Finding Oneness In Duality

As Above, So Below

September 24, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 2 Episode 18
As Above, So Below
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
As Above, So Below
Sep 24, 2020 Season 2 Episode 18
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 18....As above so below...As within so without. We are in a time of individual shedding of old belief patterns, old systems and the default brain programs that have been creating our lives. It's a time to go within and become Present to heal, claim and integrate our Shadows and deep wounding. As we work through shedding the layers, the practice of integration means we see ALL parts of ourselves and claim our shadow and wounds as part of who we are. In this deep place of healing and integration, we are no longer controlled by the unhealed aspects of ourselves. As each of us becomes more conscious in our patterns and belief systems, we are in a new practice of shedding the wounded layers and emerging as a new version of ourselves in the world. 
On a Collective Level, we are faced with the death of how things have been, in our Government, our School Systems, our Economy, our "normal" is being challenged as it shifts, adapts to the current narrative, and is emerging as something "different." Can we focus on letting go of the Old and trusting the process of shedding the layers of systems that no longer serve us? Can we trust that life is and will continue to emerge and rebirth into an experience that is more serving of where our souls are evolving and asking us to go? Is our Individual experience reflective of the Collective Experience and is the Collective Experience showing us how to go deeper into our shedding and healing practice? 
Join us for an exploration into some big ideas of how we are connected and interconnected on multiple layers as we learn to let go and rebirth ourselves. 

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Episode 18....As above so below...As within so without. We are in a time of individual shedding of old belief patterns, old systems and the default brain programs that have been creating our lives. It's a time to go within and become Present to heal, claim and integrate our Shadows and deep wounding. As we work through shedding the layers, the practice of integration means we see ALL parts of ourselves and claim our shadow and wounds as part of who we are. In this deep place of healing and integration, we are no longer controlled by the unhealed aspects of ourselves. As each of us becomes more conscious in our patterns and belief systems, we are in a new practice of shedding the wounded layers and emerging as a new version of ourselves in the world. 
On a Collective Level, we are faced with the death of how things have been, in our Government, our School Systems, our Economy, our "normal" is being challenged as it shifts, adapts to the current narrative, and is emerging as something "different." Can we focus on letting go of the Old and trusting the process of shedding the layers of systems that no longer serve us? Can we trust that life is and will continue to emerge and rebirth into an experience that is more serving of where our souls are evolving and asking us to go? Is our Individual experience reflective of the Collective Experience and is the Collective Experience showing us how to go deeper into our shedding and healing practice? 
Join us for an exploration into some big ideas of how we are connected and interconnected on multiple layers as we learn to let go and rebirth ourselves. 

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Inanda Joy and I'm Valerie. And we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart while Finding Oneness In Duality don't thumb, thumb. 

Speaker 2 (19s): So how are you doing birthday girl? It's your birthday a week. I know. I keep thinking it's Friday. Your birthday is on Friday and it's a Saturday. That type of thing. That time thing. Yeah. Well, and you were a Virgo sun where half of the last night tonight is that powerful new moon in Virgo energy. And I am feeling something today. Yeah, it's funky. I'm trying to remember what Virgo new moon, cause I've read a ton of stuff and none of it is stuck. 

Yeah, same. I what I remember is its really an opportunity to shed these, some scars or these layers that we'd been working with us to just say, and I'm done and let it go. But you are a Virgo. So to speak to what Virgo energy is specifically. Well, what's always a kicker is, and I was just talking to someone about this yesterday is usually we don't. I just identify with that sign. Right? Right. Exactly. The same Virgo. I actually have a s**t ton of Virgo in my chart. Like I'm a Virgo, my rising is Virgo. 

My mood and my son are a Virgo like it's yeah, we may have other energy is in there as well. But I used to never resonate with Virgo because Virgos a perfectionist Virgos are like, and that's the piece that I'm like, I'm not 

Speaker 1 (1m 42s): So yeah. Thanks. Laugh. I said used to I'm like, yeah, I'm only laughing because a lot 

Speaker 2 (1m 56s): It feels really damn good this morning and be I as one perfectionist who knows. 

Speaker 1 (2m 2s): Totally get it. Oh, as a funny, I'm not a perfectionist. 

Speaker 2 (2m 6s): So Virgos are good with taking a system for example, and seeing how it could be better. Virgos love that. That was so cute. I don't know. 

Speaker 1 (2m 19s): Like, you know, there are some things you're like, okay. 

Speaker 2 (2m 21s): All right. And so here's the Virgo part of me that's struggling right now is as I am letting go, because you spoke to this before we started the podcast of, in 

Speaker 1 (2m 31s): That feel good just to be like, okay, I'm not going to post 

Speaker 2 (2m 34s): Our video this week because I, that wasn't where my time wanting to go. Oh yeah. And I have, I been in a deeper layer of surrender and presence, which is very challenging for my personality. Very challenging because Virgos, I think Virgos especially have a tendency to be controlling too, because if you're a perfectionist, then you want to control the outcomes. Right. Right. So So my personality too. You can see all the little flaws in myself and another's, which is a really great quality to have. 

I'm being very sarcastic when I say that, because 

Speaker 3 (3m 11s): My husband would be like, Oh, there is a hair out of place where you have a zit, let me get that for you. Or, 

Speaker 2 (3m 18s): Oh. And like, it is 10 times worse on my own ahead of myself, but I turned 41 on Saturday. What, what element is associated with Virgo? 

Speaker 3 (3m 29s): We always get that one mixed up. It's an earth sign. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Speaker 2 (3m 35s): Anyway, are you doing today? I, 

Speaker 3 (3m 37s): Like I said, I, I feel like in this weird funky vortex of, I don't know what, so I woke up unexpected. Well, I fell asleep really early last night. Cause I had been awake early in the morning before and I like, it was dead asleep in all of a sudden just awake. Like I think it was two 30 this morning. Oh. And I was like, why is that? And there is a weird sound, which is probably the new cat been doing her nocturnal, whatever she's crazy at night. 

And so it was just laying there trying to get to sleep. I couldn't get to sleep. So I got up and I had a bit of a, well, just my body was achy. So, you know, it took some Advil, had something to eat and then I put on and maybe this is why I put on Clarissa Pinkola is that stays women who run with wolves. I put on her book and started listening, just hoping that would like occupy my brain so my body could fall back asleep. And it did. But so if you don't know that book, she talks about our fairy tells or our deep like tribal stories and how they've been changed to either still the truth of it. 

And she's bringing it back to the practice of being a wild woman, basically of reclaiming that wildness within ourselves that has been bred out of us if you will, for a lack of a better word. So maybe that, cause when I woke up this morning trying to walk a straight line, it's like, what the f**k is happening? You feel in a little bit more of a wild today? I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I, I, no, I don't have much f***s to give today. So that's, that's definitely an energy I'm like, and every song I was listening to this morning, it was about, yeah. 

I have no f***s to give like, okay, we're claiming those energy today. You know? 

