasn't a soap box. I don't know. Cause I just like went off well and it's, it is interesting. Like, you know, as, as you were talking, I was feeling into that because it is, there's so much truth in that with the people that, who are you surrounding your P surrounding yourself with and why? And that one is a really interesting thing to ask because I was sitting here asking myself and cause there's differently people in your life that you have boundaries with and you know, maybe they're not in your best interest to have in your life super appropriate. And there are those other people that, okay, they're speaking their mind and Oh, I don't, I just don't want to be around them because they don't agree with me.

0 (38m 5s):
And again, that is just that whole personal thing. It's just bumping off of our little, some scars that we're carrying with us and it's like, Oh, that doesn't feel good that you don't agree with me. And so I'm not going to keep you in my world. And, and that's something that I've had a recent call to do. Speaking of some scars, is it relistening to Michael singer's surrender? Yeah. His surrender things. Because I was trying to remember how he processes through the emotion, because it is such a gentle way of recognizing when something bumps up against a samskara we're feeling a little triggered or agitated and feeling into it and then allowing it to move. I feel like it was as simple as that. And so I want to go back and simple and not simple,

2 (38m 47s):
Right? Like what we were talking to easy and allowing yourself to feel them feel what's truth in the moment, like feel it. And I found myself

0 (38m 58s):
This morning feeling emotional and I couldn't find out why and that one too, because I am with the whole wanting our brains to make sense of something. And so just feeling intuitive. Do I need to go try and find out why I'm feeling emotional or just fill this and let it go. And on that note, I, it was,

2 (39m 17s):
There is, there is this,

0 (39m 19s):
He said, I do feel like, you know, parents, if you're listening that we do, I like teaching my children. And it came up in a conversation with someone else yesterday. She was talking about how her daughter came home from school and just went in her bedroom, start crying and started crying. And she's like, are you okay? And she goes, yeah, I just needed to cry. She did that two days in a row. And, and I just said to her, you know, you ought to ask her and she's maybe I think 11 or 12, maybe older. I'm not sure you want to ask her if it's her emotions or if it's someone else's interesting. Yeah. Because I do feel like that. And I feel like I've said this before, this is something that really needs to be taught with our kids because they are so impacted. They're so sensitive with being able to recognize is this mine or someone else's.

0 (40m 3s):
So even me today, and I didn't ask myself that is this mine or, cause I felt really personal. But as it miners at someone else's, is this a collective feeling that I'm, that I'm feeling because collective, we have a ton of heavy stuff right now in the collective logically. Right? Yeah. Well, and I think I was just, I think black Lilith is there's something about her getting active in something with one of the, which is a it's that shadowy strong, powerful, dark feminine, which there's nothing wrong. I shouldn't say she's amazing.

2 (40m 32s):
Right. I might bring it on. Right. And Oh fuck. Right. Oh, the magic bad-ass self. Yeah. Anyway, that's just

0 (40m 41s):
Something that I think is a good remembering and a good reminder, even for myself, is this minors is someone else's because I'm learning that I am, I do process other people's emotions. And I'm okay with that. If I'm in a space where I'm available for, it depends on the situation. Well, I did love that

2 (40m 58s):
You facilitated a shamonic session for me on Monday. And I came in highly charged. I was like, Whoa. And you did ask, is that, is this yours or other people? And it was, I believe it was both. I think it was some of mine and it was a lot of other people's and you said, you can choose, you don't need to go there unless you want to. And I felt like I could, without it taking me, I didn't need to go deep into the expression of the emotion. I could just move it through, you know, and just witness it and let it go. And there was a part in my session where I was, I was handling a whole bunch of stuff back that I didn't even know I was carrying like, and you take your ship back, you take your ship.

