Finding Oneness In Duality

Can we agree to disagree and still follow our truth?

May 14, 2020 Inanda Joy & Valerie Season 1 Episode 7
Can we agree to disagree and still follow our truth?
Finding Oneness In Duality
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Finding Oneness In Duality
Can we agree to disagree and still follow our truth?
May 14, 2020 Season 1 Episode 7
Inanda Joy & Valerie

Episode 7...Whoa! We jump in right from the get-go and practice trusting the flow of the process. Emotions are high as we discuss the very real circumstances we are all experiencing in our world and challenge ourselves to look at all the things with the lens of non-duality. Is that even possible? How do we remain neutral when everything feels so charged? And should we? What is the fine line between "following the rules" and still maintaining our values and rights as human beings? 

In a world that is not making much sense, we discuss ways we can navigate through the beautiful mess of life, especially now. When we experience things that bring up fear, we can ask ourselves what can we do about it. This will move the energy from fear, into empowerment and action. Practicing trust in ourselves also helps us to let go of the rampant fear that is present. Finding ways to agree to disagree, and honoring the other for their beliefs, opinions, and actions can also help ease this highly charged time. As the collective and individual are grasping to navigate such an unknown time, we can learn to embrace compassion, let go of our ego's and not knowing, while allowing ourselves to be comfortable in the discomfort. To hold the space of non-duality, we have to see the interconnectedness of everything, whether we agree with what is happening or not and challenge ourselves to offer compassion, in all circumstances. Our ask today is: "How can I be more aware and more allowing of the physical response in my body as the indicator of my truth and can I hold it in a space of compassion?"

Come along with us for the wild ride of our choatic conversation. 

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Episode 7...Whoa! We jump in right from the get-go and practice trusting the flow of the process. Emotions are high as we discuss the very real circumstances we are all experiencing in our world and challenge ourselves to look at all the things with the lens of non-duality. Is that even possible? How do we remain neutral when everything feels so charged? And should we? What is the fine line between "following the rules" and still maintaining our values and rights as human beings? 

In a world that is not making much sense, we discuss ways we can navigate through the beautiful mess of life, especially now. When we experience things that bring up fear, we can ask ourselves what can we do about it. This will move the energy from fear, into empowerment and action. Practicing trust in ourselves also helps us to let go of the rampant fear that is present. Finding ways to agree to disagree, and honoring the other for their beliefs, opinions, and actions can also help ease this highly charged time. As the collective and individual are grasping to navigate such an unknown time, we can learn to embrace compassion, let go of our ego's and not knowing, while allowing ourselves to be comfortable in the discomfort. To hold the space of non-duality, we have to see the interconnectedness of everything, whether we agree with what is happening or not and challenge ourselves to offer compassion, in all circumstances. Our ask today is: "How can I be more aware and more allowing of the physical response in my body as the indicator of my truth and can I hold it in a space of compassion?"

Come along with us for the wild ride of our choatic conversation. 

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This is a non a joy. And I'm Valerie. And we welcome you to the practice of living from your heart

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while finding oneness and duality. Don't done, I Okay. I feel like we

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need to just be rial for a minute. And why the fuck were in the space or in? Because that's what this whole podcast is built around as being real and authentic so that we can put on airs, right, Right. Pullman and Scorpio. Yesterday and this morning. Lots of energy. The world feels a little crazy right now, and emotions are high. So we're just naming it for what it is, because that's who we are. And that's what we dio. And we're trying to pretend to be something we're not. We're not going to do that anymore. We're stepping in in a space of being real, because that's what this world needs. This world needs people to step up and step in in their full authenticity and to trust themselves. So I'm kind of a mess today. A beautiful mess. It's it. It is a beautiful mess, and I can't pretend I'm not. And I'm not going to get into details. Why, Yeah, maybe believe that door open. But I'm just going to say what it is because it's giving permission for everyone to be exactly where they're up. Yeah, and the world's a mess right now is a fucking mess. And it's so divided and so confusing and as beautiful all the same time because people are waking up and my invitation This don't be afraid to be you. And don't be afraid to be seen. And don't be afraid to be heard. And don't be afraid to say that is not right and I don't agree. And how's that for starting off in a very way. So welcome toe episodes, Just fucking seven. If they have to laugh whether or not we use that, I don't care. But it just had to be said, Yeah, we can't do it anymore. We can't pretend anymore We can't pretend that things were OK when they're not We can't pretend that we don't know when we dio We can't know on the view Thinks I love you too

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What I wonder. And my wonderment is yes, there's so much divided nous happening on the planet and the reality is a systems and old things that we used tohave are dying right now. There's threat of of liberties being taken away,

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handle and taken away they have been. And I'm just going to say it. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. Yeah, but they have been taken away, and we we've given them up.

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Some people have some people haven't. And again, this is that polarity. And where you gonna sit and are you gonna and it doesn't on? Honestly, it doesn't matter the reality of what the new the spaces in between is things they're dying. And when things die, an old systems die. It comes up for a surgeon's, if you, if you will, that creates chaos and havoc in scarcity and fear and panic. And whatever other labels that you want to put on to it so that something can eventually die and new birth can happen. So there's a possibility that we're in a morning phase that not only refilling our own personal things because on the collective were feeling that energy, but then on a personal level, I know for a media, I'm going through an ego death on a really huge piece that recently came up around what is the fucking just died around. I'm blood self love, but it's around forgiveness of myself and compassion. Thank you. That's what I was compassion, Um, and the fact that I'm a control freak, that was a hard one Teoh to sit with. So I'm going through Niego Death, and I know you're going through some deaths of things that you can share or not share. And I feel like a lot of people are going through deaths of what they've known and asking for a rebirth of something new, because that's what happens when we have death. We have rebirth, and it's a life death life cycle.

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Absolutely. And what I love is that it's being supported astrologically right now with the word if you don't know much about astrology, I don't either. I pretend I do. I listen to Justin. All the South note is where we've been in the past. It's it's what we know. It's what we're comfortable with. The North notice where we're going. So the collective south node is in, um, a space of letting go of a lot of death, really. And the North note is where we're being pushed to something new something different and it's unknown. It's scary. We don't know that space. Even though these scenes aren't working for me. Guess what? I know him. So I'm gonna clean to it until while some of us do. I know. I dio until I'm ready Toe let go and trust step into that void. Step into that own known step in step into saying Okay, here we go. Now what? What's the next step now,

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in my belief system, I don't think things are going away for a while and whatever that looks like, I don't know, and I have actually emotionally because I've been in a pretty good space for the most part. But then you do kind of swinging and there's a lot of the fear and I actually just posted on my Facebook page. What was it yesterday? You know, wherever you're at, how are you navigating? How are you feeling? And there was a little bit of a mixed I'm reaction, and I love that one of my friends, she said, You know, when I read something that brings up fear, my question to myself is, what can I do about this? And then she just focuses on whatever that is for herself and in her her world. And I think that that is a really, you know, that's an important. That's a good question to ask. And we kind of let go of

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the fear, the other pieces. Yeah, because it empowers you. You're actually able to make a choice of Okay, what can I do about it rather than I'm just afraid. And I don't feel like there's anything Aiken dio, you know? So it takes you out of victim into an empowered place of Oh, this is what I can do to better.