Speaker 2 (5m 35s): So he, I was listening to some, Oh, I actually, I had a really hard day earlier this week. Was it this week? So did my husband and I'm like, we need to just go for a walk. And I ended up listening relisting to some old sessions I had with Layla who she's this amazing she channels, but she does light language activations and things. And her, her awareness and consciousness is a very high, I don't know how I, it's hard to put this into words, but you know how some people are still really in their own processes are healers. 

She definitely carries a very high vibration of what she's bringing in. I'm a higher level. I think I should, or maybe that's a better way to put it, but I was relistening to some of our recordings and it was fascinating on the one hand cause I'm like, Oh, okay. I have, I have progressed in my life from, you know, some of the things that I've experienced at that time. And she said something, I was talking about how I was bringing that. I could feel the divine feminine coming in. And this was back in October of last year, little did I know anyway? 

And she said, you know, one of the things that I think that gets misconstrued or one of the, no one of the pieces that she said that has happened, do you like that? I can't even talk today. God. And is that part of coming into the divine, sacred, feminine is going into all those vulnerable places that we keep as protection and allowing us to really look in there and then shut it. And I feel like there is another huge layer of all of us collectively shedding, some aspect of old belief systems. 

What have you. And then I was that the next day, I think it was somebody else was, I was on social media and she had posted that she believes in order to go to a, essentially to go in our Ascension process, we actually have to go through this subconscious, not the conscious that I'm like a, a, a a hundred percent because of subconscious is where our holdings, our, that our, you know, we're reacting too. And we don't even realize it. Right. So until we make that conscious, right, 

Speaker 3 (7m 34s): Well, that's the whole work of Joe Dispenza, right. Is those unconscious programs that are running the default programs that are running our show? 

Speaker 2 (7m 43s): Yeah, not a lot of times. We don't even, we're not 

Speaker 3 (7m 45s): Aware of it. Right. And on a, like a cosmic Level that brings up to me, the goddess Nana, which her archetype energy is about going to the depths, like going down into your underworld. And I don't know that underworld is the right word. You can help me with this cause of shamanism, lower, lower, lower world, and really looking. 

Speaker 2 (8m 5s): So they talk about, I mean, it's like, hell is what she, she's essentially going through 

Speaker 3 (8m 9s): To me how this is where your living in your shadow and your unconscious, 

Speaker 2 (8m 13s): Shadows, it scares the crap out of you and you go into it anyway. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (8m 17s): And, and really sitting in it and unraveling it and healing it and claiming it, I feel that's a really important piece. It's and all the healing work I've done. One of the most impactful, true set I came across was doing shadow work. Doesn't mean that we just say, okay, I see this. And now it's not a part of me. It's actually, I see this. And this is me as well as this is me. You know what I mean? 

And it's an integration piece of pulling it in, but it's no longer that active, unconscious pain that is that's running the show. Right. But it doesn't mean that it's not a part of us. It's still a piece of the puzzle of who makes me me, you know, so the goddess Inanda, she goes down into her, into the, into hell, the depths of hell into the depths of shadow. And really it's like that ego death, that's that complete claiming of all of that. And then she rises back up, 

Speaker 4 (9m 18s): I'm shutting all the layers 

Speaker 2 (9m 20s): Like, and I, I spoke to this before. I I feel like it's not like we just have one ego death. Oh no. It's like there have been. And that I think sometimes gets a really challenging. And I know that's kind of where I'm sitting a little bit or have been sitting a little bit with, you know, what else, what else is going to be asked of us to really 

Speaker 3 (9m 38s): Shed yeah. To look at, to let go of 

Speaker 2 (9m 40s): So, and sometimes it gets really, sometimes it's hard. Yeah. And really the only reason why it's hard is because for me, this, this was another lesson this week is that I went in to judgment. And when you go into judgment, it's stocks, stocks, 

Speaker 3 (9m 53s): All movements. Right. So separation. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (9m 56s): Yeah. You know, I'm turning 41. What the f**k am I doing with my life? You know, what am I? And I went through another mourning phase of my business and, and what was, and what I thought it was going to be. And its similar to relationships. You know, we just talked, we just launched our are released our episode today about divorce. And I love the title that you picked with the, you know, it's a practice of self love and, and all those places and, and stepping really moving into the past, which pulls you out of the Present you go into judgment and then there isn't movement. 

Right. You know, it doesn't serve. And so that, that has been a big, those, I had a few big lessons this week, which 

Speaker 4 (10m 36s): I know, I know, 

Speaker 3 (10m 38s): I love that. You keep saying shedding the layers, because that is something I feel very strongly right now. It's interesting. Like I just keep seeing the snake and I want to do it like this weird, like slither, like moving, like just get this ah, you know, 

Speaker 2 (10m 54s): Calling in Satya mama, Val and I always open sacred space. I post about this a little bit, but we always open sacred space and today was my turn. So in shamonic practice, the South is such a mama in the serpent helps us to shed that, which no longer serves in one motion as she sheds her skin. And, and when I was calling her in that time, I saw the exact same thing. I saw her coming in and going into those dark places, just moving it out. 

Speaker 3 (11m 20s): Yeah. Almost like I need to move on the floor, like a snake. Maybe I'll do that later. A little better embody that it says that your mom snake energy. Yeah, we do. She goes belly to belly with the mother. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (11m 34s): Yeah. Her whole, really her biggest representation is shedding that which no longer serves, but in one motion it can be gentle and it can be easy. And really the, that it's not like one skill at a time that we're shedding. It's like just the whole skin. And oftentimes we have several layers of skin and in that, which is very true. That's the ego death that, okay, fine. I'm going to let this go. Blah, blah, blah. 

Speaker 3 (11m 59s): Yeah. I had a friend asked me the other day if like we could and I'm trying to remember exactly how he phrased it, but if we could have several egos all active at the same time, like in war or a battle with each other and how to learn, how to work with that. And I was like, huh. Yeah. I actually feel that. I feel like that could be like, like timelines, even like this, this part of me wants to go this way. This part of me wants to go that way. 

This is part of me thinks this in this part, you know? And Finding an integration of all those pieces into one. I don't know. What are you, what do you think? 

Speaker 2 (12m 38s): How about that? So I think in multiple things to be completely Frank on the one hand, I feel like, no, we don't have more than one ego, but that ego has several thoughts. And a lot of times for me and my experience and fairly recently, probably within the last year at all of those things that I wanted to do and it was kind of pulling me. So that ego thing of I should be doing this, or I should be doing this or I should be doing this actually was a fear tactic. It was feeling like I need to be seen or I need to be heard or I need to do something good in this world. 

So I'm creating all these things to do and I'm getting so scattered. I don't even know where to go instead of just letting go of being in the now moment and then allowing to what to come, whatever wants to come in to come in. So on. I felt like no, the answer's no only because I've been studying a little bit more of the energetic anatomy too, where we have our, you know, you are in the basicness of it. You have the physical body, the mental motional, the spirit and the energetic matrix. Right. And the ego, I wonder where the ego lands in that, in the energetic matrix. 

