Finding Oneness In Duality

Practices for energetic flow in your life.

October 08, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 19
Practices for energetic flow in your life.
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Practices for energetic flow in your life.
Oct 08, 2020 Season 2 Episode 19
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 19....Today we start our conversation with a powerful exercise to clear and pull our energy back into our personal fields. This is a simple thing we can do every day, and throughout the day to stay in our Power and Presence. There are so many tools that can help us to learn how to stay in our sovereignty as we navigate throughout our experience of life. We delve into discussing the Shamanic tools that are available to us as we engage in personal healing for ourselves through focused breathing exercises, reading and feeling energy, and moving density and wounding out of our bodies, while we are supported by Pachamama in our process. Sacred ritual is a way for us to get out of our limbic brains and reconnect with the Mystic within us.
 In Shamanic practice we learn how we can view truth from different perceptual states so that we can learn to hold the paradox that truth can hold. This is a powerful practice to recognize when we are on the Triangle of Disempowerment and making the conscious choice to get back into our personal power.  For example, we can be in victim energy on a physical level as well as empowered in our experience, on mental/emotional level. This practice helps us to heal our wounding and bring it into a place of wisdom. 
Our ask today is, "How am I freeing up space in my life?"

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Episode 19....Today we start our conversation with a powerful exercise to clear and pull our energy back into our personal fields. This is a simple thing we can do every day, and throughout the day to stay in our Power and Presence. There are so many tools that can help us to learn how to stay in our sovereignty as we navigate throughout our experience of life. We delve into discussing the Shamanic tools that are available to us as we engage in personal healing for ourselves through focused breathing exercises, reading and feeling energy, and moving density and wounding out of our bodies, while we are supported by Pachamama in our process. Sacred ritual is a way for us to get out of our limbic brains and reconnect with the Mystic within us.
 In Shamanic practice we learn how we can view truth from different perceptual states so that we can learn to hold the paradox that truth can hold. This is a powerful practice to recognize when we are on the Triangle of Disempowerment and making the conscious choice to get back into our personal power.  For example, we can be in victim energy on a physical level as well as empowered in our experience, on mental/emotional level. This practice helps us to heal our wounding and bring it into a place of wisdom. 
Our ask today is, "How am I freeing up space in my life?"

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Inanda Joy and I am Valerie and we welcome you too. The practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality don't and good morning, Kim one in here. We are here. We, you, 

Speaker 1 (23s): We are, yeah. Ah, I've been in more of a practice lately of calling in my energy. Do you do that? I do that on a daily, multiple times a day lately. Tell me what that, that looks like for you. For me, like, I imagine that like little, a filaments of light, light energy strands, or you can imagine it like strings and just calling it back in. As we connect to electronics to people like, you know, everything every day. 

Sometimes when I feel like my energy is a little scattered or depleted, it's like, Oh, let's just call that back in. And we just do it with my breath and I send out, you know, with the intention of sending out anything that is not mine on my exhale. And I feel like that always helps to clean. We have a clearer and cleaner container. Yeah. When do we do that right now? Oh, we just did. Oh, we just did. You are describing it. I went to actually do it, embody it. So that lead us through. 

So taking a deep breath in just imagining any energy that is out in the external world that you have given and polling it into your body, disconnecting it from all those places, from people, from children, from electronics, any parts known and unknown, just calling it back into your body, reclaiming all of your energy, pulling it in. And then with your breath on the exhale, you can send out any energy. 

That's not yours. So that's in your field known and unknown. Just giving it back, letting it go, seeing it, leave your body and just taking time to just fear that, fill that clear conduit that you are, that clean and clear conduit, owning all elements that are you claiming your power, claiming your energy, owning it, all parts of you. 

I love that. It can be that simple. I know a super simple, sometimes I want it like this big ritual, like, and it's like breath of fire, which I love speaking of this last weekend was fantastic. Yeah. Yeah. It was so amazing. So Amanda, co-facilitated a, shamonic mini will medicine or Midis mini medicine will be with Danielle Bryan. Yeah. And I was 

Speaker 2 (3m 0s): Lucky enough to be there and participate in it. It was an amazing weekend. 

Speaker 1 (3m 7s): Yeah. There's not a lot of words. I feel like, which, you know, we usually, when we have a soulful experiences, putting words on those experiences are very challenging. Yeah. It was stunning. What I think is, especially for me being on the, not the other side, but for me not participating in the class, it was fascinating to witness everyone coming in, you know, noticing their energy and the transformation that happened with every single person. 

Y you know, when they left, they were, I felt like everyone was different. Everyone was changed. Yeah. Yeah. For the better, would you say that it was your experience? Oh yeah. 

Speaker 2 (3m 49s): Yeah. In fact, I wanted to ask you this. I think this might be fascinating to talk about it cause you, like, we went out to coffee when morning and there was a guy behind us that struck up a conversation. And when we had kind of walked forward, you're like, he's got this block in his energy field and that dah, dah, dah, dah, and you ended up having a conversation with them about it, but what do you see? Like, what is that process for you when you notice, when you read someone's energy, you notice it, like, what is your interaction? What's your, like, what's what does that, how do you internalize that make sense of it? 

Speaker 1 (4m 20s): That is a great question. And thanks for asking. And I'm sitting here. Well, first one of the pieces that I felt like his kind of helped me back in general with opening up my gifts, which is the fear of when I first learned shamonic medicine, especially a practitioner as a shaman, you track energy. So when somebody comes in for a session, I will track their energy and we're taught very carefully not to do that unless we're in session. And so I've carried this so strongly that I've always been so worried of, not like almost closing me off so that I don't track energy, which there's that fine nuance between just noticing and actually tracking somebody intentionally. 

And so I've had more of a practice several months ago. And I think I mentioned that in a previous podcast where I call in my spirit guides and, and I trust that if I, if I'm ever needed that something we'll call my attention. And then even more recently, I'm I am allowing myself to be available for whatever's in the best and highest good of any interaction. So that guy to answer your question for me, I don't see it in the sense of seeing it, seeing it. It's really hard to explain. 

It's a knowing. Yeah. So you have the different, clairs like the Claire sentience, the Claire audience, the Clare, what I'm there's like four 

Speaker 2 (5m 41s): Quarters 

Speaker 1 (5m 46s): I don't know. So it was clear seeing, knowing that hearing and feeling. So I'm a very sensory and knowing like, those are two of my strongest and it is so, but for whatever reason, I think partly because we were in that space of timelessness is in the energetics and as a co-facilitator I'm holding space. And really for me, I loved seeing how spot on my tracking was with different things that we were experiencing. So I was in that. 

And so then it was just a noticing and I was a very strong head of, he has this block and he really needs to move it. And so then it opened up a conversation. 

Speaker 2 (6m 26s): So when you asked him before you said anything, Hey, I have a w would you be open to me sharing this? Right. So I said, Our, 

Speaker 1 (6m 34s): Have you ever done any energy work is actually how I opened it. And again, that comes back to that trusting place. And that's the piece that I felt like I am continuing to work on and develop of if this is showing up, it's because his higher self is asking and it's not like, Oh my God, you have something wrong with you. In fact, and in a way it ended up unfolding in that kind of a cool way. If you remember, he was showing a picture of his purple hair. Yeah. And the way this picture, it like illuminated his crown chakra. It looked like he had this halo and, and I told you, we sat down and I'm like, ah, so I just got this hit and I don't know if I should say anything or not. 