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Yeah, and but with all of that, I've kind of kind of thought, you know what? By that fall, when the kids go back to school, we should be slowed down. And now I'm having a realization that's more than likely not the case. And in fact, we probably could have another surge. And I've had to kind of emotionally go. Okay, this is a possibility. It's a possibility. It doesn't mean that it will happen. But emotionally, I'm going to kind of wrap my head around that because that means kids, they're probably still at home and and again, this is a possibility, but I think it is funny. I did not anticipate talking about this is what happens when we go with the flow. But I think emotionally wrapping our heads around different possibilities that it could happen and then making your peace with it with All right, what do I know about myself? I can trust myself to know how to handle situations when they come up. If I don't have knowledge, for example, do I really know what all my rights are as an American citizen? No. I actually really don't know The Declaration of Independence. I probably should get a little bit more versed in that. So if somebody knocks on my door, I can say no. This I'm I'm utilizing. You know, my free writes in this article of whatever I'm blabbing and making, probably sounding really stupid right now. But, um, you know, I'm gaining knowledge so that I do feel more empowered, and then the other pieces, if I can control it and control what's happening in my world, great. If not, I'm gonna let that part fall, fall away. And this, I think, is kind of into what you were talking about. with How do we walk the beauty way?

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Yeah. Yeah, well, on the other thing that's coming to mind that we've talked a little bit about and I'm still like, um, turning around for clarity as how do you hold neutrality? Or how do you stay neutral when things air so charged? And should you stay neutral? That's one big question. Um and what does that even mean? Do you know the space of neutrality?

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Well, one thing that Danielle Page, because I was listening to her full moon meditation. One thing that she did say that is a good reminding in my belief system. And I know your belief system. We all are part of the whole. We're all connected. We're all a part of each other, right? Right. I'm so in this somebody else that actually has an opinion that's opposite of mine is still a part of me. It's just a polarized yes heart. Yes, So there's truth in both. There's a purpose in both right. Any think in there and somehow in that little mix is honoring them for speaking their truth, honoring me for speaking whatever I feel like I need to dio and then letting go of the rest and not needing toe. Argue Yes. Not needing to say my right. My opinion is the right one. And yours is wrong, right? As I'm in a state of fear or bran IQ or needing to control the outcome which none of us can control.

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Yeah, and I feel like it's, um the need to be right. Like I'm right. You're wrong, which is polarised right there. Right. So why do you, like I feel like we've lost the ability to agree to disagree. Yeah. And I have even started practicing saying that when I come into a place of conflict with someone. Okay, well, that's that your right for you. I'm right for me, and we can agree to disagree. And it's amazing how much resistance there is to that. They're still that I even fill it like, But I need you to agree with me. Why? Because I need to be right. Why? Because I'm the center of

spk_0:   10:20
the world. Yeah. And my ego needs validation. Of course, because if I'm wrong in the world, if I them around the world, what does that mean?

spk_1:   10:29
That I'm not right.

spk_0:   10:30
And what does that mean

spk_1:   10:32
that that I'm not right, that have no value and I'm stupid. Then

spk_0:   10:38
I'm wrong. And what does that say about me? Is I e o Down World?

spk_1:   10:43
So of course, it's an ego dance with an ego dance. But it is interesting that how difficult it is for us to agree to disagree. Yeah, it ISS. It's really difficult

spk_0:   10:57
when I wonder, too. If it isn't if we could get into more of that 30,000 view foot view where we can look at it from in Chaman, it's shaman seeing state or its eagle seeing state because you're popping it up to a different perspective. Both are true. Both have truth in it, you know, it's it's like there is truth in all things. Yes. Oh, can I can I say yes, I can see the truth in that I may not completely agree with you, but I'm gonna honor you because I'm seeing myself in you and why you're needing to hold that right And then can I let the rest go? Cause doesn't matter Well and

spk_1:   11:32
truly like, it's easy to say. OK, I honor you for how you feel, But that could just be lip service.

spk_0:   11:39
I noticed for me I'm having to. I am questioning because there you can't. I feel like I cannot trust what I'm reading anywhere.

spk_1:   11:49
No, you really I feel like whatever point of view you hold, you will find reasons to support it Ohana. And that that always true. That's always true.

spk_0:   12:01
But what? My key indicators are that I'm noticing with anybody that saying anything. If there name calling you and I were talking about the essence like there was a spiritual quote unquote spiritual leader that recently and I don't want to name who is using shame, shame and and saying people who do not wear masks are narcissists. Now he's using

spk_1:   12:20
shame. He was shaming people. Yeah, I was really surprised by that.

spk_0:   12:23
But there to me is like, Oh, that's a good indicator. If anybody's feeling like they have to name call, be little, put down, whatever that is. Yeah, that is not

spk_1:   12:32
true. Yeah, it's also like people saying, like if you don't wear a mask, then you don't care about other people. But

spk_0:   12:40
I'm not true. Yeah, one again. You confined. You can find quote unquote truth to support. Whatever your viewpoint right.

spk_1:   12:49
So what Really What This is showing us is our God Self creation. Yeah. So

spk_0:   12:54
where is what? What am I? What am I gonna choose is my truth. Do I see truth in any of it? And and because I That's partly why did that post on Facebook? I think it was yesterday. Could God, I can't even remember. Um, yesterday today have been pretty big, Yes, Days left, full moon. Uh um as I was sitting with reading all this and like, even seeing some of the police brutality that's happening and some of the violence again you're seeing, you're seeing such polarization and such Uprooting, which creates just this need to lash out or this need whatever it ISS, what on earth do I do with it if I am force? Because I do not believe that I should wear a mask and be forced to wear a mask. And yet a private corporation has every right to say If you're gonna enter our doors, you have to wear a mask.

spk_1:   13:43
But are they choosing that Because they believe in it or because they can't. Governments are telling them to Dio can't be open. They get fined $1000

spk_0:   13:52
Right? So then how how do I want to? I broke down and bought masks yesterday. I know part of me feels like it's taking away some of my freedom and some of my rights. And yet there's an interesting again. There's an interesting dance of Do I actually let that bother me so much that I am not going to go into that store because I have to wear a mask and there is a part of me that's like, half fuck that really bothers me. And it does feel like a stripping down of my rights and as a human being on this planet and choosing to live in the American, you know, in America where we're supposed to have free a free country. And now we're being forced to do things that are, you know, taking temperatures. Or they're gonna come knock on our doors to do a test. Um, like that feels like it's violating my my civil rights.