I think it's a mental, emotional body that it would hang out in there. But then in a, in Egypt, option mythology there several light bodies, the car body, the cot body. I have this all written down somewhere. Cause I was, 

Speaker 3 (13m 55s): Which is my guess is they correspond to what you said? They just have different titles. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (13m 60s): There is a lot more there's like, I feel like there's nine huh, energetic. Anyway. So it's really interesting. And the only reason why it was looking at that was because I'm reading the Magdalene manuscript. I want to crack that one open again. I'm reading, it's so different this time it's fascinating. And one of the pieces that really has stuck and it's along the lines of what we're talking about is when you connect in sacred sex with a partner and in my belief system, especially with what I'm reading, this really only happens with a partner where you feel safe, held, honored, loved. 

Absolutely. So it's your monogamous partner. And in my experience in that space, when you connect in such in sacred sex and you allow yourself to experience ecstasy and you're connecting in the car body, which is the spirit, it's the it's part of your energetic anatomy. It actually moves density out of the physical body. It's a cleansing, it's a purging. And I thought that it was so fascinating. And I don't remember reading that before with how, and I wish I could remember exactly how it was worded, but it was like, Oh, this is interesting. 

Even this act of we sit here, especially in In As okay. Now I'm going down in the spiritual path and we somewhat get addicting to healing because we're trying to be our God selves in Carney and this earth bringing heaven to earth. And we get in those loops sometimes of, okay, what's next, what's next? What's next. And even just the act of enjoying ourselves and having sex and ecstasy and, and exploring that in that sacred union, that act can actually move out density and shadow aspects of us. 

Huh? That's interesting. Yeah. You know, 

Speaker 3 (15m 44s): So I feel that sacred union is communion. Like it's, it's connecting with our Godself and someone else's God self. And in that creative space of that sexual energy, which is a creation you're creating a vortex, a third field have of what you said, moving density of healing, of creation, of connecting to something higher. 

Speaker 2 (16m 10s): Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. For those of you, who've never heard of this book, I'd highly recommend it. If this is something that's interesting to you, it is something that you can practice on your own. You don't have to have a partner, but it does change the dynamic a little bit. And really it's I'm the sacred wa I mean, I think she calls it a cult of ISIS and the story, 

Speaker 3 (16m 32s): The sex matches like sex magic of ISIS and some of that though. 

Speaker 2 (16m 37s): Yeah. Yeah. And then together they create, Oh Cyrus, which is interesting. And ISIS in this book is talked about as a cosmic mother because she has several, several different names. But anyway, just the whole act though, of, of, again, going into the sacredness of sex, enjoying yourself ecstasy and how it ties. There's a paragraph in there that says a lot of religion has created shame around this to block that expansion of our energetic and physical matrix, because we knew is the car body that just sits right outside of the physical body. 

When you start bringing that into that, that sex magic, that actually comes down into the physical body. So after sex, you actually sit there in the radiance of what's happening and what's moving, 

Speaker 3 (17m 19s): Moving well. That's where the ecstasy comes, right. Is that movement of that energy through your body, through the chakras, through that Kundalini movement from the root to, up to well source really, but through specifically the 

Speaker 2 (17m 35s): Right. Yeah, because you have the, to the red and the gold, not red, black and gold state serpents that come up and go through the seven sales. So the chakras, and then they, they crown in a sense over, it, it almost it about it like a challenge where you're penniless and they actually excrete your brain secretes fluids. Right. Anyway, it's fascinating, totally getting off on a tangent, but a sax. I love it. And that's, and that's what I'm reading right now. Oh, the reason why it was kind of bringing this up As so I'm reading it with two other friends right now where we're kind of, it's interesting to go through a process of, what's kind of for, you know, what's blocking us from moving into. 

Cause it usually there are some sort of resistance whether it's been past hurts or, or shame and guilt for having sex in general because of, you know, trauma, you Nam. And we did a three-card story and it was fascinating to do. I don't know if I've ever, you'll see, I think we might do it in our mini wheel next week. Cool. And it's always fascinating to see what's reflected back to you. And what was reflected back to me was that I carried a lot of anger almost towards the masculine to the point to where I'm trying in the sun red. 

And it was kind of just denying the feminine because I'm going through a huge dying of the mat, not dying of the masculine, but accepting it a not for allowing the feminine to come in and enough with safety and with love that the masculine can gracefully step aside, I guess, in, in my own physical, energetic body. So it was really interesting to see how much anger that I'm still carrying there. And then this brought me to an interesting thought. I'm curious, I haven't shared this with you. So I'm sitting there afterwards because this last week has been challenging and men are having a hard time right now. 

In from what I've seen in my circles. And we talked about this before with that Neo wise comment coming in, bringing the feminine and moving now from a masculine patriarchy system that we've been in for however many years, I was after we had done all this work and it was just kinda sitting with this in the energetics on the planet are intense. They have been this whole year and you have three more waves from what I understand. And it was just listening to some stuff yesterday, outside of all the politics and all that stuff that's happening. 

If our planet, as a living breathing thing in us as a consciousness of Oneness, that's, that's asking to experience what we've experienced for the last thousand years. And now we're asking to have a different experience. It would create a surge of the masculine in the old masculine that's been held patriarchy. I mean, there's so much power greed sex in a negative holding that has been on the planet for a thousand years. 

Even this book that's channeled that one, that the Magdalen manuscript was channeled. And she came through specifically to Magdalene. Mary Magdalene came through specifically to clear this whole thing that the church has said that she's a w***e and really tell her story. And what is it, what it really was So if this is now dying, anything that dies usually comes up to a head, write, it starts a rear in its ugly, head more. And you're seeing it more than the anger, the violence, the, the rage, everything, which is a very masculine trait, right? 

And then the feminine it's like, okay, how do we hold this? And how do we support this? As it starts Tran transit transitioning into more of the feminine. But I was just noticing for me, I just had this awareness of God. This has probably, this is part of what's happening with our planet right now as the masculine dying off. And Can, we that have been negatively impacted in this life past lifetimes, from masculine rituals. I mean, some of the really shadowy, shadowy stuff, can we honor what has been, have our healing around it and let it go so that it no longer is active on the planet. 

Does that make sense for what I'm saying? Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (21m 43s): Well, and just for me, it feels like I wanna clarify that the masculine energy does not mean men specifically as more of an energy that can be held by men and women both. Right. And yes, I agree with you the way we are not efficacious that's happening right now so that it can be seen. And I believe that energy is fighting for survival and 

Speaker 2 (22m 15s): They are in a corner. And what happens when an animals in a yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (22m 20s): And I have been saying all along, you cannot change anything with the same energy that it's created from. So in order for things to shift from an, an unbalanced, ugly, patriarchal, that's power driven, that's all these low density energy, you cannot use the same energy to transmute it. You can't. And so I love the words that you used as the divine feminine comes in and holds it. 