And then he sat right by it. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (7m 12s): And I'm like, yeah, you should say something. Yes. 

Speaker 1 (7m 15s): So, yeah. Then I, I just said, and, and offered, I asked him if he'd done energy work. I said, what? I, I, you know what I do? And it gave him my card and just said, I noticed that you have a block on the left side of your head. And I said, you know, it may be useful to go, to have an energy healing session. I'm happy to do it, or you can find someone else. And then I offered also that he can just do it in his meditation practice in there. And imagine that, that picture of them. Yeah. 

Anyway, it was like those little subtle things write that we run across, but it's not like I was playing on his energy fill the time. Right. 

Speaker 2 (7m 52s): Well, no, but I feel like there was enough that had connected us. Like he'd struck up a conversation, we talked for several minutes, he's wearing like he's on his neck and a gorgeous Amber piece on his fingers. So obviously it's a piece of his truth, you know, he's open to it. And it was a beautiful conversation to say is the current current affairs and how we are, we get to choose how we're engaging with a s**t show. The world is in, you know, and we get to make that conscious choice. So he obviously was speaking a more conscious language. 

So, you know, yeah. He wasn't one that was saying, get your f*****g mask on, but you did run into some of those. 

Speaker 1 (8m 35s): So I, yeah, I feel like I have been pulling out a little bit of the, the scenes, so to speak the closer we get into the election, things get more intense. And I feel like I've been pulling back. And part of it's just being in Presence, you know, when we had Holly that was channeling, I thought that that was a really great PM through a really being completely in the moment and trusting that in the moment, if you need to do something, you'll be given that, that inspiration. And you'll actually know things that you didn't know that you knew. 

Speaker 2 (9m 7s): Right. And disengaging from the media circus, disengaging from the political dialogue and really tuning in to, to what you need by. Yeah. And she talked a lot about making your home, your sanctuary and, and really fortifying it with those resources that help you feel grounded and connected. And it's like, if you know, there's a, a hurricane down the road, why the f**k would you go towards a hurricane? It's like, stay in your safe space and, and take care of yourself and take care of your family and take care of your energetics and trust that you'll be okay. 


Speaker 1 (9m 44s): Well, and it says, and we've talked about this before, is that piece of letting go of that fear aspect of not knowing what's coming and nobody can know really what's coming. And even the people that claim that they know don't really know because at any given time energetics can shift. And that's the same thing with this brings up an interesting topic around psychics and something that I just had a recent friend that just got engaged. And she's like, how do I listened to a few psychics? I would not be here right now. And she's blissfully happy. And this is the same. I mean, it's along the same lines of if we can just stay in the present moment and knowing our intuition and trusting more and more in that, that we will be guided and, and receive whatever we're needing for our family. 

And if there is that ping of something feels unsettled, go into that. What do I need to fill, settle? Do I need more water? Do I need more food stores? Do I need, you know, whatever it is so that you can have a little bit more of a peace of mind, or maybe it's just some emotional energetic work that you're needing, that's just popping. But really, you know, I think, I feel like, and we've talked about this before this time of year, this time in our cycle of our life is a really a call to being more sovereign beings. 

And the, you know, the gift of 2020 is perfect vision. And that means perfect quote unquote, perfect within our own beings. Who are we? What are we, how do we connect to our divine selves? 

Speaker 2 (11m 7s): That was one of my favorite pieces of the weekend. And I've worked with us a little bit, but the breath of fire meditation, because it takes you from I'm the only way I can describe it as like a horizontal alignment on an earth plane, into a vertical alignment of the abundance of the earth, the resource of the earth and the abundance and resource of spirit and our alignment in that flow rather than a horizontal plane, where you get pulled into lack or scarcity or abundance, anywhere on that spectrum, right? 

You get pulled into the s**t show, you get pulled into the drama, you get pulled into the illusions of, of our lives, right. And when we make that shift through, breathwork like breathing into those lower shockers and really opening 'em and intentionally connecting our life force down to the planet and drawing that planet, energy of the earth, mama energy up, and then up to source and pulling that in and really seeing that we're connected, you know, that is that whole a search for Oneness right. 

And Oneness, as an outside of us, it is always within it. It's always with it. So yeah, that was, I loved that. 

Speaker 1 (12m 22s): So that piece right there, and I spoke to it on that last day, that was one of the hardest things for me to do when I first was learning at that breath of fire and doing, doing the cycles. And yeah, it's become my biggest asset. Like when I, especially when I'm off for out, if I can just spend, even if it's five minutes doing that, to where I'm rooted and I'm connected, and I can see and film that prana to that channel that I have, and it's a clear conduit, a, it pulls me out of the fight or flight. 

It puts me into the now moment and, and it gets me a lot more present in my life to where I'm not as easily pulled into those pieces that you were speaking to. Yeah. It's a super easy, quick practice. And it's, it's become one of my biggest tools that I use for sure. I do love it. What was your biggest like aha, or what was the thing that out of everything that we did cause we did a lot of embodied somatic experiences, which is one of the pieces that I, and I, that I do love about shamanism. 

And I love that you can add, you shared with me earlier that it's taking a lot of these different pieces that you've learned in other places and kind of all pulling it into one, but I'm curious, what was your, I don't know either the biggest aha or your biggest like, Oh my God, that was so amazing. Do you mind sharing? 

Speaker 2 (13m 39s): No, not at all. It was fascinating to me, like you said, I've learned all of these different modalities across time in my work of healing, both my own self and as a practitioner, a facilitator for other people. And it, it brought everything together in a container that has a ritual ceremony and a deep rooted lineage. It gave it a language, right. A common language across the board. 

And so there was like family constellation work in the sand painting work, you know, that's a, We you work with objects and you blow density. Like what, like when I say density like heavy emotions that you're feeling or a block that you're feeling, you blow it into a, a stick or a rock, and then you put it in a contained energetic field. And then you allow intuition to move these pieces around. So it can find a better flow. That was powerful. That's on the earth, that's on the earth. And so the earth energy is supporting it and holding it in mulching and the density and, and resourcing you through that process. 

So that was awesome. I love any work that's empowering. And I felt the whole weekend was all around giving us tools in our own healing, right? Anyone can do this. Anyone can learn how to tap in and track their energetic field. Anyone can learn how to breathe and be more conscious in their lives. Anyone can learn how to breed them, to density into their queue. yes' into these rocks that are in medicine rocks. And I've always thought that everything has a gift and the lesson always. 

And that was the language that was presented. Like, how is this benefited you? What, for me, that's the languages, what's the lesson here? You know, what are the gifts? Okay, what have I taken from this to become a better person? But 

Speaker 1 (15m 34s): Overall, probably 

Speaker 2 (15m 36s): The most impactful thing was the message. That truth will always be in the moment. And the gift like is always what you need will always come in the moment. Like Presence how important Presence is. And that actually, it was the card I drew on our last day when we did our closing ceremony, which was so beautiful, it was a miracle. And the miracle is in the moment, like everything will be given in that moment. And there's no scarcity in the present moment ever. 