spk_1:   14:41
Yes, I agree with you. And the data does not support it. The data does not support it. So I keep coming back to that. What is this really about? Because the data does not support it. I don't This and again. There's

spk_0:   14:55
there's what was interesting is, um Well, maybe I won't share that, but there are rabbit holes in any any you can call the conspiracy theory. You can even go. Right wing left wing there. There are rabbit holes wherever you want to go. Because I am. Yeah, I'm like, I want to be careful not to get too political on this and not tohave polarizing because there's truth in all things. And there's truth in all things. So can I. Again coming back, though, to the bottom line is we are having civil rights being taken away, being forced to do certain things, being forced to operate in a certain way. We went to a restaurant last night. They can't take your plates off the table. Um, they're not supposed to pick up your cups when they fill up the glasses. Um, you know, she stood All the tables are different. It's just such a different paradigm. And you're like, How the how the hell did I want to walk in this? So what now? I guess. How

spk_1:   15:50
do we navigate it? Um how do we navigate it?

spk_0:   15:55
Yeah, I know you have navigated. I think for me part of it is trusting that whatever is happening right now, I believe strongly as a collective and even being supported by the energetic of the planets and all of this that you were talking about. We're asking to have a higher vibration on the planet. And in order to do that, it you have to shake things up. It's almost like a snow globe, right? Things are getting shaken up, and eventually the dust will settle, and they'll be a newer, more beautiful paradigm. At least that's my hope. And that's kind of what I'm clinging on. What it looks like in between, I have no fucking clue.

spk_1:   16:31
Yeah, yeah. I mean, what keeps coming to mind is, like the people that stood for their values and ideals in the American Revolution, they were not willing to acquiesce. Yeah, so there's that fine line of okay. If I decided to go take go on a plane, the airlines may require me to wear a mask. They are. They are now like, but say this Maybe long term. So I agree to go against my principles and my values and say okay, I'll wear a mask so I can use the service. Or do I just say, Well, I'm not gonna fly then, right? It's tricky.

spk_0:   17:13
And I think I think this goes a little bit to what you and I were talking about before we started. Can we just surrender and trust ourselves that in each moment we just make that decision? I'm gonna probably have masks on hand so that if I do want to go into s store, I am gonna put it on somebody like a big chain like Costco. Though I will not go just because at a corporate level, they they are making that choice. And it's not just a state level because, you know, the governors are forcing whatever the mandate is, where the

spk_1:   17:42
mayor's even right. Because even Salt Lake County, compared to Utah County, it's completely different. Yeah, like that. Your writers can be open down here, and they're not requiring you to wear a mask in Utah County. But Salt Lake County, I don't think you could go into business without wearing one. So I

spk_0:   17:59
went into Draper into cactus and tropicals, and you could not go into end side without a mask and it's a nursery, for God's sake, something really.

spk_1:   18:08
But the thing that doesn't make sense to me is you are just in the restaurant right next to it, without amending food without a mask on right it. None of it makes sense. None of it makes sense. And that's why I'm struggling. Obvious none of a mega funds to my brain

spk_0:   18:23
and flipping the script, though. So here's all of that happening on the collective and Good God. I don't think I've had this depth of looking at some of my, um, shadow. I want to see shadow aspects, and I don't use the word shadow as in a negative, dark way. It's just those shadow aspects of us, like our ego self, like the fact that I'm probably control freak and that I've tried to do that in for how many years, because it's been a protection mechanism for me for a long time, actually, since I was three years old and can I and I'm being for not forced? But there is a big asking on the planet in the collective because this is what's happening in our world. We are being forced to look at some of those pieces on the inside. And what's the beauty on the other side of that? A shit ton? A light?

spk_1:   19:10
Yeah, it's interesting, because this morning I was reading Ah, Hathor transmission. And Hathor is, uh, alien species, if you will, who are very peaceful. It was transmitted by Tom Kenyon and they were talking about non duality and manifestation actually comes in the space of non duality. And in order to hold the space of non duality, you have to become an observer and see the interconnectedness of everything. And in the interconnectedness, it doesn't mean that we're the same. We're not one were interconnected, but we still are different. They're still diversity. We still have diversity, and we can celebrate those differences. And I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it because it's it's a place of paradox, right? Which is non duality. But they're teaching that that is the place of manifestation. That is the place of creation. That is the place of the void. The creator of all that IHS

spk_0:   20:20
makes me think of the alchemists which I cute feeling called to read again. Have you read it? Yeah, it's such a great book. Well, he becomes one with the wind. Right? So? So there's no resistance there anymore, so you can see you can. And yet he did shoes at one point to still be separate from it. He could still see it. He could still feel into the energetic until he did become the wind and then pull back out of it. You're looking at me like a no. Okay. I'm like, Did I see? Wait, no. When you're saying I'm ready, I'm Did I say that right? No, no, I'm just letting it like there is a logical Okay. I think our brains are breaking right now because we have never experienced anything like this. Well, we

spk_1:   20:59
can't apply a logic to it. That's I think that's why I'm struggling. So much is because I'm trying to make sense of it, and it's senseless,

spk_0:   21:06
right? But then this does. And you and I've been talking about this a lot, and I know for me, and this actually would be a good topic to to bring up in this. Is that feeling body. You know, a lot of times we were just watching a video about this someone that we both love, kind of really preaching that. You know, you cannot go into the spiritual realms without really first mastering the lower three chakras and mastering your physical bodies. And there is truth in that. And what we were just talking about earlier today is there's also these physical things they're showing up in our body because of an energetic holding that's asking to be looked at. So being a physical channel in channeling energies and spirits and things, I may have my arm hurt, and it's because there's a spirit that's trying to get my attention because it's asking, too. You know, something is asking to be come through or channeled, and I know this is a little bit of a Segway, but because we are sitting in this and we can't logically really make sense of this, and even if we could, I don't know how we could, because there's so many different powers that are at play right now that we have to sit in it and go into the physical body and what feels good, what am I gonna do with this on what's asking to be learned here and going into the physical space and then that's where we get to start honoring. Oh, my God. My physical body has its amazing gift to actually show up in these different ways to then give me indicators. Hey, because this just happened to me yesterday and I'm learning how to be a physical channel. I'm in a crystal shop. I walk out of the crystal store and my forearm like I strained a muscle. But it's like a really bizarre place. And I'm going, What in the hell is this? And because of my mentor, she was teaching me Oh, that showing up? Because next time, ask your guides. Why is this showing up? Is a showing up because of someone. And I know it was connected to someone I was talking to. Their next time maybe ask. Okay, Why is this showing out? What do we need to do with it and then doing something from there? And what I'm learning to is if I don't bring awareness to it and kind of move the energy through of okay, acknowledging it, it needs to be heard. It'll still stay in my body until I do that. Or until I you know, in the past, it's been days and days of having pain and physical pain, and I'm learning it's so quick to kind of move that which is really I mean, that's really fucking cool when you can start really utilizing your physical body into the spiritual and the metaphysical aspects of this is just a really beautiful indicator of there's something else here. It's not just a physical pain of, you know, Sometimes that happens. Obviously, I worked out yesterday and did my quiet exercise, and now my quads were really on fire. But I'm learning more and more and my sessions OK, this start, this is starting to come up because she's walking in and my throat is activated. Okay, I know, I know. I get to go look at her throat chakra and see what's going on there. But I think to a lot of people, at least in my circle, they're trying to figure out how they can move that, or why that showing up, I'm having a lot of physical symptoms. What do I do with that? And I think that's a really cool ask that's being had on the collective because if we're becoming that much more aware of our being ness and our physical ness connected with the spiritual aspect to what you were saying it. It starts creating a little bit more of, ah, oneness in the self right, which then will radiate out into our world.