It doesn't fight against it. It doesn't like polarize. It holds it in this space of kind of like what we were talking about earlier, the shadow work. Isn't something we just like cut out of us and place over there. It's a pretend it doesn't exist. Yeah. It's a, it's a holding and it's a holding in love with the holding of understanding, a holding of acceptance. It's a part of, it's a part of it. 

And if the transmutation I feel is going from an unbalanced masculine energy into the divine masculine and the last, I don't know, three months, four months, five months, I've been asking to understand what the f**k that even is like, what is a divine masculine energy? Because I don't know that it's been Present on the planet for a really long time. And I don't know that the Collective knows what that is either. And so it's interesting as so much attention has been placed on the divine feminine and Mary Magdalene, bringing in these light codes. 

It's like, that has to be balanced with the divine masculine. And so there, there needs to be a birthing if you will, of the divine masculine through that energy of holding the outer balanced masculine. And what does that look like? 

Speaker 2 (24m 16s): Well, and I feel like in order for the divine masculine to really be held, the divine feminine really has to be birthed, which has happened and happening. And even us are us as women who are trying to understand and feel into what is that look like? Yeah, 'cause the feminine is where creation happens. I mean, you have happened, you know, the, the dark vortex of what needs to be held and then birthed through. There is the masculine element in there. But I think that's a little bit more with what I've been sitting with is how can I individually sit more into my divine feminine and what I feel like it looks like and operates in an all of those places and holding just my partner, for example, and his divine masculine and allowing him to start filling in to what that looks like and giving him space to do that. 

And what I feel like is happening within me as I'm doing this is I'm, I feel like I'm filling and mirroring what's happening on the planet, because the uneasiness that I fill in my body, the anxiousness, the, the almost a full, like, I can almost see an image of me trying to grab back in what I've known, because it's comfortable. And so its kind of like that frantic and I'm trying to just be with it, but I'm definitely irritable, shorter tempered, you know that and I'm like, okay, I hate this. 

And it is, you know, it, it is what it is. But I do find that that is an interesting, I feel like that for sure is one of the elements, one of the biggest pieces that's happening on the planet outside of, I mean there's so many layers in this, 

Speaker 3 (25m 54s): For me, the divine feminine is a space of unknown. It is because true creation can only come from the place of the unknown. Otherwise it's just a repeat of the fabrication, a re an echo of something that's already been and like on our planet, that's who the f**k knows what's going to happen next. Like it's in this like frantic energy of all these themes and this quiet stillness of what's next, who knows like this anticipation, like I keep feeling this well, no, just this feeling of some things. 

And I don't know, I can't name it. And that feels uncomfortable. And I can't, I can't predict, like I was thinking about Thanksgiving and possibly going to see my brother and I'm like, I don't even what to expect post-election Oh, are we going to have an election? Yeah. And you know, just letting go of what has been an embracing that we don't know where we're going. I don't feel like anyone knows where we're going and that is divine feminine energy. 

And it's uncomfortable because we have not lived in. 

Speaker 2 (27m 6s): So is that well, and this, the control aspect I I can plan six months. I've got this to look forward to and which pulls us also out of the present moment, which then is also that double-edged sword. But I, but I do need to plan because if I get my flights now they're cheap. You know, all the things that we've known for, as long as we've known. So the North we talked about Is timelessness and it, it, there is a piece that I keeps ringing in my ears about how don't create. And it reminded me of before with what you just said, don't create your future from your past. 

Yeah. And I was listening to Glenn back last night, which was, I highly recommend his latest podcast with Candace Owens and some other guy, I can't remember his name. It was a hard one to listen to in a lot of ways. But he, at one point he says, I'm going to tell you the story. He goes, we've we, I don't know if he started with it. I'm going to tell you the story. We've had a president who has been ridiculed, you know, his entire first term. He goes through all these different things, you know, the Mellon ballots, yada yada, yada yada. 

And he goes, I'm talking about Present Lincoln in 1896. Everything that he said is happening right now. It's so trippy to listen too. And yet Lincoln was trying to be the reason why people who are trying to not get him into a second term was because he wanted to continue the civil war because it had only one in the South for the ending slavery and not the whole nation. And he wanted to continue it. And so there were people that actually wanted the melon in ballots in that, no, that wasn't a little D that was different back then. 

And people that were actually put in prison because they have manipulated hundreds and hundreds. I think it's thousands of ballots and Lincoln eventually won, but he, it was really interesting. And I feel like what's interesting in everything that I'm hearing. And so this is that double double-edged sword. You want to be somewhat aware of what's going on on the planet. And then there's that other part of what we're T speaking to have. Can we just sit in the stillness of what is in our bubble and just hold, hold that space. 

And yet what is happening on our planet? Should I do, you know, whatever, whatever it is. So its kind of that, how do I find that the neutral, the middle ground between the two, but I know they were talking about how it is very likely that this will be our last election that we will ever have just because Hillary Clinton actually said that no matter what, Joe will win, we will go push. I can't remember exactly how she said it, but it was a very disturbing comment. And you're having people saying that they're going to, there's going to be a civil war no matter who gets put into office. 

Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (29m 55s): Okay. So a couple of things like that's interesting about president Lincoln and trippy and, and family constellations. We talk about fractals and how, when something happens, it's an energy field, right? And until that energetic field, that original Experience finds healing and balance, you continue to have these echoes or fractals that keep playing through time. So that is fascinating that president Lincoln and president Trump are experiencing similar things to me that, that that's like a fractal, right? 

And whether or not whatever your politics are just looking at a big picture. It's interesting that this is not the first time we've been here and hopefully it will be the last, you know, and we've become so polarized as a country, as people. And that polarization is just pulling us in division, which is so contrary to what I feel is being asked of Finding Oneness or Finding connection as a human race to work together. 

Not meaning that we are going to be homogenous, not meaning that we're all going to be on the same page. Not meaning we're all going to believe the same way, but there's at least cooperation collaboration. There's a pulling together for humanity. 

Speaker 2 (31m 19s): There is a respectful, and I think he spoke to this on the podcast. He's like I had lots of friends that are Democrats that I, you know, I might not agree with what the politics are, but it's around, you know, billing or, or whatever the, you know, things are that they're trying to put it into, into play. But he goes, it is not even close to the same as what it used to be. It's it's so drastically, like you're talking about this polarization, this huge split and so much 

Speaker 3 (31m 43s): Like judgment, again, judgment. Like it pulls us out of movement forward, you know? 

Speaker 2 (31m 49s): Oh. And the kicker is, there is a lot of things that are happening on our planet that are wrong. And so there is a natural judgement, the sex trafficking is wrong. The things that are starting to come, I was just reading this thing about how we do need to start protecting our children more. I mean, they're getting more aggressive with taking children. Have you seen some of these videos? And I, I don't watch them, but there's awareness around that and why that needs to happen in a parent's being very, you know, there was a sex offender that just got really set a prison that just moved in like a couple blocks down. I'm like, Holy crap. 

In our little bubble. 