Speaker 1 (16m 8s): That was, 

Speaker 2 (16m 10s): That was super affirming. 

Speaker 1 (16m 11s): How was it doing to receive rights? Oh, it was beautiful. 

Speaker 2 (16m 15s): So that touched my soul so deeply. And like I said, everything was so familiar on a soul level. It's like, this is a coming home. It's a remembering of who really who I am and who I've been and bringing timelines and lifetimes together into a unified experience. The only way I can describe it. In fact, when I met one of your friends at one of, I think it was a summer solstice fire ceremony, she looked at me and she's like, are you a Mesa carrier? 

And I was like, not, not yet in this time, I'm, I'm sure I have been, because it feels like such a deep piece of who I am and to, to work with that Sacred medicine that is so rooted in a lineage with supported by elders and, and tradition and such as sacredness, you know? Yeah. It was really beautiful. 

Speaker 1 (17m 8s): Mm. No thought it was a really beautiful, I think one of the pieces that I keep being reminded of through this medicine is I've been deepening. My Shamanic medicine that I hold is the, the rituals of ritual and the sacred rituals and how important that is. In fact, are you going to be my notebook? That's right there. I remember taking a note, something that Danielle said, just struck me about rituals. That is something that has gotten here in the room 

Speaker 2 (17m 35s): Out of your limbic brain. Is that, what was that? What was it takes you out of your limbic brain and to your neocortex, which is your God brain, 

Speaker 1 (17m 43s): Which is fascinating. Right. And again, it's something that's been lost in our every day society in our that are just moving constantly, the sacred rituals and ceremonies. And, you know, I know the people that are religious, they have different types of ceremonies that they go into. And, but what I, what I really loved about this as it, so earth oriented. And in fact, when Danielle called in a sacred space of the very beginning, I was so overwhelmed by, excuse me. 

I'm like at the talent of a cold, in some of my voice has still a little crackly, but I'm in the North. We call in the medicine, men and women, and we call it, she called in the medicine, men and women of the land. And it was so palpable. And so like I started crying because it was so just like, yes, these medicine, men and women are like, yes, you're here. Yes, let's do this. And they held us so sweetly in the space the whole time. And, you know, it's like, it was a good remembering to, and I brought this up in class with how often were taking from the land we don't give back in. 

These are different things that we do to give back whether it's through fire, through even our breath work, you know, we are connected to Pachamama and to, to God, or to the sun or anyway, and how, how deeply important that is. And it is just this last sentence that, that we've gotten away from. And, and really when I get excited about, of the times that we're in right now is it is a destruction of the old that has been prevalent for so long. And like we've talked about before destruction has chaos, but then once all that, that happens, then we're sat. 

Now we're sitting with now with this stillness almost a still point, the zero point of now, or two, where do we go from here? And this is why I believe we're on an a S a S quote, unquote Ascension path to having more of a peaceful planet. 'cause all of us are moving into more of the sovereign self and, you know, the sacred rituals, how do I do my meditation? How do I connect deeper with these, these elements that are within me, which I, I felt like is such a, like, I get excited that my kids are moving more into that, that that's going to be there, that my children's children's children, you know, the world that they'll have is more of that nourishing giving a peaceful planet because we're more in communion with our planet and not separated from it. 

Speaker 2 (20m 6s): Yeah. That was one thing that I loved about the weekend is this idea of the paradox of truce. And in shamanism, you hold these different perceptual States and there's the physical body, the emotional mental body, the spirit, the spirit body, and then the energetic matrix. And you can look at events or experiences from all of these different vision points and what can be true on the physical plane holds truth. 

And then you can look at it from a spiritual plane and it's a it's it's own truth, but there is a paradox to each other, you know, and all that and congruent. True. So that's the word. Thank you. And be able to hold that right. To me, that is Finding Oneness, In Duality right. Like both can be true and we don't have to be so polarized into black or white thinking. Like there's a whole spectrum of truth out there of on this level. It is like right now, politically it's a s**t show on a higher level. 

It's in service of something bigger, something better, something, you know, the school systems right now, it feels like chaos on something better on a high, like a, I don't want to say higher, a different perceptual way of looking at it. It's like, Oh, but this is a change that has to happen because it was no longer serving anyone. Right. It's an old paradigm that was more of about indoctrinating people into a program. And now we need to be free thinkers. We need to be more sovereign beings are not a product of a system. 

Right. You know, it's not going to work. It's already not working for our kids. I would almost say, that's why there's more ADHD add. Cause these kids don't fit these symptoms, 

Speaker 1 (21m 55s): The box, and there's the poster, this is our classrooms. This is how we behaved. This is what you need to do. Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (22m 1s): Based around control. And anyway, so yeah, 

Speaker 1 (22m 5s): The thing that I wrote down was that ceremony, reengages the myths, 

Speaker 2 (22m 9s): The Mystic yeah. Within a switch. I think that the, 

Speaker 1 (22m 13s): So that's partly why I'm a lot of people that do step into shamanism, have this deep calling to home because whether, and you brought that, we talked about this yesterday with how Shamanic medicine, at least, you know, this is the Incan tradition that I hold of that lineage, but there's so many different types of shamanism. But at the end of the day, it's all of this earth elemental energetic is that you're connecting to that. All of us can track our lineage back to those places where things were a lot simpler In and a lot of ways. 

And we were very rooted and connected into the earth. In fact, we depended on it for our survival and that's just been something that's lost. And I feel like most of us are craving that peace of how do we get back to that? How do we get back to that simplicity in my life, where I do feel that softness, that connectedness, that supportiveness, you know, 'cause really, when we are rooted and connected, we are, we understand we are never alone. And yeah, I think it's 

Speaker 2 (23m 16s): Well, and you don't get swept up in the drama of the moment of the, you can see the bigger picture. Right? What'd you think of the Triangle work? That's always my favorite. Oh, I like, again, I've been doing that for a really long time. Yeah. So the Triangle of Disempowerment and seeing where we are are, are we in victim? Are we in a perpetrator? We are in a rescuer and I've done all three. Well, we all 

Speaker 1 (23m 40s): Do. Yeah. Yeah. And that's always a kicker in a, 

Speaker 2 (23m 42s): And I, I know for me, I found, I shared this again 

Speaker 1 (23m 46s): In class was when I first did a, I was sitting there listening to the teacher and I'm like, I don't play into it. Like I don't play all these roles. And then it was like, Holy s**t. I played every single one. And this is the gift that I was gaining from. This is why I chose into each of the roles. 

Speaker 2 (24m 0s): Again, it's that perceptual shift where, and you have to have that to get out of the Triangle. Right. Otherwise you'll just go from victim to one of the other roles. Like you have to see, Oh, there was actually gifts here. That's why this was in my life. 

Speaker 1 (24m 17s): I'm stepping off that I can step off. Yeah, yeah, 

Speaker 2 (24m 20s): Yeah. And now I can see it for what it is and I made choose to come in. I may choose not to get to know it's Disempowerment so yeah, I think blasting out of that black and white way of thinking, that's been probably the most liberating part of my journey. I agree. Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (24m 41s): A hundred percent shifting perspective and learning that and learning the Triangle work with some of the stuff that was like, so pushed me into more of this path that I'm living now, which means that there is no judgment. You know, I had, I've had some interesting conversations with people over the years in a few that I'm thinking of that, you know, they had a hard time sharing a few pieces, and yet there was no judgment. And I L and D on one aspect of it, of course, there's no judgment. Like you're talking about, it's all part of the hole. And it's all a part of the main experience that were choosing to have. 