spk_1:   24:37
It's also balancing a masculine and feminine approach. Yeah, because the body tuning into the sensations of the body taking time to feel isn't like making sense of it. It's using a different part of you. I'm feeling this. It's different language. Not, I think, or this doesn't make sense to me. It's like, What am I feeling? What's coming through my body and that's softer to away. Softer. Yeah, and if you're in that feeling space, it's easier to be able to agree to disagree. It's easier to say thank you for sharing how you feel. I don't agree with you like you come from a softer space. Rather, it's like it's like, um, rather than just butting heads. Your your now holding a space of respect for each other. Thank you. Thanks for sharing that. And I may not agree with you, but I heard you. I hear what you're saying. Thank you.

spk_0:   25:40
Like and maybe, you know, Maybe it's I can understand why you would why you would think that way. I'm not choosing to think that way right now,

spk_1:   25:47
but maybe it'll change. I don't know. I don't know with what's really funny to me. You are talking. This is really hilarious to be. What I was thinking is, what would she says Dio, Because the reason why that's so funny is I was so divorced from Jesus from so long because Jesus was not my guy after I left Mormonism. But since I've gotten to know the real what I feel is more the real authentic Jesus, the Buddha, the Buddhist Jesus the Yogi Jesus, the Jesus that worship divine, feminine, divine, masculine and embodied that in all aspects of his being

spk_0:   26:27
on that was silly and playful and fun and

spk_1:   26:29
yon. Yeah, and that was teaching us how we can how we are God's bond. Everything we need is within us that Jesus. So when you're talking like what? Which he's a studio, which I think is hilarious. Well, what would he dio? Well, look at his life. He had to hold the place of paradox, right? I mean, he was falsely accused. He was forced to do what he didn't like. He he was forced to go against hiss his teachings. He was brought down for what a bullet believed was true. Like his whole community was destroyed. And yet he held it with such grace because he knew is part of the greater good.

spk_0:   27:13
And I believe from my knowing of what transpired in that, that he did feel emotions. He did move the energy. He did have business. It wasn't

spk_1:   27:25
He found his at one minute with it.

spk_0:   27:27
Yes. Yeah, the whole garden. After I e no. And I never,

spk_1:   27:32
ever, ever, ever thought I would be saying You're talking about using this, you know

spk_0:   27:38
that it's come up. It came up this morning. But that's right in my name. Yeah, well, it's a whole

spk_1:   27:43
different perspective, right? But really, honestly, what would Jesus dio like? How did he hold that at one minutes with everything

spk_0:   27:53
I think part one of the words that keeps coming as allowance. There was an allowance for himself to be in that space. There was an allowance for other people to be where they were at, and there was an allowance for him to also feel what needed to be felt and moved because emotions are just energy moving out of the body. You know, it's Kwan Yin is one that we were talking about just recently, and I loved how Kwan Yin talked about the magic of water and how there never is a container for water, and it always moves through and it always goes back to its original state. So then this brings up the question of What do you believe is your original state? What is the original state that I believe is that we are gone? We're all collectively God source, pure light, pure whatever it is and is our lifetime right now, asking and having a call for getting closer to our original state and allowing for whatever needs to move in order for us to be in that higher state. I don't like the word higher because it's more going inward, not it. I feel

spk_1:   28:55
like it's OK. It's the difference between love and fear, right? Um, I be motivated by fear, which is divisive, which puts me in my fighter flight, which turns off my on critical thinking because it is important to say this doesn't make sense and it doesn't feel right both and those air can grew in. But if they're out of whack, this makes sense and it doesn't feel right or this feels right. But it doesn't make sense. E don't know doing that dance, I don't know. What do you think?

spk_0:   29:30
Why think with what you just said? The fear you said Fear versus love love

spk_1:   29:36
which is the highest elevated emotion Well and gratitude. Right,

spk_0:   29:41
Well and I think too, because I think I I feel so strongly. There are so many things, at least for me. In my experience, there are so many things that are asking to be looked at right now the ego but also this this old like feeling like I need to do more. I need to do more. I need to be I need to be a better I need to be channeling. I need to be doing whatever it ISS and I will pull myself back of cannot just be right here, because that is that need for having to be something I'm not right in. This moment comes from a place of lack which I think comes from a place of fear. So They're both kind of in that more shadowy, I guess aspect of, you know, motivating from a place of of lack instead of being in the now in the present, allowing for whatever is in the now is more of a loving action. It's a softer action. And I think again, that is part of what we're being called toe learn in more oven embodied practice instead of out of body practice or yeah, that logically, that sounds really good. Logically, it sounds really good to come toe oneness with myself, but I really actually don't know what that feels like. Well, we're being forced to figure out what that looks like and what that that looks like and feels like in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.

spk_1:   30:58
So I'm gonna challenge something, do it. So with the current events being forced to put on a mask, which it doesn't make sense to me, perhaps it can be like, um, what's my fine line like, What's my hard No, my heart. No. Would be I will absolutely not be required to have a vaccination. You have both. That's my hard. No. Yep. Maybe I can soften around wearing a mask right, if I choose, because then I'm I'm choosing it rather than it's like changes us switch of perspective. I'm choosing this so that I may go into the store or it may go on a plane or the one that's tricky for me is, um, people saying I should wear it to make other people feel safe? That one's tricky for me.

spk_0:   32:01
Well, some of this has got a little bit of an oxymoron, right? If I'm wearing a mask, you better be wearing a mask. Because then I'm afraid my mask is action. Not working is the same thing with vaccine. I'm gonna get vaccine. And if you don't get vaccine, then that means that my vaccines not working there, it doesn't. So if you're wearing

spk_1:   32:16
a master and you be safe, doesn't it doesn't really matter if I wear a mask because you're already safe. It's not about the fucking mask. It's about I need to control what you're doing. And we need to both be doing the same thing

spk_0:   32:27
because I am in a place of fear. And, you know, if that triggers any of you listening, maybe you should ask yourself why you do. You feel so strongly you need to wear a mask. You know it's funders. You want to wear a mask. Why do you feel like other people need a bar, a mask? And because it's fear, let's call it for what it is. I'm afraid that I will get sick and I will die. I'm afraid that one of my love, my loved ones, will get sick and they will die. That's where the fears and yet to your point, the logic of it. The numbers are not supporting this fear

spk_1:   32:56
will. Plus, I can go into a restaurant without a mask. But I can't go next door into the

spk_0:   33:00
store without a murmur. Sri A nursery. That's the kicker. I look at plants which provide

spk_1:   33:09
oxygen which provide So I get paradox. This is where W W J. D. Comes which I does this hilarious to me that that is even coming out of my mouth. What would uses Dio? What would Buddha do? These people that walked the path? What would they dio? Well, I think I don't know. Maybe should ask Jesus. Hey J c. Because

spk_0:   33:37
bang, huh? I'm just calm into the room right now and part of it is. Do you need to go out? Well, I need to interact with some of this. You need to be a part of that part of the world.