Speaker 3 (32m 20s): Yeah. Wait a minute. Yeah. And again, like fear I reached used to live in fear anymore. And if you are driven by fear, if you make your choices because of fear, if you're, if you hold your world in a space of fear, you're going to get more things to be fearful of. And to me that pulls you out of sovereignty. So on that 

Speaker 2 (32m 47s): Though, as a big part of what's happening in the planet 

Speaker 3 (32m 49s): Too. Absolutely. I feel like fear is being wielded as a tool. 

Speaker 2 (32m 53s): Yeah. And how is it being wielded by? And that is, if you start going down the, the, I don't know what to call. 

Speaker 3 (32m 60s): I think it's being welded by everyone. Honestly, I, I feel like, and that is, that is the ask is to maybe let go of all of that and really be in your own space and trusting your alignment to how to source and where that moves you. How that moves you, what choices you make based on my life is exactly where it should be. I trust that life always shows up for me. 

I trust that wherever. However, I move, it's going to create this vortex in support of me, which then ripples out of shifting energy, right. Rather than looking outside of ourselves to this side or that side or right or wrong, or if it's an alignment piece to me 

Speaker 2 (33m 53s): And you do need to do research because it, right now, you can't be ignorant of what's happening on the planet you could, but then you're not participating in, I don't know, there's there's a lot. And our whole podcast is about Finding Oneness In Duality right. We are talking about the dualistic world that is so prevalent on the planet right now. Right? That both things are true. What you're saying is true. What I'm saying is there's truth because there's a part of me. That's like, God, I need to, I do wanna continue to bring awareness to what I believe is happening on the planet. 

And knowing that everyone's going to have a different holding of however they believe and choose. And part of where I am in alignment is because they have gone and done research and listen to things and what's happening at our planet. And it's just a resonance. You know, why, why do some people feel like 

Speaker 3 (34m 41s): They've got to go be 

Speaker 2 (34m 43s): In politics in the first place, there is a soul calling to them so that everybody has that peace. 

Speaker 3 (34m 48s): That's why I was going to say is that is your alignment. But that doesn't mean that's my alignment. You know what I mean? And I feel like one of my early days of yoga, there was this awesome teacher named Rodney. And he studied integral yoga, which really holds all spiritual pass as one. And he said, a life is like a play. And in this dualistic world, every part is represented. You have the villain, you have the rescue, the warrior, you ha you know, you have all of these archetypal energies that are active. 

And for me to say, Oh, I got to do all this research, but yeah, it doesn't feel as truth and my body, that's not my alignment, but for you where you say, I am so drawn to be, to research this, to know, and to share and to have my voice out there. That's your It, that's your, that's your alignment. And I feel like that is part of the problem right now is everyone's trying to project their truths on the Collective, where it's never going to happen. 

It's never going to happen. And so for me to show up in what feels like my soul calling, if you will, and maybe that's on a different, different flavor in the stew than someone else's So calling, but somehow all those parts are being met, you know? And so then you get the, the beautiful flavor of the, 

Speaker 2 (36m 16s): We got, this is Stu this has been something that has been a part of what I've been letting go. That's very challenging too. And even speaking to it is going to be difficult for me, but that's not the ego place, but there, when we all talk about like our soul's mission or a purpose, every woman wants to figure that out. Like, that's a big question. I feel like most of us ask ourselves at some point in their lives. And for me have always felt like, Oh, how am I meant to do I want to like, do something that impacts the world? 

Like it's been always like this big, big vision and part of what I am letting go or I'm questioning is what if I didn't do that? You know, what if I, and this is a new level of this, this question that I've been asking, what if I was quiet? What have I just sat and actually held space? What have I expanded my energy field and not held it in and, you know, as protection, but actually expanded it out because my vibration and the things that I'm holding now in my life can do that. 

And yet there is not a whole lot of action before behind it. It's not really seen or heard. Maybe it's felt, but most people aren't going to understand that that's what they're feeling. And so it's this, it's an interesting phenomenon and it's very uncomfortable for me to go from a writing a book. I feel like I'm here to make a difference in the world. I'm doing sessions, we're doing this podcast. You know, being seen, being heard, blah, blah, blah. I can offer something to the world that will impact people too. 

Maybe I don't, maybe we have five people that listen to this and am I okay with that? And it, it, it's a, it's a challenge is a struggle for me because so much of my life has been wired the other way. I meant to do something big. I've always seen me speaking in front of thousands of people. And now I don't know. Now I'm going into the, can I be completely in presence, understanding that I really actually don't know a f*****g thing, which is a very hard place for me to be too. 

And when things come in that I act on them and I let go of everything else. Can I be in that space? That's, that's really the core of my ego death that I'm going through. And it's paint. It's it's is 

Speaker 3 (38m 36s): Challenging. I don't want to say painful, but in some ways it is, 

Speaker 2 (38m 41s): You know, especially it's like that little girl that's the dream that one day will be, it's like, Oh, well, we're just going to let that die. 

Speaker 3 (38m 48s): Yeah. Well that is stepping into the unknown and that is uncomfortable. So yeah. Yes. So one of my friend asked me, what's your five-year plan? And it's like, all right, I'm just trying to figure out what my plan is for today. You know, like in five years who the hell knows, like, what's the point as well. And I just, okay, maybe I can hold some ideals of what, for me, it's more of like how I want to be feeling in five years of growth. 

And I'm not really sure what that's gonna mean or what it will look like or what will be presented. And I mean, I never thought I would be here in life at 46. I never saw this. This was not part of my plan. And yet it's been looking back, it's been a beautiful journey and it's not all been rainbows and ponies. There spent a lot of dark places and a lot of shedding of layers and a lot of loneliness. 

And a lot of that, I have deep sadness right yet. And it's made me who I am. Yeah. So 

Speaker 2 (40m 2s): Yeah. I was just talking, I went to lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and on the way there I'm like going through emotions of an anxiety to my brain going everywhere. And then I sit down cause I, I had beat her and I got to table all of a sudden, I like, it felt like I want to cry it out. I'm like, what is happening with me? And she sits down and she's like, how are you doing? And I'm like, I don't even know how to answer that question right now. And so I said a few little things, like, how are you doing? She's like, I'm doing so wonderful. I woke up just feeling so much gratitude as she goes off. 

And I'm like, and I could feel it exuding offer. And I'm like, I'm just gonna drink that for 

Speaker 3 (40m 38s): Him a minute. But 

Speaker 2 (40m 40s): It, it was interesting. She is talking a little bit about how, especially in the spiritual community, a lot of times we get, we get caught up in the past lives are in Palladian or I'm archery in, or I had a life in, Oh, I can't even luminaria or I'm Atlantean instead of okay, maybe all of that is true, but you are human. Now you're a human. Now having a human experience that causes pain and heartache and challenge and struggling and joy and love and expansion and yada yada yada. 

And I think that it's something that does happen a lot, that we have a tendency to escape, whether it's in the spiritual community of going out of our bodies or it's through drugs, alcohol, that part of just not, and that's the, that's part of the practice of presence of can I be in this physical human body? 

