Finding Oneness In Duality

Food for thought: Politics, Personal Power & P...?

October 22, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 21
Food for thought: Politics, Personal Power & P...?
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Food for thought: Politics, Personal Power & P...?
Oct 22, 2020 Season 2 Episode 21
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 21.....We approach our conversation from a place of Flow today and welcome in inspiration from Spirit. Starting with the Tarot, which set the tone for our conversation, we explore different ways we can stay in our Power as we navigate such turbulent times in our political  climate and uncertainty in our future. The Four of Swords in this Tarot, invites us to move into mental stillness and clarity, disconnect from the outer world and invite in an inner peace. We are POWERful in our ability to be autonomous and sovereign CREATORS, in spite of the outer world. Join us for quick paced and LIGHT conversation, as we move through a variety of things and offer some deeper insights to how we are thriving in a time of deep change.  Our ask for the day is, "When you feel fearful and heavy and pulled into the Illusionary Paradigm, can you ask the Universe to show you the sweetness and lighter side of the shadow?"

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Episode 21.....We approach our conversation from a place of Flow today and welcome in inspiration from Spirit. Starting with the Tarot, which set the tone for our conversation, we explore different ways we can stay in our Power as we navigate such turbulent times in our political  climate and uncertainty in our future. The Four of Swords in this Tarot, invites us to move into mental stillness and clarity, disconnect from the outer world and invite in an inner peace. We are POWERful in our ability to be autonomous and sovereign CREATORS, in spite of the outer world. Join us for quick paced and LIGHT conversation, as we move through a variety of things and offer some deeper insights to how we are thriving in a time of deep change.  Our ask for the day is, "When you feel fearful and heavy and pulled into the Illusionary Paradigm, can you ask the Universe to show you the sweetness and lighter side of the shadow?"

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Inanda Joy and I'm Valerie and we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality don't thumb, thumb. Good morning. Hey, good morning. How are you today? I'm doing pretty good. 

Speaker 1 (25s): Needed some grounding this morning and yeah, I'm feeling pretty good. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (30s): I feel the same. It was you and I chatted before. 

Speaker 1 (33s): So we have been chatting since I got here almost an hour ago, 

Speaker 2 (36s): So, and that's helped to with me with grounding and then you are drawing and Tarot card. This one. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (42s): So we're just flowing with our, our content today, which is my favorite 'cause to me, that is no agenda and embodiment of the divine feminine, but ah, I saw this in the wild unknown. Tarot I've never seen this Tarot deck before hear. And so I thought, Hey, 

Speaker 2 (1m 0s): Yeah, it's been here a very tiny, very same position. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (1m 5s): That's so funny. But it was popping at me and said, I need to come in. And I said, okay. 

Speaker 0 (1m 10s): Oh, you can come in. Don't you love the inner dialogue. 

Speaker 1 (1m 16s): And as I was moving through the card's, the four of swords, like literally jumped out and learning from last week where green Tara, I did that twice. I was like, I'm not putting it back in there. I'm going to go ahead and see what it is. So let me look up the Four of Swords 

Speaker 2 (1m 32s): As you are looking that up. What's interesting for me as there's. Oh, you got it already. I've been feeling the call to get like a crystal Dagher in my sessions have been so cool lately that I've been facilitating. And I kept feeling like, Oh, I need to go and get a crystal dagger. And one of the women that I follow on social media it's Oh, now I can't remember Sage crystals. She does a ethical sourcing and things. And so she always has live cells and she happened to have these crystal daggers in their stunning actually. But they were like $300. 

I'm like, Oh, I just can't. I almost bought one. I'm like, I just can't. And then my session, the next day, it was exactly why I needed. Cause there's some chords that need some bigger, 

Speaker 1 (2m 14s): But I'm just wondering why the $300, like 303, 

Speaker 2 (2m 17s): Whatever. Yeah. We're not in there. 

Speaker 0 (2m 19s): Okay. We want to tell you about that right now. And that's something to look at. That's all I know. 

Speaker 2 (2m 24s): There was a thought that I'm like, okay, do I believe in abundance? And part of it too is just like, how much do I need this? And utilize it? Is that where I want to put money towards? Sure. You already have that needs new shoes. And you know what I mean? 

Speaker 1 (2m 36s): We totally get it. Speaking of daggers that made me think of there's a day that my kids have been into weapons over the years and unbeknownst to me, well, I have a drawer full of pocket knives that I have a confiscated over the years. I've been called down to the principal office for Swords and fake guns going to school. My goodness. I know seriously when my kindergartener brought a fake gun that we got it. It was like one of those old pistol muskets that we go to Disneyland had it in his backpack, pulled it out as a teacher, freaked out. 

Speaker 2 (3m 10s): I, he got in trouble. I've got 

Speaker 1 (3m 12s): In trouble. Anyway. How can I say we understand those could be dangerous. So back to I digress coming back to it, I there's a dagger in my storage room and maybe it needs to go on my altar. There you go. Does it need to be crystal? 

Speaker 2 (3m 27s): You know? So when I was wicked, you do have a dagger. In fact, I have one that has like it's wavy and, and it's, there's a lot of symbolism behind that. And there's a challenge. Like there are things that I would keep on my altar when I was practicing Wicca, but for me it would actually be used in session. Oh yeah, of course. Sure. Yeah, for sure. So I was feeling like, okay, do I want clear crystal cell and I or obsidian? Cause we were working on an energetic level. So it makes 

Speaker 1 (3m 56s): Sense to have that energetic tool. 

Speaker 2 (3m 58s): And right now I just use, like, I actually just use, like, I have a black, I think this is terminally little. This is what I used to, you know? And there are a near fine, but yesterday was like, Oh, this is why there was some big courting on my client yesterday and a very karmic in which he energy. Yeah. Which, so it took a lot to remove it and then like, Aw, this is why I need a dagger. 

Speaker 1 (4m 25s): You can write it off as a business expense. I don't know. I could. And I mean, on a side note, it makes me remember that Christie at one point in a session told me I needed to get a dagger. Oh. So there you go on anything that she I'm all down. Four so forth. Swords are you ready to go to the card? Yes, I'm ready. Grounding me. I do feel in my element this morning, which I actually enjoy. Okay. Four Swords stillness and mental Power though. 

Threatening Swords loom above the lamb sits in stillness without fear. Oh, maybe I'll see what the P the picture is. The picture is a lamb lying in grass with a sun burst coming out of her third eye and there's Four, Swords pointing right to the lamb right above the Lamb's head. So it looks kind of threatening for that sweet little Lammy and the Lamb's kind of smiling, like yeah, bring it on. I'm good. So 

Speaker 2 (5m 27s): I can, I'm not buying these Illusionary right. 

Speaker 1 (5m 30s): So tho threatening Swords loom above the lamb sits in stillness without fear the forest Swords says it's time to look inward and find the mental Power to cope with the pressures. It's important to rest seek meditation or find literature that focuses on ways to quiet the mind, take this time to recuperate and move inward before those Swords strike. Interesting. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (5m 52s): Yeah. Yeah. This actually reminds me of, we had talked in a few podcast as far as the different dimensions when D to D and you were thinking or feeling like it is, it is associated with the different chakras. And there's talking to another friend of mine about this. Cause I'm like logic. Cause my, you know, logically say qual G, then five DS sits in the throat. So does that make sense? And she reminded me that she reminded me of something that I know that I needed to hear. And so I feel like I want to speak it here as well of our journey. 