spk_1:   33:47
And as I'm saying that even its I'm looking outside of myself for the answer. Really? And that's that's funny because that's what we're saying is that this is a time to really trust yourself. Trust yourself.

spk_0:   34:02
And But I will caveat that because, you know, I know I'm working more with my spirit guides your working more with your spirit guides, which is a part of us, which I can have a team around me to help with doing whatever it is that I'm calling in that day. I can't happen to their knowing because they may have a little bit more of a direct. You know, a lot of this is remembering a remembrance of who we are, and we are chewed. We are right now in the physical form which can have a harder time channeling direct source energy. What is my truth? What I feel is true today. So we can ask quote unquote outside of us in the spirit for like, Christ consciousness, energy, what they're I don't feel like there is anything wrong in asking that and then trusting whatever information information you get because they think it's an aspect of ourselves that may be more evolved. I mean, Christ, consciousness isn't a more evolved consciousness than were sitting out. If we were all in Christ consciousness, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. We'd be living blissful, happy lives and hippies and whatever. I don't know what that would look like. Oh, I'm like seeing a stance around barefoot outside. I love it, but I I think when we start asking other people for our truth, that's where I think to me. That's what the distinction is, because if I'm tapping into my spirit guides, I'm actually tapping into a part of me and my abilities, yes, to channel energy. And I think

spk_1:   35:34
it's important to make that distinction because growing up in a patriarchal society, a patriarchal world, we're taught toe look outside of ourselves and to not trust ourselves. And so I always, like, have a little hiccup around. This idea of spirit guides of something outside of me is guiding me. It really does, um, challenge me and I haven't come to a place of. Maybe that's why, um, I am where I am with that. Uh, yeah,

spk_0:   36:06
well, and what I think, too. And probably because we just two episodes talked about us leaving religion. And some of the patriarchy stuff is up, and, you know, it's part of our filter. And it's a part of the world that we live in driving down the city That's happening while you drive down the street, at least in my neighborhood. All of the Mormons have Jesus pictures. Have you noticed this? No. Notice it when you drive out of my when you leave my heart. Jesus pictures. They're facing outwards and they're in all the homes that are more. You know they're Mormon, and I don't know what the is out called the national side of their house. It's no, it's on the inside. They taped it, like to the window, but it's looking out. So as you drive by what company you can see, all these Mormon versions of Christ pictures are saying about what Jesus dio Well, what's what's interesting? Because again, there's truth in all things. Yeah, there's a paradox for me within the Mormon religion. Um, because they believe they They're the only church that holds the complete truth on this, Brian. So they sit in that I'm start. I'm gonna call it staunch nous of, But we have all the truth. We any and ours. Yeah, but they do. Missionaries will will tell you. Will you pray And you find out if the Book of Mormon is true for you. However, there is truth in there. There is?

spk_1:   37:18
Yeah, I and I felt it, right? Yeah. I felt it was a great resource for me on my Mormon days. Absolutely.

spk_0:   37:24
Yeah, Unlike we've talked about, there's actually in both the Bible and in the book of Mormon. We have different filters now and now we're looking at it differently. Like, Oh, this isn't necessarily what happened. This is at least in our filters. So this if I were Mormon in my Mormon hat that I was waas listening to what you and I are saying I would say No, no, no, no. They don't teach that they don't teach to look outside yourself because I asked if this was true and it felt true, or I'm sitting in my congregation. And that felt really good to me

spk_1:   37:55
To the question. I'm gonna ask. What if it's all true? That's the paradox.

spk_0:   37:59
What ISS? And that's what we were saying earlier is all aspects are part of the whole everything anticipate heart illness. Eso it. What you were saying, then can I sit in the middle and hold the paradox of all things being trained

spk_1:   38:14
That includes dark evil? Yep. That includes that is you can go into the dark into the shadow and you'll find light because it's not separate.

spk_0:   38:25
Well, even with some of thier emoji with the head blowing up No, Truly.

spk_1:   38:33
Yeah. Like because How can it not? Yeah, and so we're trying to even their create a division. Why

spk_0:   38:43
are we so dead set on creating division? I believe it's because of the belief of trying to monetize things, trying to have power, trying to have agreed, trying to

spk_1:   38:53
know. But you and I sitting here, I'm really gonna challenge this. I'm gonna challenge us sitting here talking about this. We're creating a division. Even in talking about mass, we're saying we're right and they're wrong about our rights being taken away. How does that fit in? And I guess that's coming back to where we were earlier than the idea of neutrality. How could we hold it all and find that thread of connection through it all? And if for neutral, how do we take a stand for what we believe in and what's right and is what's right for me, right for my neighbor. And how do I have the right to say this is right for me? So it's right for you. Isn't that the same thing?

spk_0:   39:50
So if we are, what's coming up for me, as I do believe very strongly that there are individuals like Harriet Tubman and, um, you know, I can off the top of my head, my brain office and just went totally blank. Candice Owens is another one right now to there's a lot of people that are very vocal and have a very strong stance, and I think that they're absolutely, divinely orchestrated for what they're choosing in this in this lifetime. They're also a part of the whole. So what I'm choosing and how I want to navigate in my world and how I want to walk my beauty path depends on whatever feels true to me. So in my and your and my way we're walking is very similar. How do I find the place of neutrality? How can I see the paradox in all things? However, someone else, like a Candice owns, is completely over in a, you know, very paradoxical. This is her stance. This is how she's holding strong to it. And this is the movement that she's trying to move forward. You know who can excel in this? I've heard you talk about her. I haven't actually electoral. She and I'm just barely started. Um, watching some of her stuff very, very well spoken. God, she's beautiful. And how she speaks very intelligent, very empowered, feminine African American woman who is very much about African Americans supporting Trump and very much about how it's It wasn't necessarily whites that that. And I hope I'm speaking this accurately because I just started looking at her and watching her stuff. But it wasn't about whites suppressing the blacks are Africans, America, African American. I have to be careful. It wasn't about that at all. It was just about the origination and how they actually started having suppression in their home, their country in a happy way. Yes, and I don't want my intentions not necessarily getting into that. But my intention is there are people on this planet that are, I mean, even everyone that's in Trump Fauci, all these people that are really standing up for their truth is all a part of the whole. It's all a part of whatever we asked to experience on this planet at this time. It's all a part of the paradox, and you can't have this dance and can't play this out if you don't have those players. My role, I feel like in this, is to operate more from that neutral space to be a healer and a facilitator for other people to go in and do their deeper work so that they can step more into their sovereign Selves. That's where I feel aligned and empowered in my truth. Yours may be different, something my neighbor next door may be different. So this, I think, is that paradox of can I honor them and how they're choosing to walk in this life. And the answer

spk_1:   42:37
is yes, right? So it can't be. I'm right. You're wrong. It's We can agree to disagree, but as long as our freedoms like what I believe doesn't limit you in your freedom and what you believe doesn't limit me in my freedom. So

spk_0:   42:51
then I get to make the choice every time Am I gonna put on a mask? My Not Am I gonna allow for somebody put a chip in me or vaccine? I get to make that choice because in my sovereign self, that's what I