Speaker 3 (41m 29s): So now having an Experience in this realm, 

Speaker 2 (41m 34s): Connecting with my energetics, connecting with those pieces, but always honoring the physical because they do feel like, and I'm still learning this, that our physical body is really the place that helps us to connect to the gifts, to connect to our higher self, to connect to the earth, you know, that's how having sex. And 

Speaker 3 (41m 55s): So maybe that's the whole f*****g point, right? And maybe that is us in our God self, a hundred percent is having a tactile, polarized, multi Level experience. And this is the only place we get it. 

Speaker 2 (42m 12s): Well, you have a lot of people. And I would agree with that. I've heard this over the years that we chose to come to earth because it is a dense planet. So we learn quicker by the pain's emotions. Those things that emotions are felt at such a deeper to mine, understanding it's not felt on other planets like it is here. So our expansion and growth is more rapid and in the incarnations that we choose to have here, and I believe I'm believing more and more that we get, we continually choose to incarnate on this lie in this life and tell, we become aware enough to choose out. 

I've been, I've been S I D do you know what I mean? Yeah. You have said that 

Speaker 3 (42m 52s): And I yeah. Yeah. Keep going. 

Speaker 2 (42m 55s): No, I'm, that's just, it's just an interesting thought that I never really thought that We I don't want to use the word stuck, but in some ways that's the only thing I can. I think sometimes we get stuck here in incarnation loops until we become aware enough to go wait a minute. Well, I'm more than this 

Speaker 3 (43m 14s): To me though. That wonder is if this is the ultimate destination, and let's say that the whole Ascension story is just another story. It's just another layer of a matrix. And it's what if they are all playgrounds and depending on what experiences on, on what level we want to experience, it's not like one's higher or better or more enlightened or whatever. It's just like, this is just, it is. And what if this is the destination? 

Like this is there's such depth of experience and feeling, and connection and density. And, and to me, I see God and I don't source universe, whatever its, how do you name the unnameable one as everything. There's nothing that's not contained there. And this experience gives us the full spectrum of what God holds yeah. 

Of what that energy of God is because you can be the highest highs and the lowest lows and that holding that polarity of Experience perhaps Is the fondest playground, you know, I 

Speaker 2 (44m 34s): I love that thought. And I think it, and I want to ask you in your experience, how do we want to phrase this? Why do people choose to have journeys? 

Speaker 3 (44m 46s): What do you mean? Like psychedelic journeys for the Experience? How, how do you even answer that? I could speak to my own experience. It's for a different awareness of myself because we're not multi we're multi-dimensional, we're not, this is not the only aspect. This is one aspect of me. Right. And that was what was so fascinating to me in my journey was for me, this ultimate spiritual experience was getting out of myself into some cosmic connection, something bigger, if you will, more spiritual, more enlightened. 

And my whole journey was about, get the f**k in your body and feel trust Experience be present. I was like, huh? Yeah, I didn't expect that. So, and I'm just one expression of the Collective yeah. On our planet. And then intergalactically like, I'm just holding one. Wait. Yeah. So we can try to define it and it's undefinable, you know? 

Speaker 2 (45m 54s): No, I'm just asking you what your thoughts are on that because I think it is an interesting thought my brain works to, Oh my brain in my part of my wiring is when we talk about the Virgo aspect, its how could it be better? How can I, you know? And when you do start going into more of the layers and a shedding and what do I need to look at? Okay. Some things up, what do we need to look it now so that it can shed that and it almost getting stuck in that loop. Absolutely. Well, and that's the whole it's driven 

Speaker 3 (46m 22s): And by I need to do something I need to be better to be better. And that is an unbalanced masculine energy. Right. 

Speaker 2 (46m 30s): Yeah. And I, and yes, 

Speaker 3 (46m 32s): I'm not saying that to you specifically. 

Speaker 2 (46m 34s): Okay. Okay. Yeah. No and I, this whole practice of, and Travis and I were actually just talking about this, when you said, you know, somebody asked you where you want to be in five years, we just talked about this because I feel like I do feel like on a Collective times are changing. I mean, we are in a time warp right now through the 22nd. I think it's so f*****g weird and timelines have been kind of a bizarre bizarro and then you even get stuck into those. Like who cares? Like if that's the case. Okay. If I'm just in the present moment to what you're saying. Yeah. If I'm in the present moment and I'm just experiencing my surroundings, what am I noticing outside of seeing these different pieces? 

And I will, I would love to offer this. I'm so glad I remembered it. 

Speaker 3 (47m 14s): I am seeing 

Speaker 2 (47m 15s): That there's more awareness that's happening of people's ability to feel the Collective so, and they will misinterpret it for their own emotions and feelings. And I'm seeing a huge rise in this now, which I think is a really important to speak to because there was one I'm trying to decide how I feel, how to share this. I've noticed that there's people that are having memories that aren't theirs, but they feel like it is, but it's Collective memories that are surging right now on the planet. 

And again, so that the light, the shadow, it can be brought to light, looked at alchemized okay, this has happened. How do we bring light and love to this and integrate it into the whole and then move past it. Yeah. How do we heal this? So that the fractal So, it doesn't keep reverberating out. Right? That would be something that I would love to 

Speaker 3 (48m 9s): Just put out there that 

Speaker 2 (48m 11s): When you're having a bad day, check in to see if this is your personal energetics and even just asking yourself, is this mine? Or is this someone else's right. And just that question alone, trust, whatever comes in. But, and anyway, so Travis and I are talking a little bit about that. And then the whole I'm like, I'm so over the, where am I gonna be in five years' in this whole, this is how we were raised. You know, I think about my dad. Well, what's your ten-year plan, which is where, you know, and now its like it doesn't to your point. I never thought I'd be here 10 years ago. 

I couldn't even in business, you can not, you can go try and and say, I'm going to shoot for this. It never. And I've said this before, I love for any business owner to come and prove me wrong, that whatever they predicted or they forecasted for their three and five-year plan when they were starting a company. Let me know if you actually hit that Mark and it could be over under, you know what I mean? In my experience, it never f*****g happens life. 

Speaker 3 (49m 12s): Yeah. Yeah. And it's a practice of non-attachment too. I think I was thinking this on the way over, I'm such an idealist. And because of that, I hold such a high level of expectation for my ideals and sometimes project that on other people. And I get disappointed when those ideas aren't met or those expectations aren't met and that's no fun. You know, I apologize to all of those in my life that I've held this, holding an expectation of them showing up in a way and learning how to let go of that and just let the moment be what it is. 

And then based on the moment, allow my movement to be inspired that way, which is a whole different experience of, okay, I want to be here in five years. Here's my checklist. If I do this, this, this and this, I will get there in five years instead it's that presence in each moment and allowing the truth of each moment to then guide my next movement. And that is stepping from the unknown, through the unknown being informed by a spirit, right in the spirit, you get the call that the feminine energy then creates the energy for the masculine to move you forward. 