Our Ascension journey is never outside of us. It's always inward and is always going back to the heart center. So even if there's different expressions that are happening, say five D is more throat in a speaking more authentic selves. It's still a very heart-centered. Everything always comes and goes from the, from the heart in and an end and conscious, expanded way. And it was reminded to you. There is a thing called a deep illumination that we do in shamanism that you always start with a heart chakra. Then you move, you move down the solar plexus and you come back to the heart. 

Then you go and you kinda do this circle thing, but it always starts with the heart. So every time you were doing a new chakra anyway, it was just one of those pieces that is like, Oh yes, that was a good reminder. Yep, yep. Yep. Everything's always, it's a spiral, but it's always inward and going into eternal, you know, our Godself is here. It's that re remembering of who, who we are and always have been. I love that. 

Speaker 1 (7m 17s): I think that's one of the biggest draws to shamanism for me is God is not outside of us. Every religion on the planet teaches that God is outside of us. The truth is outside of this. And that is, 

Speaker 2 (7m 29s): She goes to that book that I'm reading now that we were talking about it before the podcast 

Speaker 1 (7m 32s): It's called the great human potential. Oh no. And 

Speaker 2 (7m 36s): The other one and the other one from our 

Speaker 1 (7m 39s): Discussion on psychedelics. Yeah. And it, I think its name is John Morris skew. 

Speaker 2 (7m 45s): So it's a different last name. I think a good memory, of course, while the immortality key by Brian. Oh, Brian , I don't even know the immortality key. And he was on that podcast that we referenced with Joe Rogan and I just started, I was listening to the audible and The what I love so much about what he's seeing and what he's writing. He is really going through. Here's a man who studied Latin and Greek, which Rome and Greek were a part of the foundations of our entire planet. 

Like that's the roots really of a language of have so many different of mathematics of science of even he said technology. He said the original word for technology is that a da? And it's a Greek derivative or Latin. I can't remember which one, but he goes through how important it was in, you know, back, back in the day, it was, you studied Latin or Greek and grammar school meant, was meant to study Latin or Greek as that was the foundation of who we are today. 

And it, and the idea was your grammar and things would be learned at home with English and school. You learn these, these other historical languages anyway. So he just goes through and kind of the timelines and how, and the road to elusiveness and elusive was the spiritual capital of, of Greece. And it is what we talked about last time where people would spend years and years to prepare. Well, I didn't, and they didn't talk about this in the podcast, but you were told not to speak about what happened in your experience in hallucis that get what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but even more so like it was so it's very difficult to find actual evidence of, of what happened there. 

And Marcus Aurelius was a one to the, they call him one of the commoners that actually was allowed into the Holy of Holies. So it's interesting. Some of the things 

Speaker 3 (9m 43s): Yeah, like through Masonic and so forth. 

Speaker 2 (9m 46s): Yeah. But anyway, the things that happened there is one of the biggest things he keeps saying is the whole purpose of this and the, what they believed is to die before you die. Like that was one of the biggest experiences to have on this earth was to die before you die and in death. And that was one of the biggest things that they were going and seeking four. And it it's really, when you talk about, cause what did you say that made me spin off? Oh, the how God is internal. And that was, he starts going into some of these Christianity beliefs that come in and go, and he says maybe the fruit in the garden of, and even of garden of Eden a Deneden thank you. 

I want to say eat the tree of knowledge, but the forbidden fruit was actually, what if it was the symbol Elysium here was that it was actually some sort of whatever they took to create this euphoric sense. Alternate sense of reality. You have to come and word right. 

Speaker 3 (10m 44s): Well, ultimately when you say that, I think DMT, right? Yep. 

Speaker 2 (10m 47s): Well, the serpent, they actually used as a protector. So Marcus Aurelius is huge, a bus that was erected to him in one of these temples that was built later, there was a serpent and it was there to protect the space. And then later the Christian armies came in, destroyed. It took down the, you know, and at a cross into Marcus Aurelius, a bust. And it Oneness, 

Speaker 3 (11m 9s): It is the symbol of Seton of the day of the Christian. Yeah. That is what I've actually been. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (11m 15s): Learning is the serpent moves energy and such a, in so many different ways. Yeah, 

Speaker 3 (11m 21s): It is. And it's a symbol of the divine feminine and earth energy. Yeah. So I highly, highly, 

Speaker 2 (11m 27s): Highly recommend this book. I know that I, and I was sharing with Val earlier that as I've been listening to this and reading it, it is evoking some interesting emotions that I don't know if you ever have those times where you have emotions come up when you're listening or reading something, you don't know what it is, but it's just like, okay, we're just going to move through this. And I think for me, what it is is just the huge manipulation of our history and the, of suppressing, you know, all the things that we talked two on the last podcast to try and control the people. 

You know, if you make everything outside of them and that they have to ask permission or, you know, be told what truth is, The there are a lot more controllable and not, you know, we're moving to a place to where we do want to come into a re remembering of who we've always been. Anyway. I think that's where it, for me, that's where the emotions are. Cause I know you talked about the last supper and some different things that it's like, Oh, this has been so construed to something that Joshua never wanted and never, it is not what he was doing in the Christian terms. 

It's not what you guys doing 

Speaker 1 (12m 34s): At that point. There wasn't even Christianity write that came after his death. 

Speaker 2 (12m 38s): Yeah. And now that's go idolize him. And he's a Christ and you know, all, all of, all of the things. Yeah. Always that it's the journey inward, 

Speaker 1 (12m 51s): Which I feel is what is being asked right now. That's what's being brought back to the collective consciousness is there's so much opportunity with all these diversions and fear and division that's happening in the world. And I'm putting that in air quotes. And how engaged are we going to get into that? Which pulls this out of our sovereignty, pulls us out of our Power pulls us out of the unity consciousness or can we turn it all off, step away, go inward, create our sanctuary in our homes, in our hearts. 

And then from that centered place, engage in the world. Well, that's what I thought this card was perfect because that card that's exactly 

Speaker 2 (13m 30s): Completely embodies where we're at right now. Can you go inward knowing that you have the power to create your world, even though you have the luminous of whatever's happening in the world. Right? 

Speaker 1 (13m 42s): So the whole, the whole thing of heaven on earth, like this idea of ascending to something outside of what is right now, I think is another illusion of the story. And what if everything we're looking for is right now, and we know there's, we're not working to ascend to become gods. We already are gods. We already are the ultimate creators of our experience. Whether or not we're conscious of it, or we're not, we're doing it with a skill or were doing it from a pattern or programming, are we plugged in to the computer? 

That's telling us what programs to run or do we unplug that and start navigating that ourselves writing our own program. Right. And it's nothing outside of us, it's in the moment now, right? Like we're not ascending to some unknown outside place it's actually within us right now. 

Speaker 2 (14m 35s): You know, everything will be great. No. Yeah, 

Speaker 1 (14m 38s): No, because that still takes you out of the now write this idea of, if I do this, then I'll get that that's performance equals worth. That's a, that's a worn out story and worst, this is not dependent on anything. It is. In fact, you are an infinite worth and exactly as you are right now. 