And, and these experiences, one in particular that I'm thinking of, you know, he had, he had made some poor choices in his life that he was carrying and was had, he had a hard time sharing what it was. And yet there, you know, it's like all of us have done some s****y things in our life. And yet it's taught us probably some of our biggest lessons. But yeah, that perspective in that paradigm shift just allows us to have more tolerance and understanding for people on they're on their path of whatever they're choosing. 

Speaker 2 (25m 45s): I feel a bit interesting. Practices if we have judgment, it's something to look at within ourselves. Like where are we judging ourself? Really? Because every, if everything is a reflection back to us of us, then where, what am I holding here that I am not in right. Relationship with, you know, that I can start looking at because we can change anything outside of us. Right. 

Speaker 1 (26m 9s): Right. And that's always an interesting nuance and kind of a kicker to all the things that we experience is that ability to look within us. Okay. How am I attracting this in my life? And sometimes it is a, there's an, I think we may have talked about this before, but especially in the spiritual community, you can totally bypass and do all sorts of s**t of, Oh, well, that is just, you know, you, you're explaining to that. You're upset by something that did well, that's just your perspective of me. And I'm not gonna take any kind of accountability. And unfortunately that happens if you're with lower vibrational beings that claim their spiritual was a total judgemental comment. 

Speaker 2 (26m 45s): I still think that's true though, Amanda, I do. I think our triggers are all a no or a a hundred percent ours. Right. 

Speaker 1 (26m 52s): So what I'm saying is the ability to be able to always look within is what I'm saying. Right. I wasn't finished with what I am, where I was sorry, that it's always that piece of like that happens. And there's always that attraction and that affinity of why we're experiencing whatever it is that we were choosing to experience. And those pieces are hard to look at within, Oh my God, why did I, somebody just posted in this human resonance page that I follow that she's like, I've noticed that a lot of us that are quote unquote, light workers choose to be with a narcissist. 

And I don't understand why. And, and that's an Andrew sting, you know, it's like, why would somebody who is a light worker choose to be with a narcissist? And it's like, Oh my goodness, that the sky's the limit. As far as how they answers there would be to this because everybody's on their own personal journey, regardless of whatever life, whatever it is, 

Speaker 2 (27m 40s): Your answer is, is why you're in that us anyway. She's like, I'm just trying to figure out what it is for the collective. And, and again, this, 

Speaker 1 (27m 48s): It was back to just letting like it's almost just is letting go of all of those things that we think that define us and just being completely present with what is, 

Speaker 2 (27m 57s): And stay in your own f*****g lane. Right? Like it's, it's not really any of my business where anyone else is that it's my field and How, I, it's relational for me. It's relational. That's my language. So however someone comes in and I'm affected by that interaction. That's mine. It's not theirs. Right. 

Speaker 1 (28m 20s): I didn't see it to be like, Oh, they made me feel like this. Are they meeting that can make you feel a damn theme, especially with family dynamics. Yeah. Yeah. And which is tricky. And the more you learn tools and more, I mean, I've navigated it, you've navigated it. The more we really come into it with ourselves and, and come into that sovereignty, GaN, we may notice things and things ping, but We, its like, well that's my stuff. Okay. Deep breath sending that back out. I'm not, you know, whatever that is. 

Speaker 2 (28m 47s): But I mean, there is a, there's that fine line about boundaries, right? Like, Oh a hundred percent. Yeah. Like that that's different, but projecting something on you. This is yours. You need to shift that. It's like, I'll look at my piece of it. And this is my boundary. Right. When we've talked about that in the past. So yeah. Probably don't want to step into that again, but I don't know. 

Speaker 1 (29m 9s): Well, we, I don't know that everybody always listened to every single, every single thing. 

Speaker 2 (29m 12s): So they don't hang on every word we say a TM. It were, we're a fan f*****g tastic. They should. Right? No, I'm teasing. No boundaries is a really important practice and it took me. Yeah. I I'm, it's still, I'm still figuring that out. Especially like my role of mom. When do those boundaries look like my role in a relationship with your significant other? What does that look like? Parents like friends, all that. Yeah. 

So those nuances. Yeah. So I did a really fun thing yesterday. Oh yeah. I worked with, so one of my friends, she is a funny way a practitioner. Oh yeah. In fact, Feng Shui as a ch I believe it was Chinese, a practice of creating spaces where energy flows and I believe it works with the directions and elements, but I don't know. I'm not a hundred percent. Yeah. 

Yeah. So she's been, she came in as a massage client and then we've done energy work and then we've become good friends. And so now we're trading and I had her come in because I am a very sentimental being and loved to hold on to things with the idea of, I may need it someday or, you know, whatever, whatever. And my, I love books. Like books are my lovers. I love them. I love them so much in my bedroom. 

I cannot believe how many books I had in my bedroom. Like everywhere, everywhere, and opening up some shared space in my living, my, my personal space to a significant person that's coming to my life. So it was this perfect opportunity. Right. And the thing that blows my mind is I had already had the appointment set before any of this came in and it was like, of course, this showed up in the support timing. The timing was perfect. 

So she came in and we got, should done like in an hour and a half. Wow. Cleared so much space. And I had a big, huge armoire in my living room that was just sitting there and kind of really heavy. And so we opened it up and it became a bookshelf with a decorative pieces and books. And now it opens up that whole living space where it's more inviting. And my, my son Liam, he's like, I love this part. This, this is my favorite part of the house. I want you to sit and read books now. 

And I'm like, yay, because that's so cool. That's like up in the shared living space. So I never go down in the basement. So that's like inviting him into that space and then clearing out the space in my bedroom for a shared space. It felt so, so good and so supportive. And it's amazing how just simple things can create a better flow of energy. Right. And just, even though I love those books, they needed a different place to occupy space. 

And she said, books are our actions. Like when there is a book in your space, it is, it's an inviting and action to pick it up and read it. Right. And what is the energy you want in your bedroom? Is that it is that the space that you want to action? You know, they're all the books that are on my nightstand have the layers of, okay, I'm reading this one and then this one on this. Well, I know, and I did choose to have to keep a few right on my bed stand because I do like to read them in bed or a nightstand, but I didn't need 50 books. There is probably 50 books on me know, so yeah, that was amazing. 

And then we went through my closet a little bit and again, clothes, I haven't worn it in six years, but I may have that one time. And so to have an objective person United put on this jacket and may be wear it once and it was really cute. And she goes, yeah, it's really cute. And it's a bit dated, like the buttons and, you know, would you really wear it? No. Okay. And so I could start letting go of cause objects, hold energy, right? Every everything holds energy. So being more conscious of what we were having in our spaces and the energy of a whole, like it's such a beautiful practice of clearing so that energy can flow and we can be less cluttered. 