And that's that dance. Right? And so it's saying, I don't know. I don't know. And I'm okay. Not knowing. And I trust that life always shows up in my favor. However it may look like, and maybe that's some really hard s**t and maybe that's some really beautiful s**t. Most likely it's a dance between the two. Yeah. And being okay with that. Because otherwise from my experience, it, I get disappointed and I get judgmental and I it damages re relationships with people and with myself, right. 

When I don't show up in the way I expect myself to show up, there's no grace there. You know? And sometimes I really don't understand other people because it's so not the way I do life. Right. And yet their way isn't any worse or better than mine is just their way. And so there are choosing that path and letting go of that practice of good or bad right. Or wrong and just it is. And what's my alignment in this moment. 

And what's my next movement that has been a huge shift and how I am living my life. 

Speaker 2 (51m 44s): Yeah. I love that. Isn't it. I love when you have those awarenesses of, Oh wait a minute. Maybe I could show up a little differently or you know, or whatever it is, those moments are 

Speaker 3 (51m 53s): Well and like circling back to new moon in Virgo, I feel like that is the energy of this new moon is really letting go of those patterns, shedding those layers so that we can be more present. We're not in the default brain mode. We're not in the default subconscious patterns of living by instead. Each moment is a conscious choice. 

Speaker 2 (52m 15s): And this, again, it goes to, On a Collective Level in the planet. We are asking to break down Systems regimens. Old the ways that we have been holding ourselves in the world and expectations, even going down to schooling, like we have been all of this right now is asking me to come apart. And that is why we're seeing mass destruction on our planet. That is a big part of the reason why we're seeing it. And I was, again, I know a lot of people have been, I bring up schooling because this is something that I have been somewhat aware of, but haven't really been aware of it. 

But it was spoken to in this podcast I listened to yesterday, Candace Owens was talking about it and how it has been a breeding ground for us, for conditioning, our children to different different aspects. So she is talking specifically about Lyndon B Johnson and how they both do not like him. And he was a huge racist, but he's actually idolized in the school system because he signed, I don't remember what it was that he signed, but it was something that was from, it was already in motion from when JFK was president and he signed it and it has to do with African-Americans and freedom to my knowledge, I can't remember what it was he signed. 

And so he's touted as this quote unquote hero, but he was a huge racist, like massive racist. She talks about how he would, he would never call any app in any person that was of color by their first name. He would call them the N word and he would do all sorts. And she's like, there's recordings of this. He was a horrible person. And I'm like, I had no idea about that and because it's not taught in school. Right. And so it is, you know, back to what I was saying with win. 

When the collective, speaking of the collective energies, you're asking me to have a different experience in our life. It's going to manifest out in the world. So now we're seeing it express in a massive, massive Level. So again, then we are going to also feel it individually to what you're saying, you know, then it's more parts of me of how am I holding myself in these old patterns that I'm actually asking, wanting to release. And it looks, it looks like many, many, many different colors, as many different layers of many different reasons, many different emotions, you know, for you, you have that awareness for me, I'm having these different pieces of, of letting go of control and, and really at the end of the day, that's what it is. 

It's more layers of control and not, you know, especially when you come. And I think I, when we were talking to the other day of what do we want to talk about this week? And I'm like spinning out because I'm like, Oh no, even f*****g, no, I don't even know how to create any more. And there is still an element. How did that, like, how do you create in this space? And I'm learning that So one of these days, maybe we'll get to speak on that. But, and what I'm learning is it is just a moment even with, Oh, this is what it was. 

You going to say it earlier, too. There's the kicker on this one, 'cause manifesting. For example, we move into the five D manifesting is something we will do instantly is happening so quickly. But if it happens now with a sum, with an unconscious mind, you're going to manifest a horrible, you know, and in some aspects, there are some levels of that happening right now. But so I'm driving up to my class the other day. I think I shared this story with you. I see you. And I, and in, in the, the North where I was talking about it, shedding all sorts of layers and it was shedding so much of my belief systems and my old holdings of me, the old teachers is timelessness, not pulling from the past, you know, the ability to create what we're, you know, we're co-creators of the universe. 

And do I really believe that Can I manifest, right? That is something that I've done on the way up. I'm like, huh? I haven't heard of Holly channel. She does trans channeling. And she's amazing. So I'm going to hurt a Holly channel for a little bit. Oh, maybe it'd be cool to do something on my birthday and in it all over. And I, I just had that thought and then I'd let it go. And that night I get home and I'm on Facebook and she's creating an event channeling to, so she is, she channels to source and it's on my birthday. So I messaged her and I'm like, Holly, she goes, it's so funny because Holly is one of a great example to me, of someone who really does both my Hollies, who really does live on the present. 

And then the moment she goes, I haven't even been thinking about doing a channeling as she goes that morning. And she's like, I got it. Okay. Doing the channeling. And you're doing on the 19th. And I am like, and there's a part of me that goes, did I just manifest that? And there's a part of me that doubts it, you know, it was just, yeah, he got, he got it. It was like, why did we do that? Why can't we not believe yet? We are co-creators with the universe. Yeah. And it also brings consciousness around s**t. What else are, what are my other thoughts? Because it was just a thought of, Oh, this could be really cool. 

And dah, dah, dah, dah. So it's like, Oh, what else am I thinking? That's probably putting energy out into the theater. 

Speaker 3 (57m 9s): Yeah, totally. That the words S as it is Above, so it is Below. And as it is within, so it is without our taking on whole new meanings in the same experience. And for me, the practice of making the shift in the Collective making a shift for the greater good is to live my singular life with the utmost presence and alignment and attunement that I can. 

And the more conscious I get within myself, the more that ripples out and shifts things energetically. Cause I see everything is frequency I'm and energetic. Everything has energy to me. I just, its kind of like, well it is 

Speaker 2 (57m 56s): It's proven. Yeah. This is a table 

Speaker 3 (57m 58s): In the day, 9.9, 9%. Oh yeah. And it's, it's just a construct of our mind to that gives it, that creates the space that it holds. Yeah. Like, like in the movie, the matrix that was a mind f**k for me back in the day in my Mormon day is when I was like, Whoa, how does it hit me on such a level and where they're looking at the computer screens and its just the codes and those codes represent movement of people. And I, and I was like, what? And now I feel like that is, that's how I kind of view life now is it's this, this interconnected web. 

And I have my point on the web and whatever I'm experiencing on my point of the web creates ripples and either pulls other pieces to me on my web or sends it out away from me. But yeah, I know I've shared this before, but what you just said just took me to that place. We are such powerful creators and I really feel like when we can own that, everything changes. And that's where for me, I step out of fear because if I'm the one creating the ripple from my web, for my point on the web, then I have a choice of what I draw to me. 

You know, 

Speaker 2 (59m 13s): When you are definitely living in a lot more of a conscious life versus a subconscious and this, and I believe we spoke to this before too, but one of the pieces that I have and really been trying to embrace more and more in my shamonic medicine practice that I hold as the idea of being in communion with all things and being in a co-creator verses our Western mentality, that it's been taught that we are separate and that there is something outside of us that, that, that controls the outcome that we have somebody to blame for. 