Speaker 2 (14m 57s): Well, I know there was a, I had a session with some of the other day in and this person was sharing kind of where they're at and you know, is not really wanting to be there. And I thought that was the question. What if actually, where you're at right now is exactly where your soul's asking you to be. And what if right now was exactly perfect. And I, I do find, like you're saying our society is so programmed these things that let's not stay in the fan comfortable and then chasing something outside of us. And really the now moment is all we have. 

And when we move into judgment and when we move into wanting to be pulling from the past or even going to the future and in the great human potential, it talks about how it actually takes our stream of Flow of consciousness and energy from when we're going into the past for the future. It actually minimizes it down to a very, a very small channel. Versus when we're completely in the now moment, it's a very open, accessible channel that has all sorts of streams of possibilities and that, you know, there's another, I think, example of how important it is to really be in the now moment and completely be present because it is not something that we have. 

I don't, you know, it's never something that I've been taught. I've been learning at myself as I've gotten older. And right now, as I'm saying this, I'm like, okay, this is something that I do want to teach my children because when we're, you know, when we're worrying and when we're Alexa last night was having some stuff come up and she overthinks, it is like an Alexa just relax, you know, right now, what can we do? And that's all that matters. And then we'll, you know, go to the next steps. But I do feel like this is something that has been so lost in our society in that is that grounding energy, that connected energy that, you know, being completely present in the now moment and circular time. 

Yeah, yeah. Yes. 

Speaker 1 (16m 52s): Meaning I feel like we should define circular time. What is that? If someone has no idea what that means, 

Speaker 2 (17m 0s): I for me, I feel like the best, the most handable experiences I've ever had with circular time is when I'm sitting in, whether it's an energetic session, whether it's a retreat, whether when you're, when you're out of the normal day to day, like for me, this is the easiest way to pull in the circular energy or a circular time is more in those spaces. When we were in our retreat, down in Springdale, we were in a circular time. We were completely in circular time because there was nothing to do and nowhere to be. 

Cause we were exactly in that moment. And in that experience, 

Speaker 1 (17m 40s): A circular time exists in the present moment. It's not linear. We can access the past and the present or in the future, timeline's in circular time. Right. So if you're doing healing energy work for yourself and your ancestors for a collective, you can call up the wounding from the past, into the present moment and actually do healing, work on that. Right. And then you can send it out through that spiral of time to whoever is affected or impacted by the vibrations of that wounding. 

Right. That's where it's so powerful. So it's not linear. It's not like that's, I don't have any control over that. It's like, no, I can accept that. And I can heal those parts of me that were affected by that. So that kind of I. Yep. Yeah, for sure. 

Speaker 2 (18m 30s): Yeah. And for me, I, because I've been trying to set more in a circular time. It also is for me personally, I'm also allowing myself to consciously be more aware of, of, of trying to be in circular time and allowing I'm allowing myself to let go of the constructs of how I should navigate in the world as a healer. And I hope this is going to make sense. So being more available, that example that we shared of standing in the coffee line, in that, that cute guy that was behind us and having I was more in circular time. 

And so that, that thing popped, and I can see that thing for him, you know, that he had a, a, a blockage in his left side of his head when I'm in linear time. In the past, I have been very careful to close that side of me down unless I'm in session. Right. But I'm allowing myself to be more open to it and be in circular time. Because if something like that pops, then it pops for a reason. You know, if I walk through the world in and trying to be as integrous as I can, and, you know, whatever's in the best and highest good of all, then whatever shows up then in my world, I'm going to reflect it back. 

Speaker 1 (19m 46s): So the interesting thing about circular time is where it creates for me confusion in the real world, whatever that is, I'm doing error codes of, of what's happening out in the chaos, right? Because that is so separate than the life I'm living the life. I am creating the truth that I am grounded in. So it's a circular time. 

I feel helps you hold in congruent truths, right? And congruent, truth of life is a s**t show right now. And who the hell knows what's going to happen with our government, with this election, with all of these structures that are coming down and at the same time, all of it matters. And none of it matters. 

Speaker 2 (20m 39s): And the same time, life's not a s**t show exactly. The serving us in service beautifully. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (20m 45s): Oh, it's in service because these old outdated patriarchal structures need to come down. They need to be, 

Speaker 2 (20m 51s): These are coming down. Truth's coming out. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (20m 56s): Is that quote that says life is the dream and we are the dreamers or something like that. Yeah. I don't know that this makes me think of telling jokes. 

Speaker 3 (21m 10s): Oh no, no, no, no, no. That the Epic fail at the end part of the joke was we go backwards. This has been, in fact, it's like when I read a magazine, I always start at the back of the magazine. I don't know why I always do. I go back to the board. Maybe I 

Speaker 1 (21m 26s): It's my Asian roots that are coming out 

Speaker 3 (21m 28s): Because the roots, because I do you have Asian roots that I didn't know that I don't know. That just came through. Maybe I do. My mom always said that almond shaped eyes kind of squirrel back to what you were saying. 

Speaker 2 (21m 43s): I actually had this happen to me yesterday, where I have been in more circular time and, and practicing that. And in my reality, I'm not, I haven't been wearing a mask as much. I haven't been, I've been seeing the beauty for me. I've been having some really deep truths that are landing so deeply within me of like, yes, I knew this, but now I know this. And it's been like a stronger level of being an alignment for, for me. 

And as I've been in that, and just kind of moving through my world and clearing some big, heavy pieces and sitting in kind of that timelessness, because that circular time is timeless yesterday, Travis and I we're, we had gone to a dinner and then we were walking through this mall because we haven't been there forever. And you know, they have the mass signs everywhere. And I, of course, I'm not going to put one on unless I ha you know, there's certain circumstances that you do, but instantly it was all of a sudden they had this awareness of there's actually more strict. 

I don't know if you've seen strict or things that are happening in Our in the state. Food, there's more restrictions that are coming down. Interesting. So we are going through another wave of more restrictions. And in my world, it's lessening, I'm seeing the beauty in it, right? So you're talking about in congruent truths. It's like, that's my, my world, nobody's in a die of COVID in my family were not. And dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, right? Like, it's not, that's not our reality, right? That's not the truth that, that I'm holding. And yesterday I had that kind of, that disjointed poll of, and yet in our state, for example, there's more restrictions coming down. 

I know in California, there's some crazy ass things happening to, and so it's like, I'm aware of the things that are happening in the world, but then when they're a little bit more personal with, okay, well, we're actually, I'm, Our, we're affected by this because now in order to go to a table, you have to put on a f*****g mask, which is the stupid makes zero sense. It makes no sense anyone that has common sense, this is just we're doing what we're told to do. And we want to stay open and business. And I, I understand that, you know, you go to the pancake house the other day and I've gone in there and we go there all the time. And now we can't stand in the lobby. 