Speaker 1 (33m 32s): I know I, if I'm kind of in a mood and I have nothing to do, I will all, okay, what am I going to go organize or declutter today? And it always will shift, even though sometimes I don't really want to do it. In fact, I just went through and did a storage room. That is just a s****y was now it's not a cent. It does. Is it? It's so crazy how connected it is to our emotional, mental, physical bodies. And he does a lighter, yeah. One of the women in the, in the circle from this weekend, this past weekend shared that she's like, it's like, we just cleaned out a bunch of 

Speaker 2 (34m 4s): The closets, you know, the sign. And it was like, yeah, that's a really good analogy. Yeah. And when you, 

Speaker 1 (34m 8s): And when you clean stuff out, whether it's physically or emotionally, mentally, you make room for something else to come in, which is fantastic because if we're constantly cluttered in our life in general, whether it's thoughts, whether it's in our physical homes and our emotional body, there's no room for these other pieces, these gifts to be able to come in. And so it is a really cool, I love that you did that. And it is fun that the timing worked out so perfectly. 

Speaker 2 (34m 35s): Well, there are so many synchronistic things happening right now on my life, which is scary sometimes. And you'll find, I find myself like second guessing, and then I'm like, no, I've done a lot of conscious work to call this in your head. So why the f**k am I getting in my own way to get the f**k out of my day, 

Speaker 1 (34m 56s): We are humans. And on some level we've been programmed that thinks I have to be 

Speaker 2 (34m 59s): So that it doesn't just come easy. That was a huge thing we worked with this weekend. Right. Or last weekend. Yeah. And it's just a part of our program. 

Speaker 1 (35m 6s): Well, even collectively that's asking to be rooted and dismantled of things have to be hard. And in order to achieve something, I have to bust my ass to get it and sacrifice my health, my happiness in order to receive this thing. And then I'm actually a really not happy when I receive it and, you know, 

Speaker 2 (35m 24s): Can we get it? I don't think I deserve it. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (35m 27s): How did that just really come in that easily? And I think I mentioned this when I had that experience where I'm like, Holy s**t, did I just manifest it? And yet that's where we're moving to where we can manifest that quickly. And part of it is what you're saying. You know, it's reprogramming our belief systems and reprogramming our DNA in that lineage is holding a lot of things have to be hard because that's how it was, but it's not how it's going to be. And we're working on moving that and releasing it. And it's a beautiful reminder. I know I've had a few different things when you're talking about the synchronicities that I have been trusting more and more in timing of I was going through a bunch of health things that I noticed that my client practice totally dropped. 

And I went in to judgment around it. We don't people, you know, and then I had an instant thought of know, this is clearing space. So you can take care of this other piece. And once I cleared that, you know, took care of that piece, all of a sudden my client practiced and dumped right back up. And so I'll notice and I've been, I've definitely been in a place of more flow where it just allowing things to come in when they're going to come in and just trusting the timing. And it is such a beautiful practice to be in because there is that it gets you out of the judgmental mind, which judgment stops you from any kind of movement. 


Speaker 2 (36m 43s): And 

Speaker 1 (36m 44s): I'm, there is just that. It's a lot more of a, it's a hummingbird medicine. It's a sweeter medicine hummingbird. Like it's when it gets called to take that fight across the oceans, it doesn't stop to go. I wonder where I can get food along the way. It just trusts and it moves and it goes, and flies is unimaginable flight cross the ocean's to wherever it's been called to go next. And it just trusts. And that's definitely a hummingbird is one of my totem, my PA my totem animal, actually. And so I've been pulling that in more and more and more the Joy the receiving that, you know, the trusting the story is in motion 

Speaker 2 (37m 20s): In and that's why I keep coming back to why can't it be easy? Why can it be 

Speaker 1 (37m 27s): For yeah. So yeah. Why can't that? Yeah. We're just a practice of dismantling. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (37m 33s): I I've been sitting with that and I've got the answer and where that comes from up and why is Valerie Oh, mighty wise 

Speaker 1 (37m 42s): One, the sheriffs. It was dumb. 

Speaker 2 (37m 46s): I'm not putting you on a pedestal just so that we don't I'm already There no, I'm kidding. I'm back to the belief, the story that we were created as a slave race to support the few that have been in Power, if you want to keep people in slaved, why wouldn't you put a program in that it's hard to have what you want to always have to work for it. You're never going to be worthy of it. You're never quite there. You're never quite there. Yeah. Keep going, keep going, keep going. 

You know, like put your shoulder to the wheel, push along, throw it up, like, and now we're seeing it for what it is and shifting to like, Hmm, no, I can do that. That horizontal shift too. The vertical shift of abundance and I'm connected to the earth, energy am connected to source and I, my own creator of my life out of the Triangle I know on our way to be there. 

Speaker 1 (38m 40s): So that tipping point, we talked about it a little bit with the whole consciousness of the planet that it actually doesn't take a whole lot of us to raise our frequency enough to have that tipping point. And this goes back to those timelines of a thinking, you know, some people who believe that they know what the future holds is like, it depends because if we all really start, not all, but a significant amount of us raise our frequency in our vibration enough, it will completely tip the timelines and shift where we're going as a planet and as a collective, which is a really, really cool and fascinating thing. 

Yeah. Did you ever watch the dark crystal? You know, that's one of my friend's TEALS, Teal's favorite movies and I'm like, Oh, I should watch it. And I never did. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (39m 22s): It just keeps seeing, so there's this, I think there, the skaters or the Scotties, something like that. There are these kinds of like crab, like creatures that are really scary and they've got these big shells and the, that, and then there's these old wise ones that kind of shuffle along and they're polarized versions of each other. And at the K I'm I'm blowing the end for you. What's it called? Is that called spoiler spoiler alert at the end, they merged together and they become these conduits of light that are in a circle and their connected to heaven and earth. 

And it shifts the whole thing, the people of shadow and two together. And it became one. Right. So I know how to work together. Okay. Right. Well, within yourself to, right. So it's this idea that when you are so polarized within yourself, you can't find that when it's within. Yeah. Yeah. I know. 

Speaker 1 (40m 18s): I love being in the space. I love being in the energetics. I love being in the medicine, especially with Shamanic medicine, you know, when I'm putting my own nuances on it, but I love it. And that gets just stunning work. It's beautiful work. It's beautiful knowings and holdings, you know of, and I've had a recent conversations where it's like every member being in those places of being afraid to look at my shadow of being afraid to go in those pieces that needed healing because I may never come out. And I'm so grateful. I did obviously come out and for me, I'm so grateful that I'm on the other side, that I've done all this work because it is work to clear it. 

And you know, maybe we were the generation that was that chose to come in to clear these old programs in these old patterns that we have been carrying down to our lineage for so long so that our children can then create a new world in their children. And that is more of a peaceful place in if that's what the call was that we answered. I'm happy to do it. I mean, we've been doing it well, that's it. 

Speaker 2 (41m 19s): So that's been my soul's call. Right. I feel like that's why I've been on this path. It was really fascinating to me. We did a journey this weekend and in the journey, I like an old story came up and I'm like, f**k what, 

Speaker 1 (41m 36s): But, and I have looked at that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (41m 40s): Well, even in the past year, a family constellation work, but it was a different layer of it. And the, the clearing work was more in relational to family stuff. My mom came in, my dad came in and had this conversation of again, the what's the gift and what's the learning there. And then the patriarchy came in in form of an old Mormon Bishop, you know, and doing some clearing work there personally with the patriarchy. And then any personal work we do is also a collective piece. 