Or we were on this as a religion, obviously that I'm speaking to that it has been a foundation of the America, the America's America of somebody to blame somebody also to go to when you are wanting something. And it's this one thing, this one person, instead of feeling the energetic vibration, like you're talking about the planet and being in this co-creative and co you know, this union with it, have an understanding, as you're saying As above. So below As within. 

So without an understanding that on such a different level than how both of us were taught and raise and the vibration that's S that has been on the planet, On in America, I'll say just in the States. Cause I know it's different in different parts of the world, but that's something that has been something that, you know, when I said, I second guessed that it is because it's one of those will, jeez was a worthy enough to do that. And did I really just create that? And, and it is that separation of self with, with the energetics of the planet. And it really, when you think about it, it's silly, of course, we're co-creators of our world and we do create, and we do manifest and we do all of these beautiful, amazing things and we are not separate. 

And again, it's just, and this is the patriarchy, the masculine energy that has been holding that debt has understood this ability that we all carry that has tried to suppress it, tried to control it. And remember, for some reason, this is years ago is listening to Abraham Hicks who said she was channeling and said that the people that really set in motion, the things that have been in motion for as long as they have, let's just say, there are men, this patriarchy, this group of men, because they obviously hold the masculine. 

Not obviously, anyway, they did what they saw. History has been in charge that they thought they did, what they thought was best for its like as parents, we do what we think is best for our children. So in the mindset that they had, even though they could understand all sorts of these things, it's like, Oh well we're, we're going to control this and actually put different things, different boundaries in place. Yeah. So that you don't miss miss use this or abuse it. And it reminds me of green Tara. We were pulling her her card the other day. 

And she talks about how, when she was choosing to incarnate in one of the lifetimes, they were telling her that she needed to be a man. And it was like, no, I'm going to be a feminine in the same expression. And anyway, I think that that is something that, to what I was saying earlier, as far as the, that staying and how do we hold that? And an honor it in some good or bad right or wrong letting go of judgment. That was what was asked of them that they did, they not asked, they chose to do. 

And it's put this thing in motion and has had this huge ripple effect for how long until we start saying, you know what? We want to have a different experience. And now we're trying to put something else. A demotion. 

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 48s): Yeah. Well, and when you say they it's really a week, 

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 52s): Right? They We, yes. 

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 54s): It's just one aspect of the whole and it seems 

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 59s): So I feel like it's easier to go. Okay. These people that I have some out of a, how could you, it's easier for all of us, especially if you don't understand the Oneness consciousness to go, okay. Say it's my dad who put this into play. Can I actually look at him and go, he was doing the best. That was what he knew at the time. Yes. 

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 18s): S and T I guess for me, instead of saying them, it's we, we, as a, I don't know, progression of consciousness, we're doing the best. We knew how, and that's the whole thing. That's the whole thing. Instead of judging, instead of pushing it away, instead of calling it wrong, it is what it is. This is where we done it is our history. It is, it is it's the story. And we can hold that story as part of our Collective and 

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 48s): Now a lot of what is it taught us? What have we learned? What have we experienced? What have we grown? Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 53s): Like I look back on my life. I've had some like tricky times where I was not my best self. And if I keep holding that part of me and judgement, it just creates separation. Right? So on a On a Collective Level this polarization of it's us versus them it's light versus dark. It, no, it's just, it is. And how do we hold it? How do we see it? How do we love it? And how do we integrate it into bringing it into the whole, a different experience of a conscious choice rather than repeating these unconscious fractals. 

I had this vision when you were talking earlier that in our bodies, right? We're made up all of these cells and all of these houses have different programs that they're running like a hair cell creates healthy hair, a liver cell created sliver, you know, but they are all conscious within our experience of a body. So if we take that on to a big level and our planet as a consciousness, and what if each of us are just a cell in forming the consciousness of the planet and then the planet's consciousness is just one cell of something big, you know what I mean? 

So there's that 

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 8s): It's a virus happening on the planet and the body's attacking itself until it clears it out in the heel, it goes into a Hill of the state, you know? Yeah. Potentially like, mean you could keep going 

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 18s): Bigger and bigger and that, and none of it is separate from God. None of it is right. None of it is wrong. None of it is good. None of it is bad. It's just Experience. Yeah. What if, what if that is the holding, getting out of needing to blame someone getting out of needing to point the finger and saying this is wrong. And instead just saying I'm choosing something different. Yeah. This does not feel in alignment to me. And when I say alignment in my experience, when I'm in alignment, it feels good. 

There's a flow. So I'm using the word good. Cause I don't know any other way to explain it, but it was hello. Yeah. It feels good. Or it feels positive where it feels negative is just an experience. Yeah. It's how my body informs me. Like if I make a decision and I start feeling bad, I don't sleep at night. Like all of these things, it's like, Oh, pay attention. This is out of alignment. This is out of my knee. OK. How do I pull it back in? So there is a flow, there is a movement forward in a way that feels supportive. 

Yeah. Yeah. Huh? How is that for my buck? No, I love that. I love it. I love the big ideas. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 33s): We probably should wrap up. Yeah. The question. 

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 37s): Yeah. What's, what's the ask there. 

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 40s): I mean, there's so many different asks and everyone can have their different takeaway from this of what they, what you want to try and what you want to try. On maybe with everything that we're seeing, but with what you just spoke is where do I, maybe the ask is asking yourself each day, where do I want to have a different experience? How do I want to hold this differently? Especially in the chaos and the struggles that a lot of us are facing, how do I, how do I want to show up differently? 

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 11s): So maybe that's the ask. Yeah. It's honestly, the what's going on in the world is not going to change whether or not I'm looking at it or not. What's going to change is how I choose to show up in my day and let one of my friends said, if you choose to watch a s**t show, you're going to get s**t in your eye. You know? And then some people are drawn to move into the s**t show and participate because of whatever holding there is for that. 

And that's in alignment, you know? Yeah. Yep. 

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 46s): So, yeah. So how do you want to show up differently today? Maybe that, yeah, I think that that's our simple ask. A simple is always a barrier 

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 54s): Anyway. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I'll have a happy birthday on Saturday. I'm excited for the channeling and getting together. It should be fun. I have been celebrating all week, just so you know, this is kinda been a hard week. So thanks for celebrating. You're welcome every day in life. It's fun to take a closer, but I really thought your day was Friday. So yay. Now we get another day to celebrate. 

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 17s): Have a good one. 

Speaker 0 (1h 8m 20s): Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember you are a divine creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on Instagram. Finding Oneness In Duality we'd love to hear your feedback. We would just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two sided. So can be the other site that. 

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 53s): It's too long. 

Speaker 0 (1h 8m 57s): Thank you so much. Okay. You got 

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 58s): To see that you have to pull that out in 

Speaker 0 (1h 9m 10s): Laughter as good for the soul. All 

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 11s): Right. This girl. Okay.