You have to go back to your car, you know? So it's, that's changed. And so fascinating. What's hard. What's challenging. Sometimes for me is to try to remember that this person that's telling you to do this is not coming from the book is coming from. In fact, the manager, Jeff quit, because he was so tired of people. He's just getting, 

Speaker 1 (24m 17s): Losing their s**t on him. Yeah. With, 

Speaker 2 (24m 19s): Hey, if you're listening to this and you've been losing your s**t on people that are just trying to do their jobs, please just take a breath. Because that's the one thing I, I had been hearing that over and over again, especially in the food industry, the people just being so mean to The to the workers. And it's like, why is that? That's like, come on. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (24m 37s): And if it's between our business, we'll stay open and we have an income source to feed our families, or we're going to close our business to make a statement. 

Speaker 2 (24m 46s): Yeah. You would choose. You're like, I've got to take care of my family. Yeah. Anyway, so yesterday it was kind of one of those jarring, like I even felt my energy body kind of pulled out a little bit of, okay. And this is true as well. I'd like to stay in my little bubble and I'm, I'm okay to stay there. And then we just won't go out as much. And yeah, 

Speaker 1 (25m 7s): It's a weird place to be for sure. That's fascinating. So the way I see it is there is an email that came through the school. It was from the, actually the Alpine school district. Oh, actually, maybe it was from the high school, but the Alpine school district as well, that they were doing contact tracing at sky Ridge high school. And even if you're not feeling symptoms, please come down and get tested. I'm like, what the f**k? Why would you do that? 

Speaker 2 (25m 34s): You realize that the more people that get tests, the more COVID positive results, even if you're, and you're not symptomatic. 

Speaker 1 (25m 39s): Yes. We'll get this. So I had a client come in a while. I have a couple of where our numbers are raising. Yes. I had a client come in, you know, did a session, whatever, got a text from her a couple of days later and said, I tested positive for COVID the same day I was on your table. Just wanted to let you know. I'm like, why the f**k are you telling you? I'm sorry. Cause you're supposed to. And yeah. And so she's like I said, how are you feeling? Are you okay? She goes, I'm just starting to feel some symptoms. 

Speaker 2 (26m 7s): Hmm. What came first? The chicken 

Speaker 1 (26m 9s): Or the AA. And so then she texted me two days ago, just checking in, how are you feeling? I said, I feel great. Yeah. Oh, you didn't get sick. No, I didn't. I didn't get sick. I had maybe a little bit of something and I just took some zinc and I hydrated and I moved and I grounded and I centered and I sent my antibodies out to be doing their job. I was fine. Right. I said, how are you? She goes, Oh, every single adult in my house got sick. 

And the kids got sick too. It just wasn't as, 

Speaker 3 (26m 45s): As severe. Severe is that, Oh, I'm so sorry. Yeah. But what I could see happening is buying into the story. Right. And that's how POWERful we are in our mental world. That's how, Power the power. 

Speaker 2 (26m 58s): Well, the energetics are, our cells respond too. What we believe 

Speaker 3 (27m 2s): Every single time. And I, 

Speaker 2 (27m 4s): I'm actually doing a energetics one-on-one for some, a young adults that are on Saturday and I've been, half of them are religious. So I've been like, Oh, how do I? So I've been kind of diving back in to some of these pieces. And you know, we talk all the time about how matter this table is 99.9, nine, 9% nothingness. Our bodies are made up of millions and millions and millions of Adams that are 99.9, nine, 9% nothingness. 

Which LIGHT to what you're saying. We are energy. Yeah. We have our physical bodies and then our energetic bodies, if you, when you dive into healing and in those modalities, but if you're just focused on the physical body, yes. We're water. Yes, we are carbon. Yes. We are dah, dah, dah, all of these 

Speaker 3 (27m 51s): Things. And we are 

Speaker 2 (27m 53s): Very high percent of energy, which means we can change ourselves at any time with intention, which means we can create, we do create our reality. So I mean, that whole thing, that life is a mirror and like attracts, like it's not just this woo b******t stuff. Like it is tangible. And their science is now coming more and more of the surface. It's really backing all of these pieces. And I feel like, you know, I don't know if you remember in the beginning where people were licking toilet seats to try and prove the Pendulum swing. 

This let's come back to a task being autonomous beings that dude, okay. Maybe I might get sick, but I also know that thing's to prevent it. And if I get sick, it's just, I get sick. And my body's asking for rest and write 

Speaker 3 (28m 37s): Some things out of alignment. Right. And 

Speaker 2 (28m 40s): I know if I take zinc and vitamin C and vitamin D and sunshine and yeah. And meditation or movement or whatever, and really coming back to what is my body need right now. 

Speaker 3 (28m 54s): Yeah. So that, wasn't the only experience I've had with being with someone who is in the highly effect, infectious state of COVID and not getting sick. Like months ago, I hung out with a girlfriend at her house overnight. So we shared a bed on two sides of the bed. 

Speaker 2 (29m 10s): I want to say, this is as girls do. Right. And 

Speaker 3 (29m 15s): Weeks later she told me that she had tested positive for COVID. And that was when she was highly infectious. We were went to dinner together. We were riding bikes. Like we were hanging out like friends do, and I didn't get sick, you know? So I could buy into that story. And my body would say, okay, or I could be like, no, I'm not buying into this narrative. You know? 

Speaker 2 (29m 39s): Well, we are. Yeah. And I thought it was interesting that Trump did test positive, that he went to that for a few days, came out, saying he felt better and everyone's, Oh my gosh, you have to yada yada. And now he's singing as the antibodies and he won't ever get it again. And here's the president of our United States saying this is going out and publicly doing this. And then it's interesting to notice the newsfeeds California man has got, P got COVID twice. Like all of these tactics to try to continue to put fear into all of us. 

That's what I don't get. That's been the story 

Speaker 3 (30m 11s): With the controls. If you get COVID did the antibodies are only good for three months and then you're highly likely to get it again. What, what virus works that way? Well, 

Speaker 2 (30m 21s): And I mean, if you just take logic to any of this, wearing a mask to go sit down and then you can take 

Speaker 3 (30m 26s): It off. That is not none of it. Or have 

Speaker 2 (30m 28s): You seen the latest CDC thing saying that 70 or 80%, I've seen two different numbers of people who have gotten COVID were avid mask squares. 

Speaker 3 (30m 36s): So then it just right there shows that here, like wear a mask, you will get COVID, there's a, Universe very 80% likely to still contract the virus. So, and yet 

Speaker 2 (30m 49s): Let's wear a mask because it, you know, I just don't don't live your life in fear. 

Speaker 3 (30m 55s): Bottom line really empowered me, you know, 

Speaker 2 (30m 59s): More than this is that the whole thing with going inward, we're sovereign autonomous beings. We just have forgotten that we're sovereign autonomous beings. So it's that call to journeying inward? What does my body need? Who am I, what do I want to create in life? 

Speaker 3 (31m 14s): Yeah. I'm very careful. Now, anytime I feel a little tired and burned out to give myself a conscious break, otherwise I will get sick. So I don't have a choice. You know what I mean? That's what I feel like. We're that POWERful for not listening on a conscious level where we say, okay, body, I hear what you're saying. I will honor your message. I will take a time out and break. And then the body forces this card of saying, f**k you, I'm in charge. And now, now you have to take a break. 