2 (41m 39s):
This is not mine. This is yours. It's no, thank you. Yeah. It can get stuck to you

0 (41m 44s):
On that is I feel like that is, that is one of the pieces I do every morning. Still I call in my energy. I send any energy. That's not mine out. And I felt like that, that too, there's so many little things that we can do that actually make a huge,

2 (41m 58s):
Yeah, simple. It can be simple. And it can be that easy

0 (42m 1s):
Sometimes too is why we get chaotic or confused or anxious or stressed or depressed is because we're carrying on yeah. More stuff that that's not even ours. And it's like, if you clear the clutter, maybe your stuff wouldn't be as, as bad as you feel like it is. Yeah. But you didn't, you know, you don't know because you don't have the tools and our kids don't have the tools. And we, you know, my fellow part of my job is as a parent to my children is teaching them more than I was taught, you know, doing what I, the best with what I have received and then hopefully do a little bit better with them. And well,

2 (42m 35s):
I feel as amazing as their learning as so much younger, like, you know, here we are in our forties, I'm really living this life. And my daughter in her twenties is already on this path. That's already becoming her language. And my son, who's 18, almost 19. Same thing, you know, it's, it's beautiful how available it's coming so much easier or so much earlier for, because it's not foreign and it's becoming more mainstream. If you will, we're getting rid of the booboo. I don't have a problem with that word. You do. I know it bothers me. It does.

0 (43m 12s):
But I do like, I, I completely agree with you. And I think that I'm, I'm really excited to see all these shifts and changes that are happening. All this density. That's getting mulched and moved to see this younger generation, what they do with it, because they will think and create in different ways. Like, yeah, even the ability that some of these younger women that have, that are coming into my world and, and, you know, to do sessions, them, even having the awareness that I'm trying to tap into my gifts. But I'm fully aware that this religion that I, that I bought into is actually preventing me from just having, having that awareness. And that much clarity is like, blows me. I'm like,

2 (43m 51s):
Wow. Yeah. Great. Let's go do that. Yeah. Super happy to help. Yeah. Yeah. And good on ya. Like I wish, you know, what it could have shit is. Yeah, I would. Well, you can't do that. So strike that control. I'll delete moving on. I totally, I don't know what that was. Well, I was going to say, I wish that I had that, Oh, these tools back then, but like we already talked to everything I've been through has been in service to who I am today. And so that's not loving language. So that's what control, I'll delete that goal. I without, yeah. It's

0 (44m 29s):
Like, Nope, this has been your path. Here you go. Want

2 (44m 33s):
Again, that practice of really appreciating all the pieces.

3 (44m 37s):
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sometimes,

2 (44m 40s):
You know, it's interesting sometimes. So Nathan's been doing quite a bit of cooking and I'm learning so much, he'll put a little vinegar in it to bring out the sweetness. Oh, interesting. Interesting. Yeah.

0 (44m 49s):
Yeah. I don't think I knew that about vinegar. Yeah. Super, super cool. This brings me to an interesting, so there's still, I think I brought it up on one of the podcasts a few podcasts ago. There's this idea that there's a quote unquote magic box that is sitting in Australia that was planted here by, I don't know, Arcturians some, some ancient, not ancient, some civil, what's the word sophisticated species that is supposed to help our planet. And the only way to open it is through heart Quincy and supposedly the well it's through a, it's a heart space and December 20 spurse, the winter solstice is supposed to be this big portal to opening up and moving way into the heart space.

0 (45m 38s):
And I'm feeling it coming in. I don't know if, which for me, and again, this goes back to what I was speaking earlier. Like if I allow myself to completely fill all my emotions, will I come out of it? And this probably is partly because, you know, I was, I've had depression. I was diagnosed with different things, way back when, and your emotions are, are debilitating in those States, your emotions take you over. And it is a very painful place to, to a point to where you become de sensitized, like you were just out. And so maybe as I'm speaking, maybe that's partly why there's that place of me that can I completely open up my heart space, allow myself to feel everything in a sense and not get completely consumed to where I'm just put me out of my misery.

0 (46m 27s):
Right. You know, and I'm definitely not even close to that same person back then, but you know, as much as we don't want to our past does inform where we're at now, whether it's subconscious or conscious, but that's something energy wise that I'm feeling coming in with God, do I have it in me to completely open up and really be in a heart space centered space, not necessarily doing that for other people, I feel like I'm fairly good at, there's definitely a lot more that for me, I can open up specifically, especially with my partner with my husband. And, and more importantly, can I do it with myself? Can I completely open up unconditional love, unconditional?