Right. I thought that was fascinating because I've done some archetypal work before in other spaces. And to have that show up in such a powerful way, it was really a beautiful experience. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (42m 24s): Moved quicker and it was less didn't have as much of those grips, I would have to do 

Speaker 2 (42m 29s): It. Wasn't as dense. Yeah. That's what I do love about this. You don't have to go into the trauma to heal the trauma. 

Speaker 1 (42m 36s): Right. And sometimes you do, depending on what you need, how you need your healing, but like you're talking about it. That's one of the things that I've noticed as the layers come up there, even though there is that part of us, it's like, are you serious? This has coming up again. I'm done so much. I just recently actually had a session. I'm trying to clear out this cold that I had gotten. And it was energetics from when my mom was pregnant with me and my brother died and I cannot tell you how many sessions I've done around it. So there is the instant judgment of what is it like this, and yet it's just another layer, but it's a less emotional, less gripping, less anchored hooked, you know, it does move quicker. 

And it's like, okay, all right, what other layer we move in of this? All right, let's just do it and get her done. And I think we forget, oftentimes, especially in our spiritual progression that we're all trying to accomplish or achieve. We chose to be human chose to be in this physical body, in this beautiful earth. And, and again, that's why I think the gift of presence is so important to ourselves, of being in the now moment of, of being in the physical and not disassociating with our physical bodies. 

And always going into the energetics are always, you know, tripping and wanting to do journeys. 'cause it feels good there, its like, well it also feels good here when you become more active, not acclimated, but more on any with all the way, you know, the mental or emotional, the spiritual, all of the energetic potties, then the physical body as an extremely important one. And I know for me, I've been having more appreciation and more love and acceptance of these pieces of that. For me, I've kind of always, you know, especially as women, we, and it's not just women, but all the pieces of how I'm not, I don't look good enough, Ray have this too much of whatever. 

Get my body has been one of the biggest vehicles to learn in my gifts. It is the, I mean, because I am very somatic with what I feel even I'm noticing for a long time, I would have uncontrollable shaking that would come in and I've always tried to figure out what that is and different emotions, different feelings that I've felt over the years that have really plagued me. And I'm understanding more and more. It's just the, my shaking is actually moving in different conversations. I'm recognizing that I'm kind of a conduit to a shifting the, the frequency on the vibration of whatever conversation is happening. 

So for me, it was just learning, understanding that more and then breathing through it. Cause it's raising the frequency. It's, it's, it's another form of moving density of whatever's happening. And then I will, every once in a while I we'll get this disgusting, really gross emotion that ever since I was a little that will come in and that I cannot tell you for how long has, is it, this is it. This is something wrong with me. Is it, am I feeling a dark spirit? Am I feeling, and I'm, I'm tuning in to where that's actually a collective energy of sexual shadow? 

Speaker 2 (45m 36s): Well, because it has a very sexual yeah, it's all coming to the surface 

Speaker 1 (45m 40s): In two different spaces and actually will come in in, in different healing spaces sometimes. And for me it's just recognizing and then just, you know, sending it out and you know, when, anytime there's more light, that's coming to the planet, there is also more shadow that is going to come up to meet it. And that's where we get to be even stronger conduits of understanding a that doesn't have any more power over us than we do. And being very respectful and how we work with it. Just like we would be if we were walking down a dark alleyway as a single woman, being careful and noticing what your surroundings Our, it's the same thing. 

And that energetic matrix that We, that we sit in, have a really recognizing that understanding how powerful we are and utilizing all parts of who we are, especially the human part. There's a really nothing to do. And there's nothing to be done other than just being and living life. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (46m 33s): I mean, I still hold to the idea that this is the point, like being in a human body on this planet, experiencing the full spectrum is the point. And I got, as you were talking, I was thinking about on a grandmother of Jesus and Yeshua. And I love that my relationship with him is shifted like for a long time, it was like, yeah, that Jesus guy buh-bye like, nah, no, no, no place in my belief system. 

And to be opened to a different aspect or a different story of who he was, that he was human, that it was a, a a hundred percent human. And he learned how to raise his vibration, not to separate from his human body, but to actually ascend with his body. And what if on an intergalactic peace, that is where we're in service as to learn how to be so embodied and hold a really high frequency that we can do transportation or is that what is called? 

Speaker 1 (47m 42s): We can try and translate. We can, we can ascend with our physical bodies when we die. 

Speaker 2 (47m 46s): What's it called when you're in two places at one time teleportation by location and teleportation and 

Speaker 1 (47m 53s): My location is sending your energetic body as well. So you look like you're somewhere else, but your physical body is. Yeah, yeah, 

Speaker 2 (47m 59s): Yeah. And well, and yes, all those things, all of those things. So yeah. So here's a question. 

Speaker 1 (48m 5s): Well, they've been sitting with, because I, I feel like I've been, I, I, for me and my personal journey, I've been making more and more peace. I get fills more in alignment. Yes. Human body, physical dah, dah, dah, dah being present. And in the now moment, and if we chose to be in this earth at this time in the 3d, which is what we chose to be in, and this whole idea of actually ascending the planet, that part is catching me a little bit. Like, yes, I love the idea that we're moving into more of a five D 'cause. 

That is a world that I'd rather my children and their children and their children to live in that is more full of abundance and peace and all of these aspects. But then it kind of takes you, especially when I was sharing a little bit of this idea that on a soul level, choosing to incarnate and different timeframes and different 3-d 45 different planets, you know, I Mark or whatever 'cause, those were different experiences we chose to have on a soul level as an individually rated soul, choosing all of these experiences because then once we have all of that, then we go and create, say, let's say this is true. 

We go and create our own world. And then we're actually the source of that world. 

Speaker 2 (49m 19s): If that's the case, 

Speaker 1 (49m 21s): Then if we chose in this 3d matrix to understand it and learn 3d mental, you know, lessons, why would we be moving it to five days? 

Speaker 2 (49m 30s): So what you're saying, because I'm having some big thoughts with me, are you having big thoughts? Yes. Because I'm a big thinker and that makes me happy. So what I see when I look at it, as I see the chakra system, right? And we've been moving through lifetimes on this planet from a very root chakra, a survival tribal living tribal mentality. 

And we move up to the second one, like, Oh, we're creators. We don't have to just survive. We get to create. And we get to start putting expressions of ourselves out in the world. And when we shifted from that to Power paradigms, right? Third, third chakras like bickering out through experience through humanity, through the 3d bodies. Our Power paradigms. And some are like, I need all the power in the world. And the other is spectrums. I have no Power and playing on that field. 

And I feel like now we're moving from that third chakra up into the heart, into 

Speaker 1 (50m 42s): And into 

Speaker 2 (50m 44s): Our interconnectedness, into our unconditional love, into that expression of what it means to be human. Right. And I just feel like maybe this Ascension idea is consciousness raising through the chakras, which I asked Danielle once. Oh, it was in that Saturday. It's soulful Saturday that you guys did because she was talking about these different levels of dimension, you know, first, second, third, fourth. And I'm like, do those correspond to the chakras because that's interesting to me. 