Speaker 2 (31m 46s): I've been for me. I, and I know I've said this before I, in my personal journey, I feel like the body has been something that I have shamed, not listened to, not whatever. And the more and more I'm embracing my physical body, the more my energetic gifts are coming more and more online. And to your point, because again, that is that autonomous being of listening, our bodies are these beautiful vehicles to telling us, you know, I haven't, I was for months, I was getting, I mean, I get the amount of times that my body has shown up for me to really, whether it's screaming at me are the subtleness has been quite fascinating when I was married to my first husband and was trying to figure out if I wanted to stay married to him or not. 

I want to say three months, four months in a row, maybe it four months in a row. I got strep throat, four months in a row. And one of them, I got a full body rash. Like my body was screaming at me to get out. Yeah. And then, you know, more recently for, I was having a lot of, I would get a migraine and I was purging. And that happened to be when I was going through the medicine as well as well. And so there was some connection there, but is, it is fascinating when we really do start tuning in and tapping in to what is my body needing and why, why is it showing up in this way? 

Speaker 3 (33m 7s): Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (33m 8s): So every time, I mean, you can even apply that to this whole COVID thing. Right? How bought in, are we too the narrative given to us how bought in are we to authority outside of ourselves? How bought in our We to the media that is writing a script while they're actually not writing it, they're just reporting it. How bought in our We to the structure's that claim the authority over our lives. LIGHT we stopped buying In please, please, please, please. 

Speaker 2 (33m 39s): 20 has taught us anything. It is time to stop buying In. There was a news article that in the New York times just came out with, since you're not following any of this, I don't find you talking about Biden and his son, Hunter Biden and major, major things like hello, David, 

Speaker 1 (33m 55s): They've accepted so much money from the Russian government. Well are Chinese. Sorry. 

Speaker 2 (33m 59s): No, no, no. This one is specific with Ukraine, crane. Okay. And Hunter going a hundred being on a board. All of these things that are in the New York times came out. So a hundred drops off. One of his computers to get fixed, like a Mac store, something or other mayor, meaning you're no Hunter Biden. Okay. And Lee doesn't go back and pick it up so that the store owner takes possession of it starts going through. And he has tens of thousands of emails on this laptop. Why would he do 

Speaker 3 (34m 25s): Right? Hello? And is Owens post this thing that just says, here's a great lesson. Kids don't smoke crack because 

Speaker 2 (34m 33s): What's on this, e-mail on this computer to Our. I don't know how many pictures of him with prostitutes and hookers and smoking and doing all these things. So in that same tweet that she did, there's pictures of Hunter Biden with like yeah. The smoking in doing different, different things. But Amy way 

Speaker 3 (34m 50s): Thing too, though, to come up with so many questions right now, I have so many questions. 

Speaker 2 (34m 57s): So what's interesting is they are trying so desperately to get this out of the media. In fact, of course they are, its kind of, it's getting shut out and kind of getting dismantled the way that the media is buried. So if you look at it, pay attention, you'll notice what their starting to do. Facebook is censoring it Kayla, the press secretary got blocked on Twitter because she re posted it. Like they, they censored her account. What I found fascinating too. And what I love, love, love seeing his more and more people are stepping up and standing up and saying, come on guys, this is ridiculous. 

And so in the, what do they call it? Right. They're going through with a possible Supreme court justice. What's her name? I don't remember, but they're going through days and days of questioning her. Right. Okay. One of the guys just says, you know, since so-and-so brought this up as far as far as you know Trump, 

Speaker 3 (35m 52s): Right. Is this a candidate to step into this premier heart? 

Speaker 2 (35m 55s): Okay. And there's a big to do about it because why are we rushing this? As far as that's how the Democrats are acting? Cause they was, this is a whole political, 

Speaker 3 (36m 4s): Is this a Republican? Yes, this is tremendous. 

Speaker 2 (36m 6s): Okay. Anyway. So he was like, 

Speaker 3 (36m 9s): I'm just, you know, let's just say, we're going to 

Speaker 2 (36m 11s): Go off this code code, dah, dah, dah, dah. That says, if you do this and this is, this is against the law. So hypothetically let's say I'm a vice-president. And hypothetically, when he goes into the wow and she responds, she goes, I can't answer a hypothetical question. He goes, I thought you were gonna say that. And I'm glad that that you did, but his whole point was putting it out there where it can be censored, you know? And it's, and this is the part that I feel like is been now it's comical. But I went through a phase to where you get to a place of where 

Speaker 3 (36m 43s): Whoa, Holy f**k. When 

Speaker 2 (36m 45s): I left religion, I went through this phase, right. Of all my God, how much did I allow my myself just to believe this was true because somebody was telling me it's true is the same thing with our press, with our news media and all of these things that, Oh, well I saw it on such and such. So that makes it true. And it's like, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. 

Speaker 3 (37m 4s): I have this moment, the other day, Nathan and I went out for breakfast after a hike or something. And we were sitting in this old diner and they had the big screens up in the corners and When was like a TV, like a news. It was media. It was CNN. I think that is the worst. And reading it. I'm like, this is daytime television. Yeah. This is a soap opera that is being put out there as news. And it is so dramatized and it's so sensationalized and it's so to capture your emotions because of someone has your emotions that they can control you, you, you buy In. 

Yeah. And because it has this authority of being news, like what, why, why would anyone, 

Speaker 2 (37m 48s): Well, I think more and more people are recommending that CNN is so owned. It's not even funny, but what I love again, though, what I love so much seeing, Oh, Melissa McCarthy post this whole time, you know, she P puts out what she thinks you should vote for. And the amount of people below that are just like, I can't believe you just said that and just kind of standing more into their truth, even though here somebody that people love and it's like, no, no, no, no, no. And then more media though, like Fox news, they were doing with this again, this press, this story that was going out at the end, it was, you know, the American people are tired of people going into a political arena going in as having maybe a a hundred billion dollars of, of, of wealth and coming out being multi, you know, $400,000 or 400 million, you know what I'm saying? 

I can't even get numbers out. Same thing with who was it that I was just watching and he goes, go Google Biden's houses, not just one house houses. How is it that someone that's been in, you know, elected official for 50 years has this amount of money. Yeah. This doesn't make sense. 

Speaker 3 (38m 59s): You know, look at the Clintons and that opens a whole nother bag of worms. That's disgusting. And I don't even want to go there, but yeah, again and again and again, and again and again and again and again and again and again, and it's disgusting 

Speaker 2 (39m 11s): And how awesome. See to me, I'm like, Oh my God, I love, love, love, love, love so much that people are standing up and saying, this is wrong. This is wrong. And this is wrong. And more and more senators and more congressmen and more people elected officials are voicing their opinion, even louder against something, which I feel like has really never happened in, in this way. There was someone that tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, if you don't stop censoring, because they've been doing major censorship, you will essentially, we will be, we will be coming after you. 

And which is yeah, he should. And this was just yesterday, the day before, it's like, that should be what we should be doing. You can't go and try and control the narrative for the American, you know? 