0 (47m 8s):
You know, if you're clear for me, if I'm clearing all this DNA, all of these things, and I'm stripping all this information out of me, can I actually be completely, you know, embodied in who I am without having all of that informing because I'm so inner referenced, inner sourced have so much unconditional love for myself in a way that I don't know has been, I don't come completely embodied on this planet yet. I think it has by who Christ Joshua

2 (47m 37s):
Consciousness. That's exactly what it is. That's exactly what Christ consciousness is. And so we all have that potential, right. Because it's been rooted here.

0 (47m 48s):
I wonder if he went through and how much he was attached to the family aspect, you know, I wonder if, when he was born, if there was actually that any of those coding that came in or if he was just, well, was it because it was an immaculate conception, right, right.

2 (48m 4s):
Light. Yeah. They call it, that's what they call it as a light.

0 (48m 7s):
So the DNA, except for the woman, part of it,

2 (48m 10s):
DNA is human. And the other part is light. Right? The, the book, you wonder the book that we read that in? Was it wasn't the Ana it was it the second one though?

0 (48m 21s):
Yes. I never finished the second one. I couldn't ever get through it. It must be the first one. I know he talks about the light conception. Okay.

2 (48m 28s):
I think the second one goes more into light conception

0 (48m 32s):
A little bit more, but I don't know that he had the full genetic strings like we do. And I don't know, I don't know one way or the other. Right. But do I believe that he was completely heart-centered living? Yes. That's how I believe he healed was through that heart space

2 (48m 45s):
And through that and uncles.

0 (48m 48s):
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know.

2 (48m 52s):
Here's Jesus coming up again. Yeah. I actually love it. I really love it. I missed him for the years. He wasn't part of my paradigm.

0 (49m 1s):
I, I did not intentionally have in my space. I did not care for Jay

2 (49m 7s):
Neither because he wasn't anything I could connect with in my new space. And I love that now I can connect. I totally agree. Yeah. To what feels more authentic and true to me. Yeah. And still, it's just a perspective, like who knows, who really knows.

0 (49m 22s):
Yeah. Yeah. I had, for some reason, this is reminding me of, because I spoke last week to a group of, of young women that have all lost a parent and I was teaching them some kind of beginning energetics. And it was this they're just such an amazing group, but there was some questions, of course, that came up with, you know, my experience with the afterlife and that kind of stuff with specifically with my dad and I, another conversation came up yesterday where I had the thought that I probably actually need to cut cords with him. And even with Yahshua, whatever, like we would have energetic cords. We do. In fact, when I do death rites, part of what we're clearing is the coating that they still have connected to them in the soul body.

0 (50m 6s):
And there for me specifically, because it was my dad and some of that old holding, is it actually him that still embodying that? Or is it me? That's still carrying that because of the recording. So can I cut that and then be witness to wherever he's actually at, in his progression and afterlife? Yeah. That an interesting thought.

2 (50m 29s):
Yeah. Yeah. Cause you've said a few times that even though they've died, they're still that doesn't all of a sudden be like, Oh yeah. And I don't know that I a hundred percent agree with that because what we have our oversoul right. And then we still have all these different aspects of the oversoul. So perhaps one of those aspects is still connected to you, but as it is, is it your perception of him or is it really him? That's interesting.

0 (50m 59s):
Well, in the same sense that I think it would, for me, I think it'd be ignorant for us to think that the minute we die, we all of a sudden have everything completely altogether because isn't it just because if we do believe in the energetic anatomy and the energetic bodies, it's just another experience that we're choosing to have. Death is just the death of a physical body. And then we move into the energetics and still have learning growth and expansion in a different way until we choose to incarnate. And in that same token, we can have multiple lifetimes happening at the same time because we have parallel lifetimes past lifetimes. There's no such thing as time. Right. So then that takes, when you're talking about the quantum and, you know, bigger picture, then all possibilities are existing all at the same time.

0 (51m 46s):
And that one blows my mind. Well,

2 (51m 49s):
And yes.

0 (51m 51s):
And yes, what my experience is, is also true and yes, when I'm tapping into energetic. Yeah,

2 (51m 57s):
Yeah. I'm not. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I've seen the gamut. Absolutely. And what if, when we die, we understand we are source. And so there's still an aspect of us that is part of source.