And they do in a way like 4d is the heart level five D is more of a throat chakra. A 60 is more of the third I 70 is more of the crown, you know, and maybe these are, we pull it so far outside of ourselves and is really not outside of ourselves. Right. Because it keeps coming back to Oneness and Oneness is within ourselves, but we can't find it within ourselves. We're never going to find it anywhere else. The sense of belonging. 

That was a big thing that came for me this weekend is I belong. I belong, I have my place and no one can make that true for me. And no one can take that away from me. It's my own owning my own stepping into. So this idea of 

Speaker 1 (52m 4s): Like becoming 

Speaker 2 (52m 5s): Our own source, we already, our own source. We already are creators. We are already putting Our, we're creating our world right now. So it's not something we're sending to where already in practice of it. And it's just like, okay, where, where am I? Like maybe collectively we're moving through these chakras, but individually we can choose anywhere to play along that spectrum. Yeah, it, does that make sense? Or am I just rambling? No, it makes sense. And 

Speaker 1 (52m 35s): You know, which is something that I've been sitting with. Cause the way my brain works is always wanting to understand pieces. And I had shared with you that whole idea that I had listened to as far as the different dementia that we choose to live in and, you know, for the greater whole kind of a thing. And I'm, I'm way dumbing this down in summarizing this for the sake of time, because there's a part of me that, yeah, my God died a long time ago. And then I kind of had a different idea of what God was or source. And for a while I was just been sitting with source and an unknown, like it's, you know, when I call in source, it is father, mother, God, you who are known by a thousand names and yet are the unknowable one, are they a nameable won? 

And I agree with you. It is, it is knowing the source that is within a, within us that it's not separate from us needing that's part of, there's not a whole identifying piece of when I connect my luminous core to source or bring in that energy is not necessarily to a thing it's too a collective thing that his collectively all of us. And yet there's an aspect of me that believes that there is an ha a quote unquote higher source in the sense of consciousness of having that greater understanding and, and knowing of all things. 

And so this was something that I'm like, huh? Cause somebody had asked you no, is it possible to have more than one source? And so this is why she was answering this question as far as her knowing. And so it was interesting to sit with. And, and again, part of me just likes to, you know, I like to land somewhere in non kind of hover and I'm okay. Hovering and the in between of, you know what I am not sure. And I'm okay. Not knowing as well, but there is that landing piece that I like to have and tell it moves because of my, I don't ever feel like my beliefs stay stagnant, which by the way, I've loved. 

That was something that I learned years ago have this is my belief now, but it could change from giving myself permission. Yes. That is not something that I have to hold on to forever and ever, and ever, and ever that it's like, yeah, right now, this is what I know until something like this election, for example, I've had one belief for a while and now I don't know. Yeah. You know, and, and, and that, like, it doesn't hit my ego because there's an ego piece that normally would hit with me. So I have to know I need to be wrong. And it's like, it has nothing to do with that. It's just, we're constantly growing and evolving as humans in and out of this conscious experience. 

And so then our understanding would be changing all the time. Our collective is constantly changing the holding of what truth is, is constantly changing well. And I guess that's where I am. 

Speaker 2 (55m 9s): I feel the unknowable one is constantly changing because we are its information as it changes, we know as well as we grow as we grow. Right. I know it doesn't, you can't define that. Yeah. Yeah. And it's not, it's nothing separate from us. That's the thing I feel like that is the biggest solution is this idea of Ascension to become source. We already are. What on that, for me, 

Speaker 1 (55m 40s): I not ascending two with the idea that I want to become a source. It's just more for me personally, I want to know, and embody all aspects of my self in this physical life that I can, you know, I wanna grow my gifts. I want you to feel like I'm of service and in my self. Right? Yeah. It was just one of those things that I'm like, huh? That's an interesting idea. And yeah, that would be cool. Go create your own, 

Speaker 2 (56m 3s): The planet. It's like, but what is it you're already doing that. That is my point. Is that a good, a good place to be? You ever watched that? It was so cute. Yeah. I love her. We can't say it. Why can't I say fork? Yeah. Yeah. I love that. That's my point is we already are. Yeah. And the more we know we are, we are in your belief, in my belief system, everyone must accept. No kidding. You do. For me, that is the most empowered place I can stand is that I am already creating my, my world if you will. 

And I'm an energetic vortex. And I call in all the players, I call it in all the pieces based on my belief system, based on the frequency I hole. And then there's this interconnectedness, right? When someone else comes in to my bortec's or I go into theirs or it's the meeting, then there's that interplay. Right. But it's always reflecting back to me, me in more information about myself, that's a microcosm to what I see as a macrocosm of what sources, right. 

That's what I feel. It's not some ascended being as just its a completion of everything and nothing of the same time. And as we learn to be more conscious and playful in that space, we are expressing our source self. 

Speaker 1 (57m 30s): You are in whatever the expression that in your choosing to have. I believe that everything is part of the collective and part of the hole. And you know, like we talked about earlier, the, the paradox and the increment truth that we can hold because all things are part of the whole, everything is 

Speaker 2 (57m 47s): And, and everything is frequency, everything's vibration. And so if it's showing up in my world, it's informing me of a vibrational frequency. I am holding. And if I don't like it, that's my work is to shift that. And that's, I mean, circling back to the conversation earlier about synchronicities and timing and you know, all of this, it's like, no, I can trust it. I can trust what shows up because I've become so empowered and how I am creating my life. 

So I'm no longer in this Triangle at all. You know what I mean? 

Speaker 1 (58m 22s): Is that right there, I think is the kicker, especially for someone who's just starting out this work and you know, when you say to someone who's had a really difficult life and things keep happening to them over and over again, that that's actually all a part of their creation. That is a very hard thing to unpack. Oh, for sure. Absolutely. So I'm just putting that out there for anyone who's listening that it's like, are you f*****g kidding me? It's like, no, we're not kidding. And everything we're saying is a hundred percent true. And, and it is a hard thing to unpack, especially when you're in the thick of it in life. 

Just seems like one thing after another, after another, after another. And I think the advice, if that's, if that seems to be where you are at for me, I would suggest, and I'll be curious what you would suggest to someone who is in that. I would suggest a few things, one lighten your load, whatever you've got going on every day, start doing less 'cause again, it goes back to that decluttering piece. If you're constantly just in you're reacting constantly to life, instead of being a co-creator and if, and that's where I would take a step back were can you remove things and take things off your plate so that you have more space for things. 

And then I would come into a practice somehow, whether it's working with someone or just doing your own breath, work meditation, some kind of piece of where you are consistently trying to do something to where you are getting more in touch with your self more embodied. Yeah. What would you suggest? 

Speaker 2 (59m 55s): Well, that's where the in congruent truths, come in, write and understanding that we're multi-dimensional beings and what's true on a physical level can hold truth that can hold, it can hold truths. Like those who are victims who have been a part of anything that feels violent or 

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 17s): Out of their power. That is true. 