Speaker 3 (39m 52s): Well, if you look at the censorship to me, that's communism like that is a government that is trying to control the narrative. And if you look at our country and what's been happening with censorship and with really, I even think like this idea of the second, this failing economy right now is b******t. Our housing market is 

Speaker 2 (40m 12s): Off the charts, crazy like spending, which is still spending money, 

Speaker 3 (40m 17s): No physical sign of a failing economy. In fact, I even saw like some leading analyst economists predict, predicting we were moving into another great depression. Can you show me that? Show me that however, we do have a president who's whole campaign was based on a thriving economy. So that makes sense to me that you attack the one thing that keeps him in office. 

Speaker 2 (40m 41s): Right. But the reality 

Speaker 3 (40m 43s): Of what's happening does not make sense and is not lining up two, what is actually happening spoke to. Yeah. And I think that people are starting to see that, 

Speaker 2 (40m 53s): Huh? I a hundred percent agree. Yeah. So yeah. Well, and to the censorship, censorship, I, I think I was getting my nails in or something and a couple of women were like, Oh, what did you see? So, and so's account got taken down a little miss Patriot. I think it was. And so they were starting to talk about it. So of course I kind of jumped in a little bit and we were chatting and some, they said something that they are like, well, they just need to censor dah, dah, dah, dah. And I'm like, isn't that exactly the opposite of what you're saying needs to be like, can you just, you just said what you're complaining. 

Yeah. A little miss Patriots account. Just, we went down, you're upset about that. And yet you're saying the exact same thing that you're 

Speaker 3 (41m 31s): Upset as a center of the things that I don't agree with them and give free reign to the things that I agree to do. 

Speaker 2 (41m 36s): Same thing that you're complaining about it. Like you can't, you can't be, if we're not going to censor, it is not censoring anything, whether you agree or disagree with what's being spoken. But then that comes back again, too. We get to decide what feels true. We, the people, 

Speaker 3 (41m 51s): It can be well. And it goes back to what is the founding principles of our country? Why did they even come here is because they were sick of being controlled. They wanted freedom of expression. Wasn't it? 

Speaker 2 (42m 1s): Freedom. Most of you think about that the other day Our because the white house, the oval office, and he talks about that has a lot of Greek roots, the way that it shaped the way that the such and such South lawn faces or anyway. Yeah. It was a really interesting and seems a little bit hypocritical. Yeah. Well, we've come 

Speaker 3 (42m 20s): A long way from our roots, you know? 

Speaker 2 (42m 22s): And not necessarily in a good, no, not in a good way. Yeah. No, it, 

Speaker 3 (42m 26s): Everything has it shadow. Right. And so my belief is as much shadow as there is, there's as much light and it's just uncovering it. So that's what 2020 is 2020 vision. Right. 

Speaker 2 (42m 38s): Is it going into some of our more weird or topics? I do think it's interesting that every time there I go through my newsfeeds, there's always something galactic now trauma. It is acknowledging there's more there's stuff going out in an official channels. No, yes, yes. That's a good way of putting it that yes, there was a, an alien spaceship and yes, they have been analyzing and studying this, this spaceship and then Trump, which I thought this was interesting. 

And I don't know how I feel about this, but Trump said, this is yes, they have been in contact by aliens. And this is why he has space X, which I knew. That's why you created space X. It's a, it's a military, it's a third branch of the military. Right. Four galactic protection. But what 

Speaker 3 (43m 27s): Is Elon Musk program? It's 

Speaker 2 (43m 29s): Space. X is tied into, that's why you thought yeah. 

Speaker 3 (43m 33s): A federal government is claiming it is theirs space X or are they 

Speaker 2 (43m 36s): No. Yeah, they did. I believe they funded it and I could be completely wrong. But Trump has been with Elon Musk in doing this and the government came out and this is a branch of the military. Right, right. Space. So there is a tire to the government, whether it's a government contract that Elon Musk won or however it's structured. I don't know. But again, there, I I'm, I was surprised to see that Trump, you know, is yes, he is a big protector with which I actually really love and appreciate about him. He's not going to be bought. He's not going to be. That's why, part of why he's been in so much hot water the entire time he's been in an office. 


Speaker 3 (44m 13s): You can be an a*****e. He is, he wants right. 

Speaker 2 (44m 15s): Cause nobody. Yeah. And that's a huge, like I want Food or bad. I want someone in Politics that it is helping our own country that cannot be bought that we'll say whatever, you know, all the time. So yeah. We're going off on a total tangent. The reason why I was bringing this up is I have had, there's no question in my mind, there's more galactic. Energy is present. And when you can just open, open directions. Yeah. And we created our space that came in every session that I've been doing it in the last few weeks, I have had more star seeds, not, you know, not star seeds. 

Cause that's, what's here in Carnegie. But like Syrians that have been coming through, I've been having a lot of galactic brothers and sisters that are in support of what we do here on this earth. Like with anything in any civilization, you're going to have people that are more wanting control and power, just like we're experiencing it here on earth. But there's also a lot of them that are peaceful and wanting to help in our progression in civilization. There's the halls of a mentee came up in my session yesterday with someone that I was doing. 


Speaker 1 (45m 24s): I don't even know what that is. Paul's have a mentee 

Speaker 2 (45m 29s): That we go on to this or not. I'm so the whole, as a mentee Our we talked about this with Danielle. And do you remember talking about it in the pool? Give me more information and then I'll tell you. So there is a growing belief that inner earth has inner earth. Capital is an inner earth civilization. 

Speaker 1 (45m 46s): Totally. I'm done with Holly. I just didn't know that with all the kids think I'm crazy 

Speaker 2 (45m 49s): In the halls of a mentee are when this inner earth being formed. It was like a council. So to speak as to when I see it is a huge ass table with a council for trying to continue helping the progression of this earth, it was closed down and it's been reopened since 2012. Anyway. So yeah, you have it in the inner earth realms and outside our galaxy that are definitely in support in some ways, because whatever happens here affects everything day, countless everyone. 

Yes. I mean, as above, so below is within. So with that are interconnected. 

Speaker 1 (46m 26s): That is beyond being humans because of our DNA. I was going to say as with everything it feels like with the galactic, what's the, what's the word when something's being unveiled? 

Speaker 2 (46m 44s): I don't know what one day you're seeking. Four okay. Hang on one second. Okay. 

Speaker 1 (46m 49s): With the galactic connections coming out to the, the mainstream idea, it's going to try to be controlled by governments, right? Because that's how they 

Speaker 2 (47m 2s): Have Power of it. 

Speaker 1 (47m 4s): And as much of that, that can be true. There's as much illusion, there are two like their space programs where they have been creating fear of galactic invasion so that they can be our great protectors, right. It's just another war on another front. And we all have the ability to connect ourselves. There's a show that you can rent her by called close encounters of the fifth kind. And 

Speaker 3 (47m 31s): They just talk about how we can go into meditation and call these collective beings to our, to our experience. And just like anything, if we have a personal experience with that, no one is controlling that. Right. But if we're looking to the government there, Mark my words, there's going to be some invasion where we have to band together through our government, through our military to protect ourselves from the invading aliens. So it's called the 

Speaker 2 (48m 0s): Blue. What is it called? Blue. 

Speaker 3 (48m 4s): There is a, 

Speaker 2 (48m 4s): There is a lot of people that believe, especially with these satellites that they actually can do holographic images in space. So if you want to pretend and create an illusion that there's a space invasion. Yes. And you have satellite's so that actually can project, which of course they do. Yeah. There is technology and science that's out there that we haven't been privy to. 