0 (52m 10s):
So my friend yesterday was sharing this story with, cause she's, she's very clear in her seeing. And she had one person that she knew that had passed away and he was very much an atheist and did not believe there was life after death. And so then her connection with him when he died, he actually was one of the quickest ways or quickest people in her experience that had actually had progression than any of the other ones that she had so far experienced because he didn't believe in an afterlife. And then his experience was, Oh, wait, there is which that one kind of questions, a little bit of some of the experiences that I've had, because anyway, this is something that we could talk about.

0 (52m 54s):
So many different, you know,

2 (52m 56s):
It's bringing to mind the movie inception the layer on layer, on layer layer, and it's all illusion and reality. Is it real, or is just a different layer of illusion,

0 (53m 7s):
Just going to say that it's just a different layer of it's a different realm just because we can't some of us and can't see it in our human, physical, tangible eyes. We just think that it's, I dunno out there and move land. And in all reality, you and I probably have, I don't know how many sitting in this room right now, Hey, I'm hearing eight and it's not like, and it's, you know, some people have more of the psychicness to where they see it. You know, one sees it very, very clearly. You know, we've had other friends that they see him very, very clearly. And it's just, so it's another layer of the, the puzzle or the game where the, whatever that a hundred percent exists.

0 (53m 51s):
So why wouldn't we have different levels of, I'm going to say progression with air quotes, but you know what I'm saying? It's just part of the experience.

2 (53m 59s):
I just see it as a big fat VR, virtual reality. Take the goggles off. The other movie that keeps coming to mind is Alison Wonderland right down the rabbit hole. Sorry, not that one. Wizard of Oz.

0 (54m 13s):
Who's behind the curtain. Yeah. I mean

2 (54m 17s):
Really again, back to what we were saying, it's all the same story just turned again, like the matrix, right? It's another same thing. Like we're living in an illusion.

0 (54m 27s):
So what's see. This is if, if I was someone listening to this and I, one of the things that I've been like when I start going down these tunnels, it's like, well then what's the point? You know? And the point is progression. The point is expansion. This is experience. The point is, yeah. It's whatever you want it to be. I think that was one, one time I did, I was, I had had an experience on plant medicine and where I could see that it didn't matter. It does what we did matters. And it put me into a depression

2 (54m 59s):
And everything matters at the same time. That's

0 (55m 2s):
The part that, where it doesn't matter. What we do was like, well then why am I even fucking here? Especially when you've had pain and no, no, no. And maybe it's maybe the whole point is just to experience. Well, I've said that before that, what is,

2 (55m 16s):
There's no progression. If you will. We're actually God creating our reality in this dementia. Multi-dimensional dense planet because it's the most fun experience a God can create on. What if that, what if, and that is the whole point. And that's why we choose to come in and it's not to progress to something that we're not already at. And that's the whole oneness, unity, God consciousness is that you already are. God informed, creating your fucking reality.

0 (55m 49s):
That always that every time you say that every time I hear somebody say that, it just makes me, I flashed back to sitting across from my oldest brother of you'll be back to Mormon religion. And I'm like, no, I won't. And he's like, yeah, you will. No, we won't. It's like, why not? Well, because I'm a, my God doesn't look like you're God. And I believe we are all God's. Yeah. And his response just was laughing so uncomfortable and well that's egotistical of you, isn't it? You know? And it's like, is it, is it egotistical? You know, paradigms.

2 (56m 20s):
I want to ask who would say, that's egotistical. Believe that you are that powerful. Someone that wants to control you. Yeah. That's who would say that? That's my hands. Like, who are you? You don't even get to answer. I'm answering you.