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 20s): Yeah. And we're not, it's not my passing that we're not bypassing that. Right. And if that becomes our identity, that keeps us in that Triangle and it takes our power away again and again and again and again and again and again, and it's like, okay, is that the story you want to live? Or where can you take your power back? And so maybe working with a different view of it, like, is this an ancestral piece that I'm playing out again? And again, is this a something that I chose into to satisfy and an understanding of what I've been a perpetrator? 

And now I understand what it feels like to be a victim, like in just shifting perspectives instead of identifying. So like I have to hold so tight to This where can I lose out on that grip a little bit and start looking at things in a different way to take my power back. Yeah. That's and it's, and it is about being in your body. That's where the truth lives, the truth that lives in your body and working with someone that can help you start tapping in and releasing those layers of density, those layers of trauma, those layers of hurt. 

So you can start moving into 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 29s): A more healed 

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 30s): Perspective and understanding in a holding and a healed way of being, of being. Yeah. And, and it, the thing that does, or from my experience, those people who have been the perpetrator in my life, I can hold them in a different way. I can see a bigger, broader perspective of them and it pulls me off the Triangle again, you know, rather than, Oh, this, this person is always, the bad guy is like, Oh, you know what? This person had their own shit's storm that created this perpetual pattern of being, or, you know what I mean? 

Or are they trying the best they can, you know, like our parents looking at my parents' of wow, they went through some really tough s**t and they were doing the bus. They knew how so I can hold them in a different way. And it shifts, it creates a space. Right? Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 21s): And I, you know, if, if anyone listening is wanting to do more embodied, Triangle work to where you can understand this, you can reach out to me. I know a few people, I mean, I can help facilitate it valproic acid as well. And you can yeah. So reach out because that's definitely a, a very quick way to understand what a, it feels like to be on the Triangle 'cause, it's a very somatic experience. So 

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 43s): The screening you're feeling in your body, it was so mad at you. 

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 46s): So that way you can understand when your that's like your I identifier. Oh my God. I'm on the Triangle. Okay. I don't want to do that. So I'm actually literally going to shift my feet or change my position in the chair so that I'm consciously setting off of stepping off of it because a lot of it is just programming. And that's why I think for me, the first step is where can you declutter aspects in your life to where you can have more space to be able to see more consciously. And I guess maybe that's our ask, right. Is where can you work? 

Can you lessen the load in your life? If you feel like life is taking you over right now so that you can be more available for other things in a positive way to come in? Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 30s): There are so many tools. Like what I learned this last weekend with using the was like a physical object that you can transfer, transfer density from your body. 

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 42s): So you don't have to hold any more and you're giving 

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 44s): It to Pachamama here. So you hold this 

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 48s): For me. So what that practice does is it moves the emotions out of the body. So whether it's anger, rage, sadness, pain, whatever it is, it takes it. So your physical body is not holding it up and moves it out. And then there's that trusting of holding in the pot, the Pachamama energy, that earth energy, and her medicine of her being able to take that and work with you in that and moving it out. 

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 10s): Yeah. And then using the element of fire, like fire is such a powerful 

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 14s): Tool coming up. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 16s): So a few blow it into a STIC, burn it. And the fire and fire as a chemical, it takes some something from one form to another, and then you can even use all the elements if you want to, but starting with fire, like put it in, place it in the fire and trust that fire will I'll count. Alchemize it in your experience. And it can be that easy. Right? It can be that easy. Yep. And just saying, I see this and I'm letting it go. And this is what I'm calling in to replace it. 

And then it becomes that practice of here's my lesson. This is what, how it benefited me. One of the things that came up for me this weekend was a story. And it's on a collect, its on an individual familial and collective level is I am, I'm not lovable. I'm not worthy of love. Right. How many of us have felt that? Right? I'm like, Oh I can have it. And it's like, okay, here it is. So working with that, what was the benefit? 

What me excused to play a small write, to not step into my power and not to be seen, not to be expressed in the world. Like it gave me permission to do that. And is that really benefiting me? No, maybe in the past it was, but now I'm ready to let that go. So blow it in the stick, throw it in the fire. Okay. What am I going to replace that I'm stepping into my sovereignty, blow it into the stick. I'm stepping into my power. I'm stepping into my expression, my voice, my creative expression in the world and alchemize it with fire. 

Right. And then I feel like the kicker is the integration. If we don't integrate things, nothing changes. So consciously choosing that new pattern, that new level of engagement. Right. Because if we keep going back to the old thing of, Oh, I can't be, I can't speak the truth is you're just going to keep getting more of the same. Right. So the integration piece is I'm I'm gonna speak my truth. 

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 21s): Like, Oh wait a minute. I let go of that piece. Yeah. I'm not going to cycle back in it. It is that reremembering piece like, okay, this is something I'm choosing to let go of consciously. I'm pulling this in. So in the, the brain mapping, I am remapping that place that used to be held. And I'm no longer choosing that thought, that pattern, that behavior. And instead I'm, I'm choosing this new holding and I may not know what the new behavior or a new action is with it. But the new thought pattern is there. 

And trusting that I'll know how to move into this new way of being, because a lot of times those new places are uncomfortable. We're very comfortable in our pain and misery those places, it it's that holding on to it because it's familiar. Yup. And then that's that conscious choice. I'm letting go. I'm stepping into this. And then it's the 21 days of, okay, I'm consciously reprogramming this in my body, in my brain. 

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 15s): And there are so many tools to help meditation breath work, microdosing that spend huge to rewire brains. Like There, they're finding more and more studies that using plant medicine can really take years of therapy and shift it. 'cause it's a rewiring and the brain. So it's all about intention, right? So, so there's so many tools, shamans, healers, you know, and really we're our own best healer. 

So trusting ourselves in that process, journaling CRE like using Korea's like things that were blowing into it. 

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 53s): So when she says create a, she actually means S and S and in the shamonic tradition, stones become your key as they're in your medicine, because you work with them, you transmute the energy and then they receive rights. You receive rights. Yeah. So just so that for reference. 

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 10s): So thank you. I did. I might wait, no Korea, something different. Thank you. Yeah. Cool. Yes. I'm learning this new language and it ended up hold 

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 16s): On. I always love our podcast time together for me too. We should probably wrap up. I th I think we did our ask, right? We are just working. You are free up space on your lap because I think that's a pretty simple and actually really hard when I was asked to do this, that was when I was running my business. And she actually said only do three things outside of all, the little, like I have to get my kids to school. Like carpool only have three things. And that was challenging for me. But, so what do you mean three things like three things that I'm going to do today is like your to-do list. 

So that keeps you so busy that you can be present outside of that. I have to get my kids. You got to go out to get outside of those and brush my teeth and go to the bathroom and eat outside of that. Taking that off only three things that you're doing. And when I was asked this a while ago, that's when it came in that it was time to shut my business down. And I was shocked. She was shocked. And I'm like, well, that's what I got. So, and it was, you know, a beautifully happened, all of that, whatever. 

Anyway, blah-blah-blah but make space, make space, make space. How have your practice to allow energy to flow in a different way. Yeah. I have a fabulous day. Thanks for listening. 

Speaker 0 (1h 9m 33s): Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope that there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember, you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality. We'd love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two-sided. So come be the other side. it. It's too long. Thank you. So, okay. We've got to step back. You had to pull it out in laughter is good for the soul. 

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 25s): All right. That's cool. Okay.