Speaker 3 (48m 26s): Oh, for sure. There are, there are those 

Speaker 2 (48m 28s): Med-peds that are out there that, that haven't been released to the public because why, because then get people 

Speaker 3 (48m 34s): So out of their profitable business. So keeping a sick, yeah. We wouldn't be dying from cancer. You wouldn't be dying from and spending millions of dollars on research in, on the cure. And we wouldn't need that. 

Speaker 2 (48m 46s): Yeah. So of course there would be. And I, I, I can't remember where it was that, Oh, it was a serious disclosures. And that I had watched way back when it was not too long after nine 11. And he had some really interesting thoughts as far as how our government has been using Wars and warfare and enemies, because at first it was all internal, right. Our our battles where within the country, and then it went overseas and then it's a foreign to her, you know, a foreign terrorist that comes in. 

He's like, it will go to this. It will go glass at the stars. And you see how it's been planned in, in our movies. Yeah. For however long that it's been. Oh my gosh. And even the what's the, the biggest one right now that's I can see the song's playing in my head. I had a movie. No, it's the upside down. Oh, Oh, stranger things, stranger thing, you know, even that coming in it in the first few episodes was really interesting and it's getting darker. Like I can't watch the rest of them because it's a f*****g with your psyche. 

And that part of the psyche that can create these really shadowy illusions, a a hundred percent exist. And if you go and you pull those aspects of the psyche that come forward, and that's the way that we're operating again, you're easily controlled because nobody wants to live in that world where, Oh my gosh, there's these crazy things that are coming. Like, I can't control this. I need somebody else to control it. It's outside. 

Speaker 3 (50m 9s): So are you in the triangle of disempowerment again? Right. We're victims. There is a bully. Here's our rescuer. Yeah. Apply that wherever. 

Speaker 2 (50m 19s): So the beautiful thing about everything that we're seeing is where there's shadow there's LIGHT yeah. And there's whole much LIGHT that's coming out. Yeah. So much light. Yeah. And for 

Speaker 3 (50m 28s): Me, the, the access point to that is ourselves. Right. Coming in to the truth of ourselves and experiencing it for ourselves rather than being told what's happening to us. A hand on something that's outside of us. Why on earth? Would you ever do that? Well, because that's the program we have been in. Well, not anymore, not anymore. It's changing from agreed. And I think more people are aware of it, then the narrative is seeing. So even this idea that says, yeah, we're up in arms, we're all divided that even it's like all of these hanging on two, the last threads of hope I 

Speaker 2 (51m 5s): I loved it was so the vice-president debate was here in Utah. Right. Travis and I, I mean, like I'm aware of the things that I'm not a a hundred percent aware of what's going on. So Travis and I are like, let's do a date night. We go up to salt Lake to have dinner. We made reservations. And we're like, what the hell is going on? So by was the vice-president of Our 

Speaker 3 (51m 26s): Currently that one guy, the one that stands out on this 

Speaker 2 (51m 30s): And Pence, he was staying at hotel Monaco. So the security, yeah. The security. Cause we like Bombora the security that is all around. That was so crazy. So on the way home I had to watch just the end of it. I was curious how it went 'cause the presidential day was just a comment with a joke. Yeah. They had, they had a question from all the local schools. People submitted them and they took one as an eighth grader question that essentially just said, you know, when I watched the news and I've watched the media, there's all this division and I see it, all the politicians and people running for office, there's all this division. 

How can we, as a people be to not come more in union, if you can't essentially is what she's saying. And obviously paraphrasing weighted go eighth grader. Right. That's amazing. I know what a cool question and Pence his answer I thought was so spot on. He's said, you know, I love that you answered, asked that question, yada, yada yada. And he goes, he goes with it. It's okay to have an, a disagreement between two people. And he actually used Ruth Ruth Bader Ginsburg and some other Supreme court justice that we are completely opposite of each other in their opinions. 

And they were the best of friends. And he said, we can do that. And still come together at the end of the night and go to dinner and still be friends. And what you're seeing in the media is not necessarily a representation of the people. And I thought I was so grateful that he said that because what you're saying, there's no question again, that we are being fed in our TV programs, programming 

Speaker 3 (52m 60s): Programs, 

Speaker 2 (53m 2s): Which by the way, my friend who does hypnotherapy and, and I'll be like all of that stuff, she is like Obama, the way he talks and his hand gestures, it was, 

Speaker 3 (53m 12s): It was for the MLP. Yeah. Neural linguistic programming. I was like, Oh, they do that in general conference to write, sorry, Mormons fascinating. 

Speaker 2 (53m 23s): And beautiful. Let's bring more out to what's actually happening. So you can have a conscious choice. But I, I so loved and appreciated that question, how he answered and to your point, there's actually another thought that I had with this. And now I can't remember what it was, but yes, it's not with a media is projecting. Oh, more than 

Speaker 3 (53m 41s): More people are seeing the b******t for what it is. 

Speaker 2 (53m 45s): So there are out there saying that right now, Biden and Harris are leading the polls and yeah. In Arizona, they are there, like nobody showed up to 

Speaker 1 (53m 52s): The rally. Nobody did. 

Speaker 2 (53m 54s): And it's like, hum, this is interesting. All of these, 

Speaker 1 (53m 57s): These in congruent, 

Speaker 2 (53m 59s): Trues here's in congruent truths. Yeah. Okay. This is true in, this is true. So where is my truth? Where am I gonna buy into it? But you know, it's, it's, it's really comical and fascinating. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (54m 10s): As well. And When one thing I would like to throw out there is if we keep buying into the narrative that we have to vote for the lesser of two evils or a day, 

Speaker 3 (54m 24s): It doesn't matter how I vote. My, my state is going to show up based on the electoral college and all of that, the way they have always shown up we're disempowering ourselves, like vote, your conscience, vote with feels good to you. There's a lot of choices out there. There's not only 

Speaker 1 (54m 40s): Two. Yeah. There's two, like of course 

Speaker 3 (54m 44s): Two party system, but there's a whole bunch of people that you can vote for. And that's the only way we're going to change it is to quit buying into this narrative that if we don't vote for this, then we're voting for that. No. What if we all swing into something completely different? Like what is actually representative of what you want? Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (55m 3s): What do we want? That's the kicker of the politics. There's so many things that I think needs to change as far as how long somebody can be in an office. I think that needs to change. There's a lot of that. And I do think that it will change in those videos that we were watching. And I think about this every once in a while, 

Speaker 1 (55m 17s): I'm wondering what we'll be the outcome, because a lot of the day, 

Speaker 2 (55m 21s): These quote unquote, conspiracy theorists treat the seekers that have been out there for years and years and years have been waiting for what's happening right now to come out. And I can imagine how they're feeling. Its got to be somewhat surreal because there's a lot of pieces that weren't happening and now they, now they are a lot of these true things that are coming out. But when you see that video of the fall, the cabal, the very end, it was the last president. And I've wondered, I've wondered what that will mean. And it'll be interesting to see. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next, for sure. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (55m 57s): If you think have moving from a patriarchal hierarchal system, it doesn't make sense to have 

Speaker 1 (56m 2s): When ruling person. It doesn't make sense. 