0 (56m 32s):
It's it, it is a power paradigm. Who are you to think that you're already a God, I believe that God's outside me and I have to listen to him to tell me what to do. That's more, that's more powerful knots, right? Not what you're saying or, or

2 (56m 48s):
Your God is inside of you and you still have to do this, this and this and this to become it. You have to go through these layers of progression. Yeah. What if that's maybe

0 (56m 58s):
All of it is part of the whole, and it's a story. I think out of everything I'm fucking learning. I think that's the core part of, can I just be right here with whatever it is and not try to move past it, not try to get my way out of it. Not try to dah, dah, dah, dah, just fill it. Go in the moment. Go. Actually, maybe I chose to be exactly right here. Yeah. Because we all want, we only think that we only choose the good things and it's like, that's not true. Or we wouldn't have chosen to incarnate on this planet. We would still be hanging out in, I don't know, Lala land somewhere, but that's not what we chose. We chose to be here, which meant we chose to feel the fucking density, the pain, the hurt, the sadness, as well as the joy, the light and whatever. And, and in my beliefs that some I do.

0 (57m 41s):
And maybe it's just part of me hoping that we are moving into a peaceful, more of a peaceful existence. And I would like to have that experience. I would like to have show me how this can be easy life until that gets boring. Well, for right now, it doesn't feel boring,

2 (57m 58s):
But you know what I think of my own life.

0 (58m 0s):
Take it on the hard. Now I'm going to let you have that.

2 (58m 2s):
No, no, no, no, no, no. But I look at my life when things are flowing along, feeling really easy. Everything's dialed in. I crave a little bit of gross. Like I crave that little bit of challenge. I crave that little bit of what, what, and we do that all the time. We bring in things to kick us out of it. Right? So we can find that experience of coming back

0 (58m 30s):
For me right now. Show me how this can be easy. Would be a growth edge. I have not experienced it. Exactly. It's been, you know, if I think about creating, okay, here's my vision. This is how we're going to get it done. Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. And it's this quick movement. And you go and you go and you almost have a narrow. Your vision goes very narrow, which in some aspects, there's some gifts in that. But at the same time, you're so focused on this one thing that you can't see, maybe 10 other options that are sitting there and flanks waiting for you. Right. And so this, this is, this is challenging for me. Yeah. To allow for flow, for ease for yeah.

0 (59m 11s):
Like shouldn't I be doing something else, you know? It is it's. Yeah. And I'm okay. I think I'm okay with having growth edge. I'm okay. With having abundance in my life and

2 (59m 22s):
Wait, wait, did I create that? Like, okay. Yeah. Okay. That's what I can say is what is so fucking amazing is when you dial it in and you become such a powerful manifestor that you say it and it shows up <inaudible>

0 (59m 40s):
Well, and really we're all manifesters. We just don't realize that our subconscious and our patterns and programs are what are creating their reality. And sometimes we'll, we'll say

2 (59m 52s):
We want something, but on a subconscious level, we're not ready for it because our beliefs don't support what we're saying.

0 (59m 58s):
You remember, do you remember when we were going for that hike forever ago? And you were talking to me about that book that you were reading about manifesting and it was something I can, do you remember this it's a Tom Kenyon. It wasn't Tom Kenyon. It was a woman. I felt like that you were reading. It was something different that the way that she created and pulled in. Oh, it was,

2 (1h 0m 18s):
Was it the DNA book? I think it may have been the guy, the quantum DNA book. Do you remember what it was?

0 (1h 0m 25s):
You may have to revisit this later, but

2 (1h 0m 26s):
I'll send you a picture. We actually, we did one of her meditations on our PA or we talked about it on the podcast, how she's saying there's 13 strands to the DNA, which correspond to the 13 chakras and the 13 dimensions. And 13 is the number of the goddess.

0 (1h 0m 46s):
There's something the way that she talked about manifesting. I really cause when you talked about yeah. W we're saying we want something, but we haven't

2 (1h 0m 53s):
Holding duality. That's what it was. It was holding duality. And so the manifesting statement holds the contradiction of the two things, the polar opposite.

0 (1h 1m 5s):
I, I, I'm asking to have this experience, even though I don't know that I am worthy of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that's what it was. Yes. And that to me, cause then it's vocalizing both the conscious and the subconscious and that was like, yep. That is true for me. That resonated. Yeah.

2 (1h 1m 24s):
And you're bringing magnetism to it using your throat chakra and it's creative. Right. When you're use your voice, you're creating, you're moving a thought form into a more dense vibration of language and then language can move to a more dense vibration of actual it's. So fucking cool. Yeah.

0 (1h 1m 44s):
So maybe that's our ask today is what are you going to go create are asked to show up in your world and see

2 (1h 1m 50s):
If you can yeah. Start challenging. That's one thing I remember Rachel, actually saying to me is like, put God to the test, say, okay, God, show me,

0 (1h 1m 59s):
Show me, show me, show me how this gets to be easy or show me how I can create this or show me how, you know, like even that manifesting the polarity. Okay. I want to, I want to create this. Even if I don't believe I'm more the other or even if I, yeah. Whatever it is. Yeah.

2 (1h 2m 15s):
I haven't heard from a client in a really long time, like years and thought her of her the

0 (1h 2m 20s):
Other day, guess who reached out yesterday asking for a session and for her husband, I'm like, that is so amazing. Yeah. It happens all the time for short and just paying attention to it. And that's the magic, like living in the magic of the planet and following the signs, you know, what shows up and paying attention, like, are you paying attention to the signs? Like when I was sharing that story of my dad and I wasn't paying attention and it was sitting there that whole time, you know, so maybe that's our ask today. How can you challenge or put God to the test or play with play with these things in the, in the magic ness of the life that we live in. Yeah. Especially when we're in such a place of heaviness in the planet, because you can feel it.

0 (1h 3m 2s):
You can feel some of that, but you can also feel this new coming in that feels uncomfortable. Like you've spoken to, but it's new and it's it didn't and there's an excitement to it. So how can you start playing, playing with more, the fun side there. You've got your attention. That's where your energy is flowing. Right? And retention goes, it grows. And where Holly did her channeling Holly seminar, Nathan and I quote, often she says you can work or you can play. What do you choose? What if we choose play? Yeah. What if it can be fun? What if it can be light? It can be easy. What if one, I love that. We're true. I love the sunflower analogy or the sun follows the sunflower, follows the sun. It doesn't sit there.

0 (1h 3m 43s):
And what was it? She was talking about it. Doesn't sit there and look for the shadow because I think the question was, well, how do I do shadow work? And it's like, you don't go looking for the shadow. You follow the sun and then the shadow appears, then you face it and then you move past it. So the same thing with the play, you know? Do you want play or do you want, you want fun or? Yeah. It's so fun. Yeah. It's so fun. I choose love. It's even on your sweatshirt. Love is play. Love is play. Love and love is,

1 (1h 4m 14s):
And that is all the end good day to you. Good thing. We're not having you do your accent. Well, what are you doing in the car the other day? And I'm like trying to tell a joke. No joke. You were quoting some movie and all of us were just busting up laughing. Travis's accent. No, he was trying to do an accent. Wasn't he? No, I told him too. I'm like, this is about the same line of travel. Trying to do it

0 (1h 4m 40s):
An accent. I can't even, it was like you train, it sounds like

1 (1h 4m 44s):
Rocky Balboa. And it was supposed to go. I know it was, was from the last of the month where it's this dramatic point in the movie and they're taking away his love and he goes, Oh, you see, sounds like Rocky Balboa. If any of you have watched that movie, you can understand where this is so nice. No, no, no, no. So my roommates and I who went and saw this at the BYU theater

0 (1h 5m 12s):
Several times because Oh, it was so dramatic. And the romance. Yes. We would say that

2 (1h 5m 22s):
A guy sounds, if you haven't watched the movie, the guy does not sound like Daniel Day Lewis who? Hello. He does not look like a native American, but somehow he was playing a Mohican. Well, he wasn't, he wasn't a soldier. No, he wasn't last of the Mohican no, he wasn't a soldier. Duncan was the soldier. Let me tell you, I watched this movie several times. I believe he was a Mohican awesome. Well, he can anyway. Yeah. That's why it's called last for the Mohicans.

1 (1h 5m 51s):
So we're asking

2 (1h 5m 55s):
On that note. Okay, bye. Have a beautiful, magical day. Where can you put your magic to the test? Yeah, you should ring your bell.

1 (1h 6m 12s):
Bye. Thank you

0 (1h 6m 17s):
So much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram, finding oneness and duality. We'd love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two-sided. So come be the other side, dot

1 (1h 6m 50s):
It's too long. Thank you. So, okay. You got to pull that in

0 (1h 7m 7s):
After it's good for the soul. Alright.

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