spk_1:   43:00
get to Dio. And and there has to be an allowance for other people to do the same. And I don't know that we've ever experienced that in this time line I think we have on the planet before and that's a whole nother subject. But in human existence, I don't think we've ever experienced that. No, I agree. So it's it is completely the unknown and avoid. The unknown is the feminine and the feminine is asked asking to be

spk_0:   43:30
birds. So this is interesting, because I do so in a personal experience that I have recently had when I had this awareness of can I give my 19 year old self forgiveness for what she chose to do in that moment? And my instant reaction was, I don't know why I did it. I feel retarded. Yadi, yada, yada. I mean, I'm 40 years old and all of us have these stories of these timelines that we played out in our life, and that was my instant reaction. And then the question was, Can you give her compassion and love for how she operated from a 19 year old self? And all these emotions started coming up in the next day. I end up doing a session on myself, which I've never done to that degree and allowed all these emotions to come up. And it was an extremely vulnerable place. And I ended up, you know, being shown all sorts of different timelines in this in this life and healing some different aspects of it. And I was, as my spirit body was actually put in a void in a place. I think I shared this with you in a place of no thing. And there was a water full of light and it was filled. It was almost like amniotic fluid and a part of my spirit. I was sitting there for three days and it felt like a rebirth was asking the happen of this void of no thing. And like the book, you know, we've read different things where I am, nothing and all things. I'm both the light and the dark. I'm you know, it's this paradox ill place, and there is a purpose of all things and I hope I'm not. I feel like I may be talking a little bit and in a circle, but I think it is important to keep being brought to, you know, when we are, babies are in the dark until they are brought into the light. And it's all for creation purpose. I think we're creating and preparing for something that we can't quite see. Some people may be able to, but I think for the most part, nobody could ever really say What's going to happen on the planet in the next year. Year, three years, five years. But do I believe we're on a track to having peace and more light? Yes. Doesn't have to get dark before it gets light. Lighter? Yes.

spk_1:   45:36
And is there light in the darkness? Yes. Yes, And Jesus came in and Daisy listen And it what he did was he exercise compassion in all experiences, compassion. So when we feel activated when we feel, um triggered, how can we offer compassion to ourselves in that moment? And how can we offer compassion to the other person? It takes that, um, big perspective to try to understand why they are standing in this place, that they're standing and why they're saying and doing. And for some things I can for other things. I'm like, I have no idea on this kind of goes What's

spk_0:   46:27
coming up to is the whole boundary piece, because there's a few people on my social feeds that it's like, Can I still be friends with them here? Because there's some that have a very polarized belief that I have one in particular that I'm thinking of, and it's been an interesting practice for me because we're not friends. Friends were social media friends, you know, those friends on and I actually, it's It is teaching me to have more compassion for this person and four perspectives and why she's choosing through other people that it's like, OK, I'm we're going to cut ties and I have closed the door to a few relations recently on. It was a little painful, and there's definitely room. So again I think this is and everything that we're saying. Having compassion doesn't always mean having that energy, That person in your life.

spk_1:   47:20
Yeah, I I've used the term in the past. Compassionate boundaries, actually, where the boundary is in service for both of you. Yeah, because it's not serving in either party without that boundary. And as you keep getting in your repetitive cycle and it's like we've got to break the cycle, it's not helping either of us to grow.

spk_0:   47:42
And it comes back to the self to the sovereign self. If my energy is being pulled and sucked and taken from because of certain individuals in my life, am I as my sovereign being going to continue to allow that? No, I'm not. I'm going to cut that, whatever that looks like for me, it was, you know, shutting off a certain people on my social feeds on I do, though

spk_1:   48:06
I do wonder, though, if if we need to not need to, I don't like to say that word. Um, there's a ask if ah, higher experience. Ah, more elevated, not elevated, more expanded experiences. We don't have to cut ties, but we can put a boundary around it in a compassionate way, you know? I mean, we can still hold that space. I agree to disagree. I don't know. See, I

spk_0:   48:39
know right now if you were to fill into what you just said in the current paradigm that we're living is that true or not True?

spk_1:   48:45
Well, that I really I want to challenge this because I, you know, I have kind of poked fun at people that air so, like, sat in their ways like this makes no sense. And they're saying that I need to wear a mask and they're not willing to open their minds. But I want to challenge myself because I think it's ridiculous what's going on right now. And am I willing to challenge that? Am I willing to challenge my view? Are you? That's what I'm trying. I'm asking to allow, Like someone sent me like I had posted validation, if you will, for something I had said in a common feed, you know? Well, this is, you know, read this and this will tell you why you're stupid to wear it. Not stupid, ridiculous toe wear a mask. And then someone came back with something to support their idea. So I'm sitting there with a choice. Now, this is of course, I'm not gonna agree with this because it supports it and it's like But can I read it and can I entertain it? Can I even have the opening of my job or a roof and that Could I could I suspend my stands enough to consider it? So can I be completely present in that moment, letting go of preconceived ideas and really be in the pureness of that moment and decided in that moment, if it's true, rather than bring it in through my filters? Is this true

spk_0:   50:20
soem again? I feel very strongly that this goes into the feeling body. It's not the mental body of writer. Wrong. It goes into the feeling body of At the end of the day, we are in a war. Whatever you want to call it, we're in a war, and in history there's always wars are divided, there's division, and then there's some always some sort of ah reconciliation and ah, whatever you want to call out, coming back together and things air changed. We are in a war. So do we get to take a stance. Abso fucking lutely. And well, I take a stance. Yes, and well, I have the opportunities to go. Okay, if I want to go in the store? Yes, I'm probably gonna wear a mask. Do I think that it is stripping some of my rights? Yes, and I think that it is again. This is the paradox. I'm not going to. I'm not going to sit in a passive position to where I can see truth in all things. So I'm not gonna take action. That's not my personality. And that's not what I'm going to do. And if we do that, we will be bullied, we will be pushed. And this is why there's fear, because that's your easier to manipulate if there's fear. So while we're trying because we're sitting here and we want to see the truth and how can we walk in this and more of a beauty way? I'm just, you know, we talked about walking the beauty path. The beauty path is honoring ourselves, and how we want to walk has nothing to do with anyone else. And I do believe and feel strongly that we do get the right toe, have a polarized view. And eventually we won't have a polarized view. We will come back to neutral and our new new trouble look different.

spk_1:   51:54
Right? And I guess for me, I agree with you. Just so we're clear. I agree with you. Oh, good. Now I feel validated. Thank you. I don't could

spk_0:   52:04
not agree with me. And that would be fine

spk_1:   52:05
too. No, no, but because I'm wired this way, I keep going to the big picture and we want to so, so badly Say, this is right. This is wrong. And it's all in service. Yes, it's all in service. And it's kind of like what I said to you the other day. How can I have a practice compassion around it, Like Jesus did forgive them. They don't They don't know what they're doing and be How is this in service of the good? Greater Good. Thank you for even bringing up the suppression of my freedoms. Because guess what? Now I'm paying attention. Thank you for questioning My hurt, maybe pushing up against my rights because now I'm going to start looking at that. Thank you for waking me up. Right? Waking up. They queue for getting me to start looking at my sovereign self. So even though it's conflict and it's ugly and it's a war, yes, it's still in service. And when we get out of this lifetime, who knows? Maybe the darkest, most evil person on the planet is the one with the most light.

spk_0:   53:11
Because maybe as a collective, we asked this person to play out that role, because in everyone's experience, I don't care who you are. You have had the most growth and the most lessons when you were at your fucking rock bottom, when you were in the most pain, the most hardship. As much as we don't want to go there, it just unfortunately has been a part of life until it's not. It's like the whole adage. I'd like to believe that I was talking to a friend of mine. Pain is not optional. Suffering is. Do we want to suffer in the pain that we're experiencing right now, or do we want to feel empowered with? However, we're choosing to walk and making choices every day with how we're going to operate,

spk_1:   53:50
and I would offer that you can't hold the space of the darkest dark without being the lightest light because the dark is part of the light.

spk_0:   54:01
Correct. Correctamundo. I agree with you. Valerie Steele. Us.

spk_1:   54:06
The mind is a gangling, and I don't know what is. What is the paradox, right? We are

spk_0:   54:17
in polarity were in that world. That's the whole

spk_1:   54:23
human earth. Experience is paradox. It's duality. It is. And that's what we agreed to.

spk_0:   54:32
And I do believe strongly. We are moving to a different ascension path and our plan A as a collective on the whole on I do think we're moving into a more peaceful time. I hope so. I hope so. And maybe, and that could be me, just hoping that something good is going to come out of this. But if you do look at the history of the planet, something good has always come out. And at the end of the day, I do believe strongly that there are people being taken off the planet and will continue to be taken off the planet that are holding the shadow because if you do start Uprooting the shadow, it's being brought to light. It's no longer shadow. It's part of your knowing and part of who you are, but it's no longer this dark, evil negative places part of this. Yeah, you know what? This is part of who I was, but it's made me who I am today. So if you're doing it on a collective and now that dark has brought to the light, it's no longer that dark. And it's more than likely taken off the planet because that frequency cannot exist in the higher frequency. If we're so, it's in service of the good it is in the greater Am I talking to know you're not well, these air

spk_1:   55:40
really big mind blowing topics. They are beautiful topics. They are, and they're big, like big. You really like. This is a This isn't your like sit down. Any breakfast over, you know, cup of coffee kind of conversation. Whatever. If

spk_0:   56:02
you are listening to this, you were asking tohave mawr expansion, more awareness, more awakened. Nous Diggory's. I agree you would not be listening to this and in honoring both of us and where we are, this is why we're allowing for things to flow. You would not be talking about this. It was not for whatever there's. There's good in this and it's It's not to be minimized. It's

spk_1:   56:25
No, I agree with you. I and I always. I think that's where, um, if I'm asking for other people to challenge themselves, I have to be willing to challenge me. Well, you know, I mean, because I do. I do have strong convictions, and that's what this time in life is showing me is I'm willing to stand up and say I don't feel that's right if you do go for it But I do not feel that's right underneath me. Yeah, I 100%. I'm as it were, the same service. That's where it's in service is it's waking the collective up. Yeah, So what's

spk_0:   57:01
our ask? Val and I have had a big few days. Well,

spk_1:   57:08
I've were all over the place. I don't feel like there's even one. Is there one stream? I do think OK, so you did that because my mind is fried

spk_0:   57:20
while I think the big ask and I feel like we've actually said this before, So this is a theme of ours, but it's becoming more acutely aware of the physical body than knowing that you're having in your physical body, not and pulling out of the logic because there isn't logic. There's logic and there isn't logic and what's happening right now in our world. And so I feel strongly that the ask is how can you be more aware and more allowing of the physical response as an indicator? Teoh asked me that there's a question there if I'm feeling when you're talking and you said you said something in it in my physical body was a huge no. Can I go? OK, that was a no. I'm gonna honor that or Hey, I feel really uncomfortable. I feel like I'm gonna puke right now. Like what is What is that? Can I look at that with a softness instead of a mental critical nous of God? Something's whatever

spk_1:   58:16
size and say we need a pregnant compassion. I can't. Can I hold it in a space of compassion?

spk_0:   58:21
Can I be softer with myself and recognise then my physical body and my spirit body are actually working in tandem if I allow them Teoh in this beautiful place of synchronicity, if I allow it to, because when I actually start and you I think both of us are experiencing this because you said something today that made me think about this. When I start allowing for the synchronicity of my physical body with my spirit body, I my spiritual self. I don't think spare body, my spiritual self. The world starts manifesting like When I had a huge session the other day, came home was completely stripped down and I had all these emotions to process. And the sunset was so beautiful that night and some of the different things that had happened just in nature, some different things that had happened with. It's a long story. It was so fascinating for me to witness that when I am actually more in honoring of my spiritual self, my physical self, the things that start showing up in my world the sin Chris cities the sweetness in the planet itself. It's quite I don't know what the word to put to it, but I don't It's it's

spk_1:   59:29
beautiful. Yeah, I I think another part that we've hit on is what you focus on. You will absolutely experience, so you can use that as a guide as to what energy you're holding. If you're if you're focused, it is in fear. You're gonna find a lot of reasons to be afraid. Yeah, and you're actually creating that as a as a god self. And maybe you can go. You have to get out of victim and say how my creating this

spk_0:   1:0:08
were dancing all over the triangle Disempowerment. That's what I did a video on this two days ago. So how if I What

spk_1:   1:0:16
do I want to experience through all of this? Do I want to experience the sweetness? Because they're both there and is always a choice? And as always, it's what we choose to focus on is what we choose to create. It's what we choose to pull to ourselves through the quantum, filled by putting a strong emotion. And we can all agree that fear is a very strong emotion, and so is compassion. So is love. And maybe, I mean, maybe that's the first step. What am I? What am I experiencing and what and how am I drawing this to me? Oh, I am feeling very afraid right now. So what can I do about that? How can I get into the energy of love? Shift everything And what do I want to focus on? What do I want to experience and maybe even with the mask. That's the shift of perception. I'm not wearing a mass because I'm forced to. I'm wearing a mask because I choose to

spk_0:   1:1:24
well and to if you're wearing, if you're choosing to wear a mask for me, that will be challenging to Dio I haven't done it yet, but I bought some asks why I've had to Can I? Can I then actually start seeing people? Can I use it as an exercise to start seeing in a different perspective and everything to with your what you're saying If you're noticing yourself in a victim place, which is the fear, which is whatever which you're on the triangle of disempowerment, right? Can I shift my awareness? Can I shift my Imagine even as a triangle, Can I step off of it? And can I ask to see with different eyes? Can I ask to see this experience in a different way? How is this serving the collective houses serving me? What is it asking for me to look at? It's the same thing with the physical body. What is this asking me to look at? So I wonder if our bigger ask is can I be shown different ways that I can have a new perspective on? Whatever it is it's showing up in my world

spk_1:   1:2:21
is this is I know we're trying to wrap up, but this was coming up. You're good. So can I challenge myself? Am I being a victim? If I feel like I have to wear it? I don't know. Is that victim energy?

spk_0:   1:2:35
If you're being forced to wear at, I don't know, I think part of the energetic. So in my experience, when you are, if you're if you don't know about the triangle disempowerment, you can go to my I G TV cause I talk through an exercise that you can do because there's an exercise where you can actually dance on the triangle in the different roles. Why am ionized? I'm moving? Why am I choosing this? Cause there's something usually you're benefiting from it. If I am a victim, I'm also getting attention. I'm getting something from every role that we play on that triangle victim perpetrator, a rescuer. What does it feel like in my body? Because then for me, I know very well that it's a swirling emotion and it's kind of this frantic e emotion. Will you feel like your victim when I'm on the triangle and we're going on the train? As in any role? Uh, when I'm off of it, it's definitely more of a calmer. I liken it to, um, a tornado. I'm either in the eye of the tornado or I'm in the tornado. Right? And the whirling energy that frantic I need a fucking Why are they doing this? You are for sure, on the triangle. So can I shift my awareness? Still hold an opinion? Can I still wear a mask and go came choosing to do this? Does it feel like I'm I'm complying to something? Yes. Am I in a victim mode of that? Well, there are some physical literal. Yes, I'm being a victim to this, but I'm also choosing into it. So it's an empowered disempowerment. So it's a little bit of a paradox in that, but I'm not being victimized. Am I being victimized? I don't know the

spk_1:   1:4:05
difference between being a victim or being victimized.

spk_0:   1:4:08
I think so. Someone who gets raped as a victim and that shouldn't be minimized. I agreed on. I did have someone who ah, not too long ago pointed this out to me that I may have been doing that with this whole triangle. Indebted, Edita, There are times where you are for 100% of victim, and there is sorrow and sadness and grieving and whatever that needs to happen. And am I still living in that energy? And now everything that I do is operating from that space, right? So it's pinging my victim all the fucking times. I'm always a victim in life, and I think that is how you know, if you are being the victim, everything is hitting offer while we're being forced into this and we're being forces. And that's a spacious living.

spk_1:   1:4:51
That's my challenge. If we're if we're using that language, I'm being forced. Wear a mask and it goes against what I feel is right. Is that victim energy? That's my challenge. And and you're how can you shift it? Yes. How can you shift it to a more empowered place rather than victim energy?

spk_0:   1:5:13
And part of it is choice. Am I going to go? You know, do I choose to go on

spk_1:   1:5:17
radio? I have a choice to go into that store or not,

spk_0:   1:5:20
right? I could order stuff of Amazon. I could do the grocery you pick up. I mean, everywhere right now has abilities to do mobile options to where you don't have to physically will go into that store. You know, there's we always we do. We do always have a choice in all things right now in our existence on this planet as Americans,

spk_1:   1:5:41
and that may be challenged. Right now, we still have a joy. We still have a choice.

spk_0:   1:5:46
It Ben. I mean, that's a whole other topic, but you can cut that part out. No, it's I think of Rodell the It's really vain. So this has been I think it's been a gorgeous podcast, and I do feel like it's probably time to wrap up.

spk_1:   1:6:08
Yes, OK, I won't tell and you again come back to the ask.

spk_0:   1:6:13
The ask is two fold, and so whatever resonates and whatever you feel like you can do, and you don't have to do any of this. But that, I ask is, can you be aware enough of your physical body with compassion for what it's asking for and also having the stronger awareness of where your truth lies when things come up and this pink on so many different topics okay, is is showing me that I'm on the triangle. Am I being a victim right now? Am I being Ping? Because my ego's being pinned? And maybe there is truth in whatever they're saying? Could I be wrong? I mean, it goes off. This is a multifaceted ask. So the core of it is just can I start becoming aware enough of myself to know when truth lies in my body and when there's physical aspects that are asking, there's attention that's being called

spk_1:   1:7:00
and I'm gonna just add to that? And can I hold it in a place of compassion?

spk_0:   1:7:04
Yes. And if you need work with compassion, I highly recommends doing. I don't think I've ever heard this story of cornier in like we like in Mary Matter in the Sophia code. Bye, Kyra by Kyrie Robbo Cida. But Kwan Yin in that book is like Oh my gosh! Out of all the ones I've read so far that it's beautiful, It is stunning and it's about compassion. Yeah, she is compassion. Yeah, that's who. That's who she is. the goddess of compassion. So with all of this, I hope that you have a remembering of who you are in your sovereign self and, ah, hope that what we are going through will bring night eventually whether it's to you on an individual level, because it is forcing you to honor yourself more, which and that is a huge, beautiful gift. And hopefully seeing that as a planet, we are moving to a place of more compassion, of more love of more light. But we have to go through the shadow first. There are a lot of I want to say healers and I don't like or coaches or whatever. So if you are someone that is needing help, you are always you know you can Private Message s and both found I have so many resource is for people that can help facilitate if there's density. If there's anything that you're needing help with moving, I'm I know the sessions that I personally have. They've been so beautiful and powerful and massive. And I'm I know you've had in your work some really beautiful sessions as well. Oh, yeah. So don't be afraid to ask for help and to reach out if you are feeling in the depths of the shadows. Yes, Hallelujah! Praise Jesus. What would Jesus do? That's what would Jesus

spk_1:   1:8:54
do? That should be our ask. I really can't believe I brought that,

spk_0:   1:8:58
you know, I do want to say and maybe we cut this part out because it's probably long. He did not comply to the gut. No, the government right there happening at that time.

spk_1:   1:9:11
That's why that's why they killed him.

spk_0:   1:9:13
But he also showed us how to transcend death. So there's a lot of symbolism in what he did in in my belief, the garden of gas. Emini was not suffering for our sins. No, I think that's total crap. Me too. Um, And again, I don't mean to offend anyone. And this is my truth that I'm speaking in, You know, whatever. I'm so proud of you. But it was of compassion and grief and actually holding. And it was a whole quote unquote ascension is part of hiss. What's the word I'm looking for? Because he did all sorts of he went through a lot of rice. She age initiations was part of initiation and he went through the shadow of the death to be brought to light and show us that we can all do the same exact thing

spk_1:   1:9:58
when it's all an illusion. Yeah, there's just a transition from when this is not one piece of perception to a bigger picture of perception.

spk_0:   1:10:08
This is not the end. Sending you all so much love and light today know that you are not alone in this process and please reach out. If you do feel like you need help, there are so many people out there that have wisdom and knowing an ability to help you see your light in a place that may feel very dark right now. Thank you so much for joining us today and spending some of your valuable time with us. We hope there was something that you gained in your awareness that you can now share into the world. Remember, you are a divine

spk_1:   1:10:43
creator. So what are you creating today? Come check us out on instagram finding oneness and duality. We love to hear your feedback. We just love to hear from you. Please feel free to come check us out. Relationships are two sided. So come be the other side finding dot oneness dot and it's too long. Thank you. So Okay, but Oh, you okay? Pull that in. Laughter is good for the soul. All right. Okay.