Speaker 2 (56m 6s): So our government was actually founded that the state's governed themselves and that's not how it's been around at all. No. And so it'll be interesting again, to see what happens. And for me, when I, when I go in, it's like, when you were asking, well, what do you want? And I, I just ended up going internal and just, what do I want? Well, I want children to have freedom and I want to have freedom and Jay. And so I just focus on that and living my life from that and just trusting that, that ripple, that energetics, wow, 

Speaker 1 (56m 31s): You should go out and it will, you know, 

Speaker 2 (56m 35s): Perfecting whatever happens with our planet. Yeah. Cause that's all I can do as I can only control my beliefs. 

Speaker 3 (56m 43s): Yeah. POWERful where even in this COVID time, even with someone on my table who was infectious with COVID, I didn't need to experience that. Right. Because I'm not f*****g POWERful. Huh. 

Speaker 2 (56m 55s): So as we all are, you're not buying in to the fear because fear is the quickest way that will depress your immune system. You will. 

Speaker 1 (57m 3s): Yeah. Yeah. Fear takes away, you know, 

Speaker 2 (57m 6s): Power well, I didn't expect us to talk about all of this time. I know we weren't going to do 

Speaker 3 (57m 10s): Stuff like that. And here we were so back to our lamb and the us 

Speaker 2 (57m 15s): Swords but I feel like that's a, a a hundred percent, a hundred percent. Yeah. Because we are, 

Speaker 3 (57m 19s): We are moving into a pretty pivotal time in our history with the selection and the b******t story that's being sold right now. I think on both sides, you know, Trump is not without his own faults. Yeah. But good God 

Speaker 2 (57m 36s): That is put into the limelight and you could tear apart anyone. Oh, for sure. Anyone, for sure. None of us are f*****g perfect. We don't want to be poor. What does that even mean? Really? You, you have a clean record and you're never human and you don't do the wrong things. You don't chew. Somebody's head off and go, Oh my God, I shouldn't of done that. 

Speaker 3 (57m 54s): All right. So what's wrong for me is going to be completely different than what's wrong for my parents, which is going to be completely different than is wrong for your parents. What do you know? So maybe we should, 

Speaker 2 (58m 3s): Did you stop expecting these people that are in political office to be perfect and just go off of that? 

Speaker 1 (58m 9s): I dunno. I dunno what I let's all pull out. Are we 

Speaker 3 (58m 14s): Wild woman? Wild man. Bless you. Thank you. Let's all get down and dirty. Get in the dirt, getting in the earth again. 

Speaker 1 (58m 23s): And then the crone. What is it for men? I don't know. I don't eat the lock. 

Speaker 3 (58m 31s): Oh, the crone stage. And just 

Speaker 2 (58m 34s): The crown stage is a wise, the stones, the old wise, like when you do a circle, you usually want someone that's older. And if that's an elder because of their experience. 

Speaker 3 (58m 47s): Yeah. Yeah. Clear Clarissa Pinkola is as stays. Who is a fantastic writer. She's a union union. I can never say that one. Carl Young. And we studied his, but she does a ton of storytelling. And she talks about how the crone has been hijacked. Of course, cause everything has as this disgusting old woman who looks her own ass crack, you know like, but it's taking 

Speaker 2 (59m 11s): Away her power right of the crone 

Speaker 3 (59m 14s): Really is a seasoned wisdom keeper. You know, 

Speaker 2 (59m 18s): That idea that a, what is it that's wasted on the young I've had that thought of a few times of God where I'm at now in my life. I'm so grateful. And jeez, what would my twenties have looked like? Had I known this? You know what I mean? That whole, the youth is wasted on the young, that's what it was. And again though, it is this to your point, changing the narrative and the, the mental holding that we have on the collective that assumes that the older we get, the more decrepit we get, the more of a body. 

And yet there's been times in our life and in our history that people have lived at a thousand years or more, and that I need to research still more of that King's list because it is like, how, how does the King actually Ruel for thousands of years. 

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 7s): So Mary Magdalene in the, the temples of ISIS and the rights of the and even like we were saying with circular time in circular time, age doesn't exist. Right. Actually, someone we both know, I won't say his name. I'll tell you later said he believes aging and death is a program that we've all brought in is that we've all bought into and that we don't actually need to age or die, but it is a program running unconscious in ourselves. And as we learn to unplug from that program and not identify what an age means, it's just a f*****g number that we've been on the earth. 

That doesn't mean anything, 

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 44s): A lot of tribes that actually they don't celebrate birthdays. It's just, it's they, they celebrate birthdays in a different way. If I remember it's been a long time, 

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 53s): You're a revolution around the sun 

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 55s): Or something like that. I think it's that book, the, the mutant message from down under the day. And they consciously, when they were ready to die, they would celebrate it. And actually in this book that I'm a choice. They talk about the same thing where death can be a conscious choice in it celebrated. It's not feared like it is in our Western civilization. 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 20s): So Anna grandmother, Jesus in the second one, I'm about the scenes. That's what they were living. That's what they were practicing. Like they would sit in Lotus pose and they would meditate. And that's when they would consciously choose to leave or in the respect of Yeshua, he actually took us out. 

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 39s): Yeah. So that transcended, yeah. How's that 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 44s): For some light morning Congress that you said, I love that. I mean, to me too, 

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 50s): How do we have, you know, what, here's the ask 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 55s): When you say, 

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 56s): Do you feel fearful and you feel heavy and whatever, all the things that you can definitely buy into in the, in the Paradigm that we're living right now, ask yourself and ask the universe to show you where there's LIGHT and ask to see more of this sweetness and more of the lighter sides that are the, of the shadow and give yourself permission to see them. If that's not the reality that you live in an ore, when you do feel like you're getting pulled into fear, acknowledge it, let it go recognise that you know, that it is a part of a program that has been running. 

Yeah. How can I say that? The other side I'd offer a POWERful practice that I've been In for a while now. And actually lifetimes working with the element of fire. Fire has such a powerful transmitter. And when we get these densities that come up, the fear that comes up, write it down and burn it in fire, ask fire to transmute it and then write what you want to replace that fear with and burn it and then pull it in, like choose to integrate that new engagement. If you keep going into the fear loop, you are going to keep experiencing the fear loop. 

I have a friend that I thought this is a really cool idea. She keeps the book of matches in her car. And actually when something comes up, she'll blow it into the end of the match, blow on that fear and then light in it as quick as that. Yeah. And that's the thing that I think we forget, and yes, there are times for having the rituals and that sacred ceremony without question. Yeah. But also there's so many convenient tools that it can just be that easy or yeah, my daughter's learning to put on her ear so that she is, so it's her reminder to stop getting into the thinking brain. 

You have to overthink to get you out of the loop. Yeah. Yeah. So it can be that easy. Yeah, for sure. Where it can be that easy, everything could be that easy and our life can be easy. Flow and beauty. It does not have to be hard. Yeah. For him that s**t up. Mm. Have a great day. 

Speaker 0 (1h 3m 57s): Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality we'd love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are a two sided, so it can be the other side that. 

It's too long. Thank you. So, okay. We gotta set up, you have to pull that in. Laughter is good for the soul. All right. So this girl